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The Acceptance Content Rating Level is a tool of measurement used to define what material is acceptable to be hosted on the site. As this website is a place for people of all ages, user discretion is advised when viewing verses with these ratings attached.

Rating Level

Level 1: Suggestive - Verses with excessive fan service.

Examples: Fairy Tail, Robot Princess Bubblegum, Twin Star Exorcists

Level 2: Mild - Verses with mild sexual content. Content may depict completely topless scenes with females and some very suggestive scenes.

Examples: High School DxD, Yuuna and the Haunted Hotspring, To Love Ru

Level 3: Explicit - Verses that have shown or have heavily descriptive sexual conduct. Said sexual content is not the main focus of the material and is usually part of a greater overall plot. Such content would be akin to an R-rated movie; restricted to mature audiences, but for wholly artistic endeavors.

Examples: A Song of Ice and Fire, Devilman Crybaby, Berserk

Level 4: Extreme - Verses that have high sexual content as the main focus of the material but have a story. Such verses are pornographic in nature. The majority of the media content is sexual for verses that fall under this rating.

Examples: Meru the Succubus, Subverse, Monster Girl Quest!

If the character comes from a Level 4 verse then the person who desires to add said character must get permission from 3 staff members. If they cannot get permission from them then the content will be rejected but if desired they can try again at a later date. The series must also resemble a fighting series to a degree. If permission is received then a note must be added to the character's page and verse's page stating this ⚠️This character is from a verse that contains adult themes. Proceed with caution.⚠️