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Sure, I'm happy for you. Nevertheless, I'm stronger

~ Bahlavan to Khvarenah


Bahlavan (バフラヴァーン) Is one of the seven absolute Dragvant who stand as the strongest individuals in the universe ruled by Avesta, He's ranked third in the rankings of Wahman Yast and holds the alias of Aeshma. He's a fighting monster who's spent more time fighting than anyone else in the entire universe

He's the Incarnation of Malignancy of Violence and Hajun's Archetypes

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 2-C, far higher with "Awakening"

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Flight, Self-Sustenance (All Types), Mind Manipulation & Supernatural Willpower (Even Khvarenah, Nadare or possibly even God (her)self cannot bend His Will[1]), Extrasensory Perception & Enhanced Senses (can see and sense distant stars[1]), Master Martial Artist (He's a battle monster who continued to bathe in huge quantities of blood and death agony, and has one of the highest talents, martial might, and experience throughout the series), Adaptation (If Nadare's Divine Authorities and Gathas Law are used on him again, he will be unaffected[2][3]), Duplication (With Maurya Aesham, he's capable of creating alter egos not one tiny bit different from himself, with absolutely no numerical limit to these alter egos[4]), Non-Corporeal & Abstract Existence (Type 1; He Lost his physical form and became some sort of the embodiment of strife and incarnation of struggle beyond death, an element that embodies the universe of battle, omnipresent in creation, that subsequently made appearances in future iterations of the universe, although it's likely not applicable in any way due to this happening at the moment of his death[5]), Accelerated Development & Reactive Power Level (He's an existence with no limits, aspiring to constantly surpass his previous self with each and every "awakening"[1]), Empowerment (In the situation in which he fights an enemy that he considers to be "close to oneself," physically and spiritually[4]), Immortality (Type 1, 2, 3) & Regeneration (At least High-Low, Likely Higher), Limited Instinctive Reaction (Due to his accumulated experience, he formed some kind of transcendental 6th sense/intuition[6]), Body Control (Can forcibly closes his wounds with muscle contraction[7]), Reality Warping (With Garyoku, which is literally the ability to warp reality through sheer egotism[3][8]), Law Manipulation (Garyoku can warp and transcend the laws of nature and physics[8][9][3]), Statistics Amplification (With Garyoku, he's capable of strengthening physical attributes such as offense and defense, speed, or regeneration power[8]), Immortality Negation (Types 2, 3, 8) & Regeneration Negation (High; should be able to ignore Gathas' atomic regeneration in theory[3]), Matter Manipulation (Garyoku users can create and restore their uniforms, as well as influence matters all the way down to the elementary particle leve[3]l), Death Manipulation (Garyoku Users can kill people with just verbal commands[10]), Energy Manipulation (Garyoku, technically, is a form of energy[1]), Power Modification (The power of the ego can be used to strengthen commandments and even make them behave differently[8][10]), Teleportation (He killed many star spirits who all had the power to teleport, and usurped their power. Therefore, he naturally could use such power[1]), Spatial Manipulation (With Garyoku, they can turn everything into space-shaving weapons, even spoons[3]), Aura (He can encase himself in Garyoku as armor[6]), Non-Physical Interaction (can interact with Magsarion, who becomes something that isn't solid, liquid, or gas, but something even more vague, akin to a "concept"[7]), Soul Manipulation (Can destroy and affect star spirits' astral bodies[11], and Due to scaling above, most of Dies irae cast), Causality Manipulation (Above Spenta Mainyu, who can overturn causality and the Locust, who can disregard causality, with their attacks through Garyoku[1][7]), Chi Manipulation (can create an enormous fist made out of ki that dwarfs stars to the point that they are insects in comparison[2]), Poison Manipulation (Garyoku can turn into poison that is capable of crushing every single medical treatment[10]), Pain Manipulation (The blows that are empowered by Garyoku cause pain so intense it could break the soul[10]), High Pain Tolerance (He showed no signs of deterioration despite being trapped in a cage of super-gravitational force, which caused blood to gushe out of his entire body[2])

Resistance to Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Deconstruction, Spatial Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation and Light Manipulation (wasn't bothered much by Khvarenah and Spenta Mainyu's authorities[12][2][1]), BFR, Teleportation (Neither Nadare nor Khvarenah can teleport him away anymore[2]), Absorption (He resisted Khvarenah devouring him multiple times), Matter Manipulation, Transmutation (As the strongest Garyoku user, he should be able to replicate what Munsarat did with his garyoku where he resisted and delayed the effect of Kaikhosru's dragon breath, which transmutes anyone and anything into gemstones[3]), Reality Warping, Law Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Fusionism, Existence Erasure (Can Actively Resist Nadare's Houkai, Authority Granted By Goddess Herself, Its nature is to cause "agitation" or, to put it another way, "chaos." It's Capable of Warping the Entire Universe and Detaching Things Which Are Fused, As Well As Mixing Together Things Which Were Originally Separate. Ferdows' Nowruz Ahura Mazda, which Is A Minature Version Of Houkai, Is Capable Of Reducing The Very Existence Of The Locust To The Point That They Cannot Even Stay Alive)

Attack Potency: At least Universe level+ (Easily annihilated and reduced a self-independent individual universe condensed into the shape of a human to atoms[13][3]), Far Higher with "Awakening" (Constantly keeps getting much stronger due to his commandment)

Speed: At least FTL (Scales above the Locust who are capable of exceeding the Speed of light[10]), likely Immeasurable with the power of the Ego (Due to being the strongest user of it, he scales above Frederica, who can attack from both the future and the past at the same time, and the Locust, who can ignore Causality and launch attacks that will hit regardless of whether the opponent flees into the past or future[3][7])

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (casually manhandled the sensory of the god, Nadare, whose body is a self-sufficient, individual universe condensed into human form[3][13])

Durability: At least Universe level+

Stamina: Infinite (Due to Hazah Ruma Commadment, which gives him the boon of "Turning into a perpetual motion machine whose stamina won't dissipate")

Range: At least Stellar

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Commandment: Commandments are the abilities that the people in the first era had. Basically, the exchange of power involves giving away a significant part of oneself, I.E., having a binding whose contents are defined by its user, that grants massive boons (frequent inversions of their binding) if they are followed throughout. Although it's possible for an individual to possess more than one commandment, However, if they break them, a divine punishment will fall upon them, and they will, at best, just die

  • Hazah Ruma: The Commandment of Bahlavan, Zariched and Taurvid. In exchange for the binding of "Having no choice but to fight whoever person you meet with one's full power", the boon is "Turning into a perpetual motion machine whose stamina won't dissipate".
  • Maurya Aeshma: The one true Commandment of Bahlavan. In exchange for the binding of "Continuing to fight without the dread of loneliness", he gets "Being able to create alter egos not one tiny bit different from oneself" as a boon.

Power of The Ego/Garyoku: special power wielded by high-ranking Daeva. Literally, the ability to forcibly bring about absurd phenomena through the ego's strength. strength of will that transcends the laws of physics. It makes it possible to strengthen physical attributes such as offense and defense, speed, or regeneration power; even actions that twist the world's form become possible. Though it is a supernatural power different from the commandments, the power of the ego and the commandments can be combined to produce synergy. That is, the power of the ego can be used to strengthen commandments. Because it is a power that finds its source in one's prejudices and selfishness, it is not suited for Ashavan. Reversely, the specialty of the side of Good, namely the power to concentrate the thoughts of several people for the sake of another's prayers, is not suited for Dragvant. This is an expression of the differences in acting between the two sides. Currently, the user of the stronger power of the ego is the 3rd rank archdemon, Bahlavan.


Note 1: It's worth mentioning that Bahlavan is the first Gudou Godhood candidate in the whole history of the throne, but he can't reach it solely due to the structure of the current world preventing him from doing so, as such things like Gudou can't come into existence, unless countless/infinite parallel worlds exist.

Note 2: Due to the novel being mostly untranslated and not available for anyone, references and scans were used from the summaries (Credits Goes to Trex for them) so anyone can fast check them for reliability.


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