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Abstract Existence is the ability for the user to embody or become the personification of an abstract substance, such as thoughts, events, ideas, concepts, information, etc.

By doing so, the User gains a multitude of abilities and becomes bound to the Concept they personify in some fashion. The level of power the Abstract can have over their concept varies on the character.

Among these is the ability to be nearly impervious to attacks that cannot harm conceptual beings or affect beings on a conceptual level. This, however, only applies to Type 1 and not the other types of abstraction.


Type 1: The User exists purely as an abstract idea and thus does not possess any true physical form and to affect or harm the being would require an opponent to be able to harm or affect a concept itself and to harm their Avatars would leave the Abstract self unharmed.

Type 2: The User embodies an abstract idea and can be resurrected or regenerated infinitely due to their connection with their concept, however, the User is still a physical being and can still be affected by Non-Conceptual attacks.

Type 3: The User is an embodiment of an abstract idea, however, to destroy either does not require the destruction of both. These Users do not use their concepts to survive or regenerate, but due to their relationship with a concept, makes it easier for them to manipulate it.

  • Examples: Void Termina (Kirby), Characters from Silent Hill