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All I can see is black, a world around me surrounded in total darkness. I'm not sure how, but I knew I had to take her hand. I knew I must do whatever it takes, no matter the cost. Anything, anything.

~ Sora to Arata

Are you looking for someone, My lady-?

Everyone wants to be accepted by those around them, even in a completely destroyed world, you really want to be accepted by someone, right?


Arata Kasuga is the Demon Lord of the Superbia Archive and main protagonist of the series, possessing the ability to nullify and copy magic. After a Breakdown Phenomenon destroys his hometown and causes his cousin Hijiri Kasuga to disappear, Arata becomes determined to save her by becoming a Magus and transferring to the Royal Bibilia Academy where he fatefully meets the Trinity Seven.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-C, likely Low 2-C | 6-A, possibly 2-A | 2-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Magic (Magic is the very power to stay in existence and the primary source of power for Mages), Acausality (Type 4; Magus' oppose the very principles of the world, and are unbounded by the physical laws of the world, they exist outside it and exist on different laws), Immortality (Type 1; Maguses with strong magic stop aging at the optimum age, gaining eternal youth and immortality), Madness Manipulation (When an ordinary person touches his grimoire, looks directly at its contents, or even stays near it for an extended period of time, it will cause a mental collapse, or even worse, death), Dimensional Manipulation (Type 2; Magic opposes the very principles of the world, due to that, Maguses can interact with beings from a higher dimension. Can connect to the "Archives", which exist on a higher dimension called the center of the universe, a level unrecognizable by the human brain, and certainly unreachable by a physical body), Higher-Dimensional Existence (For his consciousness and Spirit only; In order to connect to the "Archives" - which exist on a higher dimension called the center of the universe, that is unreachable and incomprehensible by physical mind and body - one must bring his consciousness and spirit to it's level), Transformation (A magus imagines the form that suits their thema and "transforms" into it), Void Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Archives are implied to be conceptual in nature, existing in higher dimensions. Magic is a power that surpasses every law and is deviated from the rules of the world and opposes the very principles that makes up the world, as such it can bring phenomena or beings into existence that normally would never exist. devils, monsters or apparitions are nothing but a product of “magic”. Spells surpasses the laws and rules of the world and uses a power that's nonexistent called "Magic". Magic can break the "concepts" that exist in the world. The mysteries behind magic distort even the very laws of the world), Energy Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Magic is thought to be generated by emotions and desires)

Law Manipulation (Demon lords warps the world's laws and bends them to their own rule), Gravity Manipulation & Deconstruction (Via Breakdown Phenomenon; can generate a destructive phenomenon which is caused by a fluctuation in gravity - which turns everything into little particles of light), Existence Absorption (Via Breakdown Phenomenon; Can absorb the magic power of others - Magic is the equivalent of one's existence), Matter Manipulation (Via Breakdown Phenomenon), Summoning (Via Breakdown Phenomenon; Can summon demons from an alternative universe) Statistics Amplification, Transformation (Can transform into Demon Lord Astral Trinity), Illusion Creation & World Creation (Via World Creation; Demon lords and demon lord candidates are capable of world creation that creates a world - that varies on it's size), Passive Fear Manipulation & Deadly Aura (His mere presence and transformation can inflict "fear" on it's surrounding), Passive Power Nullification (Was shown to be dispelling other magic by his mere presence and gaze), Magic (Magic is the very laws of a world created by a demon lord), Spatial Manipulation (Can control certain spaces, this can be as big as the dimension that ilia created which Arata took control after turning into astral trinity), Life and Death Manipulation (Demon lords maintains the cycle of life and death of all worlds), BFR (Via Breakdown Phenomenon; Breakdown phenomenon swallows everything and If one is swallowed up by a breakdown phenomenon - they will be sent flying outside the world), Void Manipulation (A Demon Lord breakdown phenomenon creates a "black sun" that is akin to a black hole swallowing everything - inside that "black sun" is a world of nothingness, a void world, that is "outside" of all worlds, where everything returns to nothing), Space-Time Manipulation & Weapon Summoning (Demon Lords can summon their demon lord weapon. Arata can attract the space-time that housed the demon lord weapon amongst the infinite existing possibilities), BFR (Via Infinite Maxwell), Pain Manipulation (Can inflict pain by mere gaze), Regeneration (Mid; Can regenerate after half of his body got destroyed) Resistance to Information Analysis & Precognition (Type 2; Demon lords cannot be fully calculate by Chrono Calculation),

Power Nullification (Arata's primary magical ability is dispelling other magic, often with the result of stripping any nearby victim's magically-generated clothes), Dimensional Travel (Made it so that Arin could cross the realm of space to summon her), Power Mimicry (Can copy other Magus' magic, even those from different Archives and Themas), Information Analysis (can quickly analyzes his opponent to find their weaknesses with "Analyze"), Power Modification (Can analyze the magic's fundamentals and is capable of disassembling its chemical structure, which simply means dismantling the magic's "nature" through the use of logic), Transmutation, Matter Manipulation (Via Outer Alchemy; Can rearranging matter on the molecular level) Weapon Creation (Via Outer Alchemy; After activating a macro in the Astil Manuscript, Arata can use Outer Alchemic to create a weapon such as a handgun or a rifle), Fourth Wall Awareness, Social Influencing, Glyph Creation, Energy Projection (Via Meteor Punisher; can shoot a large burst of anti-magic), Statistics Amplification (Via Mantra Enchantment; Can store magic on a part of his body in the form of characters, greatly enhancing his physical abilities), Subjective Reality & Summoning (Can imagine a form of an archive and manifests it, such as a dragon-like entity that is a form of "Gula" which is capable of nullifying any magic), Attack Reflection (Via Mantra Enchantment), Corruption (If someone attempt to use a Demon Lord Weapon without having acquired three or more archives, they will cause their magic to go berserk. Additionally if someone tried to absorb or consume Arata's magic they will be consumed from the inside out), Power Absorption (Is able to use "control" to draw other people powers out. Judecca can absorb the magic of an opponent in a defense mode and change shape), Teleportation (Via Chrono Calculation; Can teleport to short distances), Space-Time Manipulation (Via Chrono Calculation; which grants him the ability to manipulate time and space), Enhanced Senses (Can measure his target's magic. Judecca can sense the magic of others around her), Precognition (Judecca can gauge the probability of arata's winning and losing chances), Telepathy (Can telepathically communicate with his grimoire), Willpower Manipulation (Via Mantra Enchantment; Mantra fortifies his willpower), Time Leap (Via Baal Reincarnate; can control the flow of magic and rewinds time within an area the size of an arena, restoring everything within to the state it was in a few minutes ago), Fear Manipulation (Can inflict fear on beings that are made of pure magic by mere gaze), BFR (via Acedia Archive), Weapon Mastery (have mastered both magic and Swordmanship), Law Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; The Last Crest is an ultimate form of magic that can rework the very existence, laws and foundations of the world. It is a magic that creates concepts of the world that are only allowed to the trinity seven, a technique that can't be understand nor comprehend by beings who aren't a trinity seven), Pseudo Time Stop (Via Baal Peor; has complete control of "time" of all matter other than himself, essentially slowing everything to appear as if the world had frozen. He can freely choose what is affected by this, transporting others with him into this world of frozen time) Energy Projection (Via Outer Alchemy; Can shoot a beam capable of erasing a breakdown phenomenon, The beam also contains anti magic), Resistance to Existence Erasure (was able to deny the thema Macro Fall, a magic capable of erasing whatever it touches, including magic and very existence what came into contact with it), Sleep Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Time Stop (can move in stopped time, even if the ability was not executed by him)

Immortality (Type 1; as grimoires, Sora and Illia are essentially immortal and has lived a very long time), Information Analysis (Sora can analyze the opponent's abilities just by visualizing them. is able to quickly understand the nature of a magic and figure out a weakness.), Reality Warping, World Reconstruction & Illusion Creation (Via World Reconstruction Spell; Sora is capable of reconstructing an entire reality including living beings, and is able to freely control everything within her world. Such as restoring a destroyed city and bringing the dead back to life, though it is all just an illusion), Transformation (Sora has the ability to transform or modify her appearance, usually between her grimoire and human form), Shapeshifting (Sora can also take on the form of others by projecting that person's shadow as long as he/she is alive), Power Mimicry (Sora is the reason why Arata can replicate another Magus' magic by analyzing and modifying the magic for her master to use), Power Modification (Can analyze the magic's fundamentals and is capable of disassembling its chemical structure, which simply means dismantling the magic's "nature" through the use of logic), Sealing (Sora has shown proficiency in sealing magic, objects, and even entities), Energy Projection & Danmaku (Sora can shoot many magical beams), Telepathy (Sora can communicate telepathically with those around her openly or privately), Power Bestowal (Sora can give her magic energy to Arata to replenish and augment himself), Glyph Creation, Barrier Creation (Ilia can form protective barriers to defend herself against enemy attacks), Pocket Reality Manipulation, BFR, Spatial Manipulation, Power Nullification (Ilia is also capable of creating large dimensional barriers by isolating an area to another dimension, Within her barrier, Ilia can control and manipulate anything inside the capacity such as teleportation, magic restriction, commanding specters), Healing (Ilia has been shown to possess healing abilities, reducing magical burdens on Arata's body and alleviating an injured Lilith), Sealing & Power Absorption (Illia can trap her enemies by sealing them in a black cube, Ilia is even capable of completely sealing Sora, whom she could use as a source of magic)

Attack Potency: Large Island level (Defeated Abyss trinity who can casually create an explosion with a blast radius of 100km when sealed and at less than half power), likely Universe level+ (Abyss trinity was shown and stated to already destroyed his own world - worlds that are part of Yggdrasil are parallel universes that has their own space-time. Defeated Terminus which was corroding the world through Anna) | Continent level (Far superior to Hijiri and Anna, who defeated the King of the Magical Beasts that a past devoured the lives of a continent and plunged it into the ocean. Comparable to Rubine, who is far superior to Miglione, who previously destroyed countries easily), possibly Multiverse level+ (Defeated Dis Trinity, the true demon lord. A demon lord is what reigns over all worlds and all things, one who holds all endlessly divergent worlds in the palm of his hand. All space-time, all worlds are enveloped in his "love" - which an infinite number of worlds, possibilities and space-times exist. A avatar of Dis Trinity was said to be dozens of times stronger than Abyss trinity) | Multiverse level (Created multiple space-times, that are parallel universes, and collided the space-times he created to other space-times, which resulted to it's destruction. Created the highest order of a breakdown phenomenon - that was continually destroying countless space-times)

Speed: FTL (Should be faster than Lugh who can move this fast) | At least FTL (Manage to keep up with Dis trinity who speed blitz lugh, Levi and several others) | Immeasurable (Was able to go outside all space-times)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Durability: Large Island level, likely Universe level+ (Was able to go toe to toe with Abyss Trinity and eventually defeat him) | Country level, possibly Multiverse level+ (Tanked Dante's Cross attack which was said to traverses all worlds, destroy all worlds, and saves all worlds - which an infinite number of worlds, possibilities and space-times exist.) | Multiverse level (Can survive the destruction of countless space-times)

Stamina: High

Range: Hundred of kilometers, Universal | Interdimensional | Interdimensional

Standard Equipment:

  • Black Imperial Sword Judecca: A weapon originally sealed in the Sky Library that made a contract with Arata and became his main weapon. After Arata became a Sword Magus, Judecca became a semi-merged body with him. Judecca has the ability to control the magical power of Arata, and can analyze the possibilities in a battle against his opponent, he can also absorb the magic of an opponent in a defense mode and change shape. Arata can also execute several magic using Judecca as an intermediary.
  • Astil Manuscript: A legendary grimoire that Arata obtained from Hijiri, said to be a grimoire that contains information from another world. She possesses great knowledge in magic, and can analyze the opponent's abilities just by visualizing them. Among her abilities are the "world reconstruction spell", which can recreate a whole reality including living beings, and the manipulation of memory by being able to make Arata and the rest forget everything about the Breakdown Phenomenon. Finally, together with the Ilias Fragment, they are able to analyze the magic of the Trinity Seven to copy them.
  • Ilias Fragment: Another legendary grimoire belonging to Arata, previously also belonged to Hijiri, however she joined Arata some time later. She is more a grimoire of support, being able to increase Arata's offensive power, heal wounds, or stabilize magic. Also has the ability to analyze the opponent's skills. Other of her abilities are spatial manipulation and the creation of worlds, sending her opponents and also specific areas to a suspended place between parallel universes, and the invocation of undead beings. Finally, together with the Astil Manuscript, they are able to analyze the magic of the Trinity Seven to copy them.
  • Handgun: Arata can create a handgun with Outer Alchemic, which is capable of canceling magic or killing powerful beings with one shot.
  • Rifle: Arata can create a rifle, with the same capabilities as his handgun, but on a larger scale, and can even end Breakdown Phenomena.
  • Sentry Gun: While in Paladin Mode, Arata is able to create a laser sentry gun, which has a much greater power than his previous weapons, being able to defeat an artificial Demon Lord.

Intelligence: Above average (Arata is a prodigy in the use of magic, being able to learn magical abilities in a single use and master them easily. His grimoires give him great knowledge about magic, and both, like the Judecca sword, allow Arata to analyze his opponent's abilities and know the probability of victory. Also, Arata is an excellent swordsman, after having trained with Anna and Ayesha.)

Weaknesses: If his Magic King Element is removed, he'll die. Within the time stopped, he can not interact with the affected matter, so he can only stop the time to move faster. He risks becoming Astral Trinity permanently should he overuse Trinity Form, limiting his time in the state. Is rather laid-back and a pervert and he is single-mindedly driven to save his cousin Hijiri, a fact that can be used to manipulate him.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Stark Naked Magic: Arata's Thema is Imperium or "Rule" from the Superbia Archive, meaning that his magic is used to dominate and "rule" other. Arata's first and primary magic is nicknamed Stark Naked Magic, momentarily controlling all magic in the surrounding area and forcibly dispelling the magic. This ability is so powerful as to eliminate Breakdown Phenomenons, or deny abilities such as Existence Erasure.
    • Meteo Punisher: Using a gun, Arata can shoot a large blast of anti-magic towards a directed path. This attack is capable of erasing a Breakdown Phenomenon.
    • Meteo Dragonar: Activating the Outer Alchemic spell Realize and Mantra Enchantment spell Conception at the same time, Arata creates rifles and shoots a large burst of anti-magic in the form of a dragon. This attack is capable of dispersing a Breakdown Phenomenon. Furthermore, the spell can be utilized by another mage by transferring his magic.
    • Imperiosus Magister: Arata's stripping magic, that he uses to disassemble a persons magus mode and thereby clearing the third process of copying a person's magic.

  • Outer Alchemic: The first magic he copied was Lilith's Abies Thema or "Outer Alchemic" from the Luxuria Archive, allowing him to use alchemy to form guns and firearms as she does. He uses this to direct his Anti-Magic abilities rather than throwing them randomly at everything in his vicinity. Using this directed version of his magic, he defeated a D-type demon dragon and dispersed his second Breakdown Phenomenon.
    • Realize: Activating a macro in the Astil Manuscript, Arata can use Outer Alchemic to create a weapon such as a handgun or a rifle.
    • Realize Buster Mode: While in Paladin mode along with Lilith's support, Arata summons and controls a laser sentry gun.
    • Meteo Buster: Fires an alchemic laser blast from a sentry gun capable of defeat a Demon Lord.

  • Mantra Enchant: The second magic Arata learned was Akio's Fides Thema or "Mantra Enchant" from the Gula Archive, which gifts him the ability to enhance his body for defensive or offensive use, namely he manifests a dragon-like entity based on the D-type demon he had defeated before. Using this magic requires him to have a very strong determination.
    • Conception: Taught to him by Akio, Arata uses his determination to create a single magic character on any part of his body, usually on his fists, chest or forehead. This spell will strengthen the body part the magic character is on, giving him defense against most physical attacks. Furthermore, he manifests and freely controls a dragon-like entity, based on the D-type demon during Yui's Breakdown Phenomenon. This dragon is capable of nullifying any magic. Arata can also apply this magic through Judecca.

  • Logos Art: The third magic Arata completes was Liese's Stagna Thema or "Logos Arts" from the Acedia Archive, which grants him the ability to manipulate time and space.
    • Chrono Calculation: This spell allows him to teleport short distances.
    • Baal Peor: The Lost Technica of the Acedia Archive and created by Pythagoras, the founder of Logos Art, Baal Peor allows Arata to manipulate the time of all the matter around him, slowing time at a point that seems to be completely stopped. Arata can move in stopped time, even if the ability was not executed by him, and within the stopped world, Arata will move at a speed in which he will travel faster than the speed of light.
    • Baal Reincarnate: A time leap macro on the same magic level of the Last Crest. Arata, with the help of Lieselotte, controls the magic and reverses an opponent's magic.

  • Chaotic Rune: The fourth magic that Arata acquired, originally from Arin. Arin's Thema is Ruina from the Ira Archive, and her branch of magic is Chaotic Rune, which is based on the ancient writing style Norse runes. Specifically, Chaotic Rune manifests the power of gods into runes, capable of overpowering Demon Lord magic once enhanced. Arata has not been shown to use this magic much, only to strengthen himself by using the power of the collapse phenomenon, making his hair and eyes turn white.

  • L'Ciel Cocytus: While charging herself, the possessor performs a powerful strike capable of destroying the Sky Library. Alternatively, the wielder can also summon large amount of anti-magic in an area to dispel a Paladin's magic or even a Final Crest.
  • L'Ciel Aciel Cocytus: Together with Caina, Judecca's master executes two powerful simultaneous slashes capable of destroying two Breakdown Phenomenons.
  • Imperium Magister: Transfers her master's magic into another individual at the result of losing the Demon Lord Element, rendering the possessor a normal human or even disappearing in a worst case scenario.
  • Conception: Generates a powerful energy wave to strike an opponent from a distance.

  • Key: Sky Library Arc | Sword Magus | Chronos Trinity


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