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Blazers. Special beings capable of manifesting their own souls as armaments called Devices and controlling supernatural abilities with their magical power. Once upon a time, these people, wielding power beyond rational explanation, were called witches and wizards. The strongest among them could influence even the movement of time, while the weakest were still capable of performing godlike feats. Incapable of defeat at the hands of mortals and their weapons, Blazers were vital to the success of militaries. Their miraculous power made these humans more than human.


Blazers are unique beings capable of wielding magic and turning the source of said magic, their soul, into a weapon. Due to their immense capabilities and natural traits not only are they almost impossible to be defeated by a normal human, but also consider things that are not magical training, such as sword or physical training, as mundane and useless.


In order to both evaluate and manage Blazer, their traits are determined and placed among the most appropriate spots among their hierarchical system to maintain balance. As such, things such as their ranks and attributes are fixed and rarely changes unless the situation called for it. The ranks are determined from six attributes:

  • Offensive Power
  • Defensive Power
  • Magic Capacity
  • Magic Control
  • Physical Ability
  • Luck

Each of the Blazers' attributes is rated from A to F with A as the highest and F as the lowest with Amane Shinomiya who has an S rating in Luck being the exception. These ratings are used to determine whether or not a Blazer will be ranked as either A to F Rank.

C-Rank Blazers and above are considered to be Rare especially an A-Rank. It has been mentioned that there are at least five C-Rank students present among the 250 students and for an entire Mage-Knight School in Japan to have even one B-Rank student is considered lucky, with A-Rank Blazers being once-in-a-decade prodigies and all of them leaving their mark on history as great heroes. Along with possessing greater magical potential, they are also faster learners.

Universal uses

Some uses of magic and some bonuses from being a Blazer are universal to all Blazers, as such no matter what system they work in, they will be capable of performing the following:

Noble Art

Noble Arts are a Blazer's trump card. They are a specialized use of magic that is limited to the system of magic the Blazer controls. A Blazer's abilities always fall in only 1 of the following 4 systems:

  • Body Enhancement: The simplest power to increase physical abilities; for example, Ikki Kurogane, who can double his physical powers and Renren Tomaru who can increase her speed the more she runs for.
  • Nature Interference: The power to create and control specific elements that can be found in nature such as Fire, Water, Wind, and Lightning. Nature Interference Blazers are able to also control the attributes and/or elements related to their elements; water users such as Shizuku are able to use ice and vapor, which are solid and gaseous forms of water.
    • Pseudo Magic: Blazers who control abilities of this system can be very strong as they can absorb natural elements around them, then convert it into more power known as pseudo magic, letting them use more mana to empower their Noble Art. The more they absorb the stronger they become with an unknown limit as seen when Ouma Kurogane's Air Manipulation became so strong and dense it started to twist space, or when Touka Toudou absorbed the electricity of an entire city which resulted in her being capable of demolishing someone like Tendou Harima to the point where he wasn't even considered an opponent to her.
  • Conceptual Manipulation: The power to manipulate certain concepts; for example, Ayase Ayatsuji who is capable of manipulating the concept of "Wounds" and Stella who is able to manipulate the concept of "Dragon".
  • Causation Manipulation: The power to manipulate causation itself, considered the strongest and rarest among Blazer abilities. Causation Blazers are able to control and overwrite events and fate itself; such as Amane who can manipulate "Fate", making all kind of skills and strategies useless against him and Kurono Shinguuji having control over time itself. Even weaker users such as Utakata Misogi are capable of manipulating probability.

It should be noted that exceptions such as Fu Xiaoli do exist. Her ability is "Copy", which falls under the Conceptual Manipulation, but it allows her to copy any other ability regardless of the system.


―Desperado. Those who had surpassed being human, and would fight against each other one day to decide the future of the world.
~ Edelweiss upon seeing Ikki's awakening

Desperado is a name given to unique Blazers who have broken the chains of fate and transcended causality. A group of individuals who have "ignored the warning of the gods" and stepped into the realm of demons. There are currently 2 levels of awakening to Desperado:


When Blazers are born they are assigned a certain rank for their magic capacity that cannot change throughout their life due to it being decided at birth by fate, in other words, how much they can accomplish in this world, the size of their fate is already decided the moment they are born. Blazers who have achieved Desperado Awakening, however, are unbound by this rule, they can increase the size of their magic because fate doesn't bound them anymore. This is the first level of Desperado Existence. A state transcending the causality and fate of the world, a form of Type 5 Acausality that makes them immune to Blazer abilities based on the causality system, a system which includes fate, probability and even time. Due to existing beyond causality and fate they become capable of controlling it. Desperados can show their control over fate and causality in 2 ways: by showing bloodlust or by actively interfering with them.


Active Interference

By manipulating fate and causality, Desperados become capable of achieving certain effects:

Excessive Awakening

If Awakening is the state where a Blazer turns their soul into that of a demon, then Excessive Awakening is the state where the Blazer's body takes the shape of their changed soul. A step beyond normal Awakening. Uses of this state include all previous in addition to: