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An Armored Ogre, also known as Scopedog, was a giant humanoid monster that served Zorzal's army as a Shock Trooper and an unsuccessful "Tank-Buster" against the JSDF and the Legitimate government forces.

Following the war between the Empire and Japan, all remaining armored ogres in Zorzal's army were killed by JSDF forces.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability, Large Size (Type 1)

Attack Potency: Wall level (An armored ogre can effortlessly topple and destroy a Humvee. Can effortlessly destroy large stone pillars and kill dozen of soldiers with a single swing)

Speed: Unknown (Due to his large size and incredibly heavy armor, he moves relatively very slowly)

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Can swing an incredibly large bat or hammer effortlessly)

Durability: Wall level (Thanks to his heavy armor, he can withstand dozens of 50-caliber gunshots)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Standard melee range physically, up to Extended melee range via equipment

Standard Equipment:

  • Heavy armor
  • Large bat
  • Large hammer

Intelligence: Animalistic

Weaknesses: Due to his large size and incredibly heavy armor, he moves incredibly slow. Ogres are also rebellious by nature and can only be controlled through fear and intimidation. Despite being able to withstand 50 caliber gunfire, an armored ogre is extremely vulnerable to explosives such as grenades or anti-tank weapons.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: None notable

Super Moves: None notable

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