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You ruined my dreams of being a NEET forever. You shall pay for this.
~ Android Mk.99


Android Mk.99 is a playable protagonist in Guardian Tales. It is one of many combat-oriented androids created for the sole purpose of defending Heavenhold. Mk.99 is combat androids left on Heavenhold were all disposed of by the Android Association after Android Mk.2 became corrupt and threatened Heavenhold's safety. Fortunately, Mk.99 was the weakest and most unremarkable android of them all and was excluded from destruction, making it the only combat android other than Mk.2. Unfortunately, Mk.99 is one of many androids who wished to dodge work as much as possible, becoming famous among other androids for having objectively the easiest job, being to stay asleep until something so bad that the Champions can't stop it happens.

When Heavenhold was under attack by the Invaders during the events of World 12, the Guardian awoke it from it's long slumber in order to destroy the Invader Airships alongside Marianne and the Iron Teatan. When the battle was over and the events leading for Heavenhold to get sucked into the Demon World happened, Mk.99 was never seen ever since.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, possibly far higher

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Type 2), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2, possibly type 3), Magic, Flight, Weapon Mastery (Expert in wielding the Omega Blaster), Acrobatics, Fate Manipulation (The Knight was able to kill Erina before she was meant to be defeated and changed the scenario of the game. Mk.99 is capable of directly helping the Knight with this), Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of it's status as a fictional character), Technology Manipulation (Wields the Android Controller, which can control robots and other technology), Electricity Manipulation (via Thunder Strike), Fire Manipulation (from Flame of Purification), Ice Manipulation (From Ice Shock Wave), Sound Manipulation (With Battle Roar), Energy Manipulation (Via Imperial Order and the Omega Blaster), Darkness Manipulation (Via Predator Smash), Empathic Manipulation (Via Heart Breaker), Light Manipulation (via Magiton Chain), Explosion Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (Via Bounce Plasma Grenade and Newton's Apple), Gravity Manipulation (Via Pressure Field), Afterimage Creation (via Akaoni), Homing Attack (Via Autopilot Arrow), Summoning (Although not used in-character, Mk.99 can spend 300 or 2700 gems to summon a random hero to fight with it, which can vary from Mk.99 itself, low-class warriors or characters like Lupina and Bari. Can materialize 3 other party members who will disappear at the end of a battle), Statistics Amplification (From Awakening, it can increase its Skill Damage and Attack Damage, Health, Critical Hit Chance, and Damage Reduction. With various cards and merch, it can passively increase its skill and attack damage, health, critical hit chance, make shields that reduce damage, become immune to Doom, decrease damage taken by specific elements, heal all members of the party by hitting an enemy and increase various stats upon killing an enemy), Health Absorption (Via Blood Sword), Pseudo-Precognition (Whenever an enemy is about to attack, characters get visual cues on where and exactly when they are going to attack, allowing them to dodge or finish their chain skill in time), Paralysis Inducement (Can inflict Airborne, Injured and Downed, which renders the opponent immovable for 2 seconds, even if they have abilities that shouldn't let them be affected by them), Perception Manipulation (Time appears to slow down when characters need to dodge fatal attacks or do something quickly. Mk.99 retains its speed while doing this), Time Travel (From running, only by using Sohee's invention. Time Travel lets Mk.99 summon a copy of itself from an alternate timeline to assist in battle), Non-Physical Interaction (Fought ghosts with physical weapons), Resurrection (Can revive itself or other people by using 30 gems + an extra 30 from the amount of times it's revived itself in that specific battle. Mk.99 can have tens of thousands of gems on hand)

Resistance to Darkness Manipulation, Extreme Cold (Can fight in Mt. Shivering, where it is constantly snowing), Extreme Heat (Can fight in the Dungeon Kingdom, where lava is spread around the area), Energy Absorption (Regularly has its energy taken by succubi), Disease Manipulation and Transmutation (Can take hits from direct strands of Labose, which do this to the victim)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Can casually one-shot Invader Airships), possibly far higher (Far superior in raw power to the Knight and is strictly reserved for enemies that pose a threat to all of Heavenhold)

Speed: Subsonic (Comparable to the Knight) with Speed of Light attack and reaction speeds (Photon Beam fires a beam of light. Regularly fights Cursed Towers that attack with beams of darkness), faster with the Pegasus Sneakers

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human regularly (Weighs 113kg), higher with the Ogre Glove

Durability: Small Building level, possibly far higher

Stamina: Very high (Usually fights groups and waves of enemies without tiring)

Range: Extended melee range with Beam Saber, kilometers with the Omega Blaster (Can reach from one end of Heavenhold to the other with Beam Magnum and Photon Beam)

Standard Equipment: The Omega Blaster, various cards that give different boosts to the user, an accessory and a spiked club

Optional Equipment: Click this to see a list of all weapons that Mk.99 can potentially use

Intelligence: Gifted (Is one of the Heavenhold androids that were there during the events of Dungeon Link, happening 500 years prior to Guardian Tales)

Weaknesses: Is extremely lazy, to the point of being competitive about its laziness to other androids

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Everything in this page is what Android Mk.99 can potentially access

Tactical Command: Android Mk.99's damage increases by 25% when there is an enemy not near it, and incoming damage is reduced by 25% when there is an enemy near it.

Beam Magnum: Android Mk.99 fires several energy blasts from the Omega Blaster in quick succession.

Beam Saber: Android Mk.99 turns its right arm into a blade of energy and jets toward the opponent using its thrusters, slicing through them and boosting back to its original position.

Photon Beam / Beam Cannon: Android Mk.99 fires a beam of light toward the enemy.

Omega Blaster Passive: The explosion range and power of Beam Magnum is increased by 25%, and the size and power of Beam Cannon / Photon Beam is increased by 25% if the Omega Blaster is wielded by Mk.99. It also increases its defense, attack power, health, critical hit chance and skill damage by 12%, 10%, 24%, 6% and 18% respectively.


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