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Oryx is paracausal and completely unbound by causal closure


Acausality is when a character lacks conventional causality, varying on the scale they lack on. For some characters, this means they don't exist in the past or future; for others, this means defying all logic and acting with complete disregard for any causality.


Type 1: Paradox Immunity: Characters with this type of Acausality are rendered immune to changes in the past and standard temporal paradoxes.

Type 2: Free Will: Users of this type have no future nor past, existing only in the present, and thusly any attempt to change it or see their future/past often cannot work.

  • Examples: Yhwach (Bleach), Shulk (Xenoblade), Characters from Saint Seiya

Type 3: Temporal Permanence: Characters with this type of Acausality are hard to kill since other versions of themselves - from other points in time and/or from other universes - can survive the destruction of the "original" and act in their place.

Type 4: Irregular Causality: Users of this type exist on a different or irregular level of Cause and Effect, different to our own. This grants them resistances to abilities that rely on conventional cause and effect such as: Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Precognition, and similar abilities. Any attempts of a person or ability that functions in a conventional casual system cannot traditionally harm the user as the attack will be bound within a system the user does not exist within. Beings stated to exist "outside" causality (with no further context) also fits this category.

Type 5: Causality Transcendence: Users of this type do not function on any level of causality and, are transcendent over Cause and Effect. Any attempts of a person or ability that functions on a Cause and Effect system cannot traditionally harm the User as neither the cause or effect will initiate. Even interacting with those is virtually impossible. Characters who are stated to be unbound by all possible causal systems of a setting/verse also fits this category.