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The Pink God The Pink God 15 hours ago

Shotacon Dragon Flies Very Fast

Lucoa has a pretty straightforward feat and since it's pretty easy to do it imma just, dew it

Lucoa flies halfway around the globe in an instant

Earth diameter = 12.742 kilometers

Since it's said to be an instant, I'll use 1 second for the timeframe

Speed = Time/Distance

Speed = 1 second / 12.742 kilometers

Speed = 12742000 m/s or 0.0425c (Sub-Relativistic)

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Anarchy219 Anarchy219 1 day ago

Miss Kobayashi 5-B Statements

  • 1 Summary
    • 1.1 Tohru
    • 1.2 Fafnir
    • 1.3 Kobayashi
    • 1.4 Elma
    • 1.5 Ilulu
    • 1.6 Telne

In the manga Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid there are multiple statements of the Dragons saying they could either destroy the world or bring an end to it. Many people claim these are hyperbolic but there is just too many of them for the author to not being implying the characters are capable of this level of power.

When questioned if Tohru is a powerful dragon by Kobayashi she states "she's strong enough to bring an end to the world".

He states "the human world is truly annoying it makes me want to destroy it".

While monologuing to herself believe after seeing the power of dragons multiple times stated "they could do anything to the world".

After seeing Ilulu on Earth stated "that she h…

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Ningenron Ningenron 4 days ago


Bahlavan (バフラヴァーン) Is one of the seven absolute Dragvant who stand as the strongest individuals in the universe ruled by Avesta, He's ranked third in the rankings of Wahman Yast and holds the alias of Aeshma. He's a fighting monster who's spent more time fighting than anyone else in the entire universe

He's the Incarnation of Malignancy of Violence and Hajun's Archetypes

Tier: At least 2-C, Far Higher with "Awakening"

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Flight, Self-Sustenance (All Types), Mind Manipulation & Supernatural Willpower (Even Khvarenah, Nadare or possibly even God (her)self cannot bend His Will), Extrasensory Perception & Enhanced Senses (can see and sense distant stars), Master Mar…

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 4 days ago

Homestuck Cosmology

  • 1 Tiering
    • 1.1 Low 2-C & 2-A
    • 1.2 Low 1-C
    • 1.3 High 1-B
    • 1.4 1-A
  • 2 Canonicity Shenanigans

  • A Genesis Frog is the embodiment of a universe and all of its possible alternate instances, with each choice/not-choice creating infinitely more possibilities, containing infinite timelines into itself.
  • There is a countless to infinite number of Genesis Frogs, following an infinite repercussion

  • Lords of Time are implied to be 5-dimensional

  • There is an infinite hierarchy of creators
    • Each higher layer is bigger and infinitely greater than the lower ones
    • The higher layers are inaccessible to the lower layers
    • Reality is made of stories/narratives with the lower ones being regarded as nonexistent from the perspective of the higher ones
    • The higher creators can influence the lower…

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NatzuX NatzuX 5 days ago

Kim Dokja

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Others
  • 4 References

Kim Dokja is the main protagonist of Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. He is the sole reader of the webnovel Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World, an apocalyptic fantasy story written by tls123.

Near the end of the novel, he is revealed to also be the Oldest Dream (also known as the Most Ancient Dream), the constellation sponsor of the Yoo Joonghyuk, the protagonist of Ways of Survival.

Tier: 9-B | 8-A, higher with The Immortal King | 5-B, High 4-C with Watcher of Light and Darkness, 4-B with Prisoner of the Constrictive Headband | At least 2-A with the oldest dream | At least 2-A with the oldest dream, Possibly Low 1-C with final wall

Name: Kim Dokja, The Oldest Dream

Origin: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Gender: Male


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Lormac CC Lormac CC 16 days ago

Magi Reality fiction

So i decided to create this short blog on Magi reality fiction transdence. it is going to pretty short. I propose that the basis of Magi reality fiction is creation. Reality fiction transdence is between a creator and it's creation. I had to go check the raws for this.

First scan of reality fiction was this scan. In the Viz translation, Ugo said "I am the creator of your world and metal vessel so you can't defeat me. Do you think characters in a novel can harm their Author ?". The raws is pretty similar. In the raws Ugo say" You can't defeat me because I created your metal vessel and your world", he then use the famous Author character statement to draw the analogy between himself and his creation. There is also the fact Ugo said he was the…

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Anarchy219 Anarchy219 31 December 2021

Kogarashi punches a meteor by Zaratthustra

Kogarashi punched a meteor that was going to "kill" the Earth.

Diameter of earth – 650 px

Diameter of the meteor – 47.2 px Panel size – 1800 px

Earth Diameter = 12 742 km Visible planets diameter: sqrt(1-(tan(0.25 deg)(650/1800))^2/((tan(0.25 deg)(650/1800))^2+1))*12742000 = 12741984.1828 m

1px = 12741984.1828 / 650 = 19603.0525889 m 47.2 * 19603.0525889 = 925264.082196 m

Meteor = 925264.082196 height

Meteor speed is 17,000 m/s

Meteor Height = 925264.082196 m

Meteor Length = 30.9 * 19603.0525889 = 605734.324997 m

Ellipsoid volume = width x height x length x pi / 6.

Hard to get the width of the meteor so I’ll assume its 1/3 of the length --- 605734.324997 / 3 = 201911.441666 201911.441666* 605734.324997 * 925264.082196 * pi / 6 = 5.9252604e+16


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Lormac CC Lormac CC 30 December 2021


Decided to make my Magi blog. I give Credit to Astral Jevil cause I got alot from his blog,

  • 1 The Cosmology
  • 2 Dimension
  • 3 Gods and their world
  • 4 Conclusion

Magi has a confusing Cosmology. This is due to multiple translations, useage of words like world, layer, orders and Dimensions. This lead people to have different opinions on the Cosmology. So for the most part, I am going to be using both translations. This would help in understanding.

As Ugo explains there exist different layers of dimenisons piled on each other which makes Existence/World. The world is composed of different layers of dimensions piiled on each other holding different qualities. There is

the material, vector and the world of Rukh. These dimensions are spatial Dimensions. One tra…

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Renegade Immortal - Wang Lin QC AP(Zaratthustra)

Wang Lin Attraction Technique can not only be used to attract/repulse/control object in a telekinetic way but also create big hands.

"Two large hands that emitted white light appeared. Swirls of light appeared around the hands and all of the clouds surrounding them scattered.

One of the giant hands grabbed hold of the neck of the centipede. The other hand rose up and blocked the sword that was coming down.

The sword that was swinging down slowed down until it was stopped in mid-air. Elder Ouyang’s face was all red as he revealed a look of horror.

The other two elders clenched their teeth. Disregarding their status, one spat out a rainbow-colored light that turned into a rainbow-colored ribbon. It shot toward Wang Lin.

Meanwhile, the other elder…

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Basic fragmentation calc for AWE(Ricsi-viragosi)

Some rather simple feats of cracking and pulverizing stuff. We get the size of it even, so that's nice.

Volume is 7.06858347e15 cm^3.

x8 that and you get 5.65486678e16 (7-B+)

Later on, the same place (they have seals that automatically heal destroyed locations, as seen in the first quote) gets pulverized, so we use 214.35 as a multiplier instead. With that, we get 1.51515087e18 Joules (7-A). This was with 80% or Ghostfangs power.

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Cultivation Realms Status Sheet

Please not that this blog isn't definite and might be subjected to changes if further information arrives.

Alright let's get to it...

  • 1 First Step:
    • 1.1 Qi Condensation/Blood Solidification/True Breath :
    • 1.2 Foundation Establishment/Awakening :
    • 1.3 Core Formation/Bone Sacrifice :
    • 1.4 Nascent Soul/Early Berserker Soul :
    • 1.5 1st Spirit Severing/Early+Mid(partly) Deva/Early+Mid(partly) Soul Conduit/Soul Formation/Early Berserker Soul :
    • 1.6 2nd+ Spirit Severing/Late+ Deva/Late+ Soul Conduit/Soul Transformation+/Mid+ Berserker Soul :
    • 1.7 Dao Seeking/Demigod/Ascendant/Spirit Immortal/Late+Great Circle Berserker Soul :
    • 1.8 Half-2nd : Half-Immortal/Quasi-Celestial/Illusory Yin+Corporeal Yang/Half-Life Cultivation :
  • 2 Second Step :
    • 2.1 Immortal/Celestial :
    • 2.2 Ancient/Archa…

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Ergenverse - Meng incinerates a Tree

Meng Hao as a 2nd level Qi Condesation can do this

I found that one of the most common trees in china is the Yunnan pine. The average specific heat value of pine and spruce at +0 – 100 C is 2,300 J/kgoC.

Most kinds of wood will start to combust at about 300 degrees Celsius. Gases will burn and improve the temperature of the wood to about 600 degrees Celsius (1,112 degrees Fahrenheit). After the wood has released its gases, it will create charcoal and ashes.

Pine Wood - 600 Celsius

Room Temperature 20 celsius.

The difference is 580 celsius.

A pine tree weighs roughly 1,610 pounds.

1610 pounds = 730.2837 kg

730.2837 *2,300* 580 = 974198455.8 j or 0.23283901907 tons (9-A).

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Ergenverse Tier and Ability Synthesis

Since there's already two blogs for that (here and here) with quotes and justifications, this one would have none of that (aside from the Tiers maybe). The goal of this blog is to gather most of the information in one place, and to allow a better general view of tiers and abilities without Walls of China Texts in between.

Please note that this blog isn't definite and might be subjected to changes if further information arrives. Basically Work In Progress.

Please also note that each realm keeps the abilities of the previous ones.

Alright let's get to it...

  • 1 First Step:
    • 1.1  Qi Condensation/Blood Solidification/True Breath :
    • 1.2  Foundation Establishment/Awakening :
    • 1.3  Core Formation/Bone Sacrifice :
    • 1.4  Nascent Soul :
    • 1.5  Spirit Severing/Deva/Soul Co…

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Too OP Pls Nerf (feats&stuff)

Various feats in cultivation would be shown here.

Current status : Work in Progress.

And, unless it's not about hax/abilities and more about stuff like....say, range for exemple, I probably won't post most of the Divine Sense/Spiritual Pressure stuff here, as they're already in another blog by that name, here..

Aye, we're too pure and righteous.

Let's get to it.

1. Peak Human conditioning :

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Nepuko Nepuko 28 December 2021

Divine Sense&Pressure

Update: You can just head here for Divine Sense now, much better organized page

got for Divine Sense :

-Soul Manip

-Mind Manip

-Memory Manip

-Explosion Manip

-Sleep Inducement

-Body Control

-Avatar Creation

-Clone/Duplication too


-Extrasensory Manip

-Enhanced Senses



-Spiritual Pressure(not rlly bound by Divine Sense)

-Info Analysis

-Teleportation Neg

-Spatial Manip

-Non-Physical Interatction (comes with Qi as well)

-Dura neg

-Powernull (Pressure)

-Sealing and stuff

Pressure should get you:

-Explosion Manip

-Soul Manip

-Dura Neg

-Power Null

-Statistics Reduction


-Fear Inducement

For the Feats part (would probably move it to another blog Moved them here), for now :

-Reality Warping

-Law Manipulation




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TyranoDoom30 TyranoDoom30 23 December 2021


Tier: 9-B, likely 9-A | 4-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Explosion Manipulation (With bombs and missiles), Stealth Mastery, Skilled Hand-to-Hand combat, Empathic Manipulation (Instantly made a soldier from crying too much to normal by simply saying sorry), Healing (With Sandwiches), Weapon Mastery, Regeneration (Low-Mid: Instantly regenerated from eating a sandwich), Toon Force, Body Control and Biological Manipulation (Created 2 more arms for himself out of nowhere), Sound Manipulation (Can seemingly increase the sound to become an earrape), Statistics Amplification (With Crystal Meth), BFR (Kicked Godzilla from the server), Size Manipulation up to Type 1 Large Size (Can icrease his size by usin…

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DastardlyDangerousDracogänger DastardlyDangerousDracogänger 21 December 2021

Guardian Tales Calcs

While looking at the pages under the category, Guardian Tales, you'll begin to realize that their Tier has only statements of scaling and feats with no apparent backing to them. This compilation calc blog is here to give either some credible backing to the Tier or perhaps achieve a different purpose altogether. We shall see as I start off the blog with this very basic feat.

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 20 December 2021

Assorted feats of an obscure novel

  • 1 Calc
    • 1.1 The cursed formula
    • 1.2 A literal nuke
    • 1.3 Samurai does a slash
    • 1.4 A wave that vaporizes stuff

Yeah...time to use E=mc²

  • Supergiants have masses from 10 to 70 times the Sun, so an average of 40.
  • Mass of the Sun = 1.989e+30 kg
  • Supergiant mass = 7.956e+31 kg
  • E = 7.956e+31 * 299792458² = 7.1504962e+48 J or 71504.962 FOE (Solar System level)

  • Radius = 100 meters
  • Volume = A 100 meter-radius sphere would have a volume of 4188790.2 m³, but since feats like that only cover the hemispherical part we'll use half of this, so 2094395.1 m³
    • 2094395.1 m³ = 2.0943951e+12 cm³
  • Vaporization of rock = 25700 j/cc
  • Energy = 2.0943951e+12 * 25700 = 1.1626406e+13 J or 12.8 megatons (City level)

  • 20 kilometers / 1 second = 20000 m/s (Massively Hypersonic)

  • Sphere Radius = 30 met…

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Scottycj256 Scottycj256 16 December 2021

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dodging Calcs

All credit goes to DemonGodMitchAubin on VS Battles Wiki:

  • 1 The Original Calc
    • 1.1 Distance Moved
    • 1.2 Dodging Meteor
    • 1.3 Dodging Bolting
    • 1.4 Dodging Immaculate One's Hoarfrost
  • 2 Recalculation
    • 2.1 Dodging Meteor Recalc
    • 2.2 Dodging Bolting Recalc
    • 2.3 Dodging Hoarfrost Recalc

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the characters are able to dodge both Meteors and the Immaculate One's Hoarfrost (Hoarfrost is a lightspeed attack) right as it is above their head, so I will find out what that results in. Everyone dodges the same distance whenever they dodge an attack, so I will use Dimitri's dodge animation to get an average distance moved. I'll also do a re-calc of dodging bolting just so we ca…

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TyranoDoom30 TyranoDoom30 15 December 2021

Bruno Bucciarati (Passione 24 Hours)

Bruno Bucciarati or Buccellati, is one of the main protagonists featured in the corruption videos of GioGio's Bizarre Adventure by Teso Teragoya.

This one is exactly the same as his Canon counterpart, except now he's massively corrupted and appears as bald alongside his main theme which is 'Staff Roll'.

Tier: At least Low 1-C, likely higher, Low 1-C with Steaky Finger

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: At least Low Macroverse level, likely higher (Can fight up with and beat up Shadow Diavolo, who was revealed to be Araki himself, who views the story and game as mere fiction, making him a 6th Dimensional being and could physically fight with Diavolo, who could fight on par with J.P Polnareff which could fuse himself with and destroy a…

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 13 December 2021

Vaporizing the world's ocean

An hypothetical feat of vaporizing the Earth's ocean in one go. Just doing for fun. This may or may not come in handy for future characters.

  • Volume = 1.35e+18 m³
  • Density of seawater = 1026 kg/m³
  • Mass = 1.35e+18 * 1026 = 1.3851e+21 kg
  • Ocean temperature = 20° C
    • 100-20=80°
  • Specific heat capacity of seawater = 4182 J/kg
    • 80*4182*1.3851e+21= 4.6339906e+26 J
  • Heat of vaporization = 2257000 J/kg
    • 1.3851e+21 * 2257000 = 3.1261707e+27 J
  • Result = 4.6339906e+26 + 3.1261707e+27 = 3.5895698e+27 J or 857.9 petatons (High 6-A)
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Zaratthustra Zaratthustra 11 December 2021


Pretty big as only the king has three courtyards where the ponds are big enough for a boat to sail.

So, HERE I found here that London had aroun 120k people for 2.9 squre kilometers in medieval times.

140k / 120k = 1.166666666666667 difference

2.9 * 1.166666666666667 = 3.383333333333333 square kilometers or 3383333.3333333330229 square meters (1037.7617057494463 radius)

Formula: W = R^3*((27136*P + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2

1037.7617057494463^3*((27136*1.37895 + 8649)^(1/2)/13568 - 93/13568)^2 = 89821.1141419 tons of tnt or 375811541569709.6 joules which would be 89.821114141900011418 Kilotons of TnT (7-C Town Level)

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Astral JeviL Astral JeviL 11 December 2021

The Magical Magi Cosmology

Yes, it is finally here. After being omniscient in magi, I will finally present the blog that will explain the cosmology of Magi and its other aspects.

The cosmology of Magi goes pretty high and it's one powerful verse. In this blog, I will explain how powerful the verse is.

As Ugo explains there exist different dimenisons which makes one world. The world is composed of different dimensions like the material, vector and the world of Rukh. There exist more dimensions that the characters dont know of.

So in an grand conclusion, there exist Nnumerious worlds and these worlds have their own countless dimenisons and on top of that there exist countless/infinite higher dimenions. Furthermore, each having their own gods. This should give magi verse…

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TES souls

All creatures have 2 part which compose them, the "Soul" or animus and the AE, the soul basically has 2 layers.

All beings in TES have 1-A AE. Because all things in the Dream on a fundamental level are composed of AE.

The AE is the primal state of Being that defines one's Existence on a fundamental level, which predates the invention of the concepts of Space and Time formed and the Et'Ada erupted from infinite ineffability. Because every souls in Elder Scrolls was once an Et'Ada, an Original Spirit unbound by everything save their own consciousness.

Quoting Crowley, "Every Man and every Woman is a Star". Which is related to the concept of CHIM which is realizing this truth about yourself and uncoiling the winged splendor of your soul and asce…

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Shyouu Shyouu 10 December 2021

Tokyo Babel: Setsuna is hot

All credits to Oblivion Of The Endless for this calc.

Tendou Setsuna made a beast go up in flames; the fire consumed its massive frame, turning it into ashes within seconds. The beast's size is the same size of a mountain. Considering the flames even reached Gethel implied that the flame was indeed traveling.

Keeping in mind that its nigh-impossible to get the beast's volume, we'll simply compare it to a T-Rex. Since there's no specific mountain mentioned, we'll use the general accepted height of a mountain from Japan.

  • Monster's height = 1000 m
  • Average T-Rex height = 3.65 meters
  • Average T-Rex weight = 6600 kg (1000/3.65)^3*6600 = 135726716313 kg
  • Average T-Rex speed = 7.5 m/s
    • Mspeed: 7.5 * (1000/3.65) = 2054.79452055 m/s (Hypersonic)
  • KE = 2.8653135…

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The Pink God The Pink God 8 December 2021

Marx puts some honor in his name

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Feat
  • 3 Calculation
    • 3.1 Low-End (Nebula)
    • 3.2 High-End (Nebula)
  • 4 Galaxies
    • 4.1 Low-End (Galaxy)
    • 4.2 High-End (Galaxy)

Marx Soul created and also destroyed a lot of nebulae so I'm here to calculate that

Marx creates and destroys several nebulae with his death

To know how much energy such a feat would need, I'll have to use the old good Inverse Square Law, first, we need the size of the Nebulae which is hundreds of light-years to millions of light-years, so I'll be doing a Low-End and High-End

Knowing that we will have to multiply them by 53 as there are 53 nebulae shown, and then divide them by 2, lets us with

Low-End: 5300 Light Years (5,0142e+19 meters)

High-End: 26500000 Light Years (2,50709358e+23 meters)

Now to the calculation

4 × pi × r²

4 × pi × 5…

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DastardlyDangerousDracogänger DastardlyDangerousDracogänger 5 December 2021

Undertale: It's too hot REDUX

Basically a re-calculation of this feat and the results of what it would result in by the end of this, whether or not it officially brings down the Placeholder for the verse or not. With that in mind, let me express what I found wrong about it.

It isn't a secret that the end result of this is pretty high. If I may compare, the value for Human Vaporiztion is 292 092 454 Joules, making the value for this about 2.66996113497680 times higher than Human Vaporization!!! Now one may ask, how can that be? As the Human Body can clearly hold many more litres of water than a single plastic cup could hold. I pondered about the predicament, but now I see what the issue is. In the calc, the OP referred to the Value of water as this. Well, what's wrong with th…

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The Pink God The Pink God 4 December 2021

Kirby Cosmology, but it's well made

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Cosmology
    • 2.1 Main Universe
    • 2.2 Another Dimension
    • 2.3 another dimensions in Another Dimension
  • 3 What!? 2-B Kirby!?
  • 4 Conclusion

This was going to happen sooner or later, but now it's time to rework the Kirby pages, and the first receiving the revamp is the Cosmology blog, so let's go, baby

First, proof that the universes are universe sized

Kirby's home universe, to prove it is a universe is pretty easy as there are lots of statements that it is universe sized and their pretty blatant themselves

  1. The first one is Popstar being described as being "At the far-off corner/edge of the universe" throughout multiple statements in different games
  2. Hyness states that he is "Master of powerdriven to the far reaches of the universe", with a Nintendo page also…

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The Pink God The Pink God 30 November 2021

Zelda Cosmology

Everything is taken from here, this is just a blog for certain individuals who cannot see the original Doc and need reference and such

First and foremost, we have the main universe of Hyrule. This is the first place created in the creation cutscene:

This is showing this pre-dates the creation of the universe and even goes on to call it the chaos that is Hyrule, which is the definition for formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.

So the main universe of Hyrule is a whole universe

And then we have Termina who is directly called an alternate/parallel world:

Nintendo of UK calls it a parallel universe:…

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 30 November 2021

Saitama (One-Punch Man: The Fight of Gods)

Saitama is the main protagonist of the doujinshi One-Punch Man: The Fight of Gods. After defeating Lucifer, the dominator of the universe, Saitama and Genos ends up meeting a cheetah girl, a being from another planet who warns them about an incoming all-powerful entity called God, whose objective is to destroy all tri-dimensional beings.

Tier: Low 1-C, likely High 1-C

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Shockwave Creation, Resistance to Heat Manipulation

Attack Potency: Low Macroverse level, likely High Macroverse level (Capable of fighting against and hurting God, who cannot be harmed by 4th dimensional beings, being a creature of an even higher dimension, who was also implied to ha…

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Scottycj256 Scottycj256 30 November 2021

Setsuna's GN Buster Sword (Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer)

Note: This Calculation was originally done by Vivi Ornitier from OBD.

The feat in question can be seen here(jump to  2 minutes).

So Setsuna while pilotting GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] is able to extend his sword thousands of kilometers and scar the moon-sized ELS Planetoid.

Will use 3000 km for a low end and the moon's size for a high end

726/688 = 1.05523256

meters extended 1.05523256 * 3476280 = 3668283.84

It takes only 2.74 seconds to extend.

1338789.723 m/s or mach 3903.177

For Low End

meters extended 3000000 * 1.05523256 = 3165697.68

1155364.117 m/s or mach 3368.41

502/688 = 0.729651163

meters for the length of the sword's penetrated volume 3476280 * 0.729651163 = 2536471.74

62/2744 = 0.0225947522

meters for the width 3476280 * 0.0225947522 = 78545.6852

Not s…

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DemiiPowa DemiiPowa 29 November 2021

Does Amelia Even Lift? ~ Calculation

Context: Olivia launched the moon torwards the earth and it took 2 Characters (Amelia and Olivia), and Amelia's 20 clones to stop it from crashing into it.

Mass of the Moon = 7.34767309×10^22 Kg

Distance = 384.400 km

Timeframe ~ No More than 2 hours at most (So lowball just incase)

V0 = 53,388.888 m/s

Acceleration = (V - V0)/t

A = (0-53,388.888)/1 sec

A = 53,388.888 m/s^2

F = ma

F = 7.34767309×10^22 × 53,388.888

F = 3.922841e+27

Convert to kgf

3.922841e+27 / 9.81 m/s^2

Total kgf = 3.9988185e+26

Amelia needed 20 clones and Olivia to stop the moon and push it back so dividing it by 22 gives 1.8176448e+25 kg

Final Yield:

Class Y Lifting

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DemiiPowa DemiiPowa 29 November 2021

Papercut Respect Thread ~ Volume 3

This respect thread covers all of the notable feats in Volume 3 of Papercut. Lost and looking for the part before this? Here's the second part to this thread.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


• is able to track the streams of every person he's ever interacted with and can give his power to to others temporarily.

Amelia Clementine

• Can fly freely and can also manipulate the weather slightly while summoning her wings

• Can freeze space with the second grade of Kinetic Freeze

• Can vibrate her molecules fast enough to appear invisible. Also appeared invisible to Noah who could react to Lightspeed attacks meaning she becomes faster than light (temporarily)

• She can also make other people become invisible too

• Regeneration (Mid-Low)

• "Kinetic F…

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DemiiPowa DemiiPowa 29 November 2021

Papercut Respect Thread ~ Volume 2

This RT is shorter than ususal since Volume 2 didn’t add many crazy feats or at least anything noteworthy.

Wanna see the first part to this? If so, check it out!




These came from Volume 1 but since the explanations are universally applicable, I added them to this RT.

• Anyone (even humans) can perform rituals

• All living things have a Stamina Variable/Energia ~ Explanation

• All living things have a Stamina Variable/Energia ~ Explanation 2

• All living things have a Stamina Variable/Energia ~ Explanation 3

• There's a fourth explanation about Energia, however it's on the first part of this thread, so I'm not linking it here


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DemiiPowa DemiiPowa 28 November 2021

Papercut Respect Thread ~ Volume 1



I’ll use a some terms from volume 2 although my main focus of this RT are strictly the feats that occurred in volume 1. I’m also gonna use the retcon terms like Energia and not Stamina Variable.


Divine Energy

” In order to access this power, you must become emotionally aware and embrace it, letting it fuel your ambitions. Once you have done this you can convert your stamina variable to tangible energy known as divine energy which can be used both offensively and defensively. “ ~ Apollo

Divine Protection

Divine protection is the fruit's way of protecting it's eater's body, mind, and soul from external forces, not allowing for alteration and forming a discarna…

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DemiiPowa DemiiPowa 28 November 2021

Noah Lights Up London

London apparently has a diameter of approximately 60km

Let's assume the explosion was at least spherical in shape so the radius would be 30km or 30000m

Overpressure method for Explosions:

Y = tons of tnt

X = Radius(m)

Y = 30000^3*((27136×1.37895+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2

Y = 2169947763.86 Tons of TNT or 9.07906144399024e+18 J



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DemiiPowa DemiiPowa 28 November 2021

Sucrose and Amelia create a big boom

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 26 November 2021

OPM - God is a big boi

There is no feat, just God's KE via his size alone lmfao.

I'll use this pixelscaling from Zamasu Chan (credits to him btw) to save my time here.

  • Moon diameter: 464 px = 2159.1 miles or 3474734.63 meters
  • God's height: 467 px = 3497200.58665 meters
  • Average human height = 1.75 meters
  • Average human weight = 62.0 kg
  • Mass: (3497200.58665/1.7)^3*62.0 = 5.3976728e+20 kg
  • Speed: Basically the speed at which he got up. So the height divided by the timeframe (will assume 3 seconds).
    • 3497200.58665 / 3 = 1165733.52888 m/s (Massively Hypersonic)
  • KE: 0.5*5.3976728e+20*1165733.52888² = 3.6675423e+32 J or 87.6 zettatons (5-B)
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Padureanvladioan Padureanvladioan 24 November 2021

All Might Prime

  • 1 Intro/Feat
  • 2 Calculation
    • 2.1 First Feat
  • 3 Conclusion

Prime All Might's power calculation

Not much is known about the power of Prime All Might, as he was never presented to us before, but I will try to calculate the amount of power that Prime All Might could have.

In the dubbed manga version of My Hero Academia, All Might stated, after defeating U.S.J. Nomu, that in his Prime ("Heyday") he would have needed only 5 punches to defeat him, instead of the over 300 punches he needed in his current state.

This feat has been calculated to be 2.41 Gigatons (All credits to Therefir for this calculation)

So, Prime All Might's Power (At least) = 2.41*60 = 144.6 Gigatons

First Feat: Prime All Might's power (At least) = 211.2 Gigatons (Large Island level) - According to the…

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PhantomØ4 PhantomØ4 23 November 2021

A wild large planet disappeared!

Ruphas and Benet fight, an arrow is thrown and it quickly reaches a planet larger than Midgard and destroyed it because Benet dodged it. Since the solar system is the same as our own the only planets larger than the earth are the gas giants and the closest is Jupiter.

On average Jupiter is 715,000,000 KMs away from earth.

We have no exact timeframe for this arrow to reach the planet but since this was on the middle of the fight and the way it’s written implies that the events happened quickly afterwards 5-10 seconds seems reasonable.

Speed (10 Second End) = 715,000,000 KM / 10 seconds = 71,500,000 KM/S (238.498 C)

Speed (5 Second…

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Problem.exe Problem.exe 21 November 2021


A prodigy from the rough streets of Zaun, Ekko manipulates time to twist any situation to his advantage. Using his own invention, the Z-Drive, he explores the branching possibilities of reality to craft the perfect moment. Though he revels in this freedom, when there’s a threat to his friends, he’ll do anything to defend them. To outsiders, Ekko seems to achieve the impossible the first time, every time.

Tier: Low 7-C physically, 2-C with Parallel Convergence and Chronobreak

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (Skilled Swordsman), Hologram Creation Statistics Amplification, Damage Boost (Via Z-Drive Resonence), Statistics Reduction (Via Timewinder and Parallel Convergence), Shield Creation,…

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SagaTheBloodedge SagaTheBloodedge 16 November 2021

Superman (DC)


Dimensionality: 3D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Flight, Heat Vision, X Ray Vision, Telescopic Vision, Breath Attack and Ice Manipulation, Voice Mimicry.

Attack Potency:


Lifting Strength:

Striking Strength:




Standard Equipment:


Weaknesses: Vulnerability to Kryptonite and Red Sunlight.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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SagaTheBloodedge SagaTheBloodedge 16 November 2021


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TyranoDoom30 TyranoDoom30 15 November 2021

Composite Backyardigan

A Backyardigan is a main protagonist in the animated show The Backyardigans, where it focuses on many of it's imaginations and adventures through them.

Tier: Varies, up to 2-C

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Stealth Mastery, Inorganic Physiology (Type 2), Intangibility (Exists as Ghosts), Non-Physical Interaction, Non-Corporeal, Weapon Mastery, Underwater Breathing (Type 2), Reality Warping, Pocket Reality Manipulation and Creation (All Backyardigans are capable of warping reality and creating their many imaginative worlds which can contain seas, planets and entire stars), Automatic Translation (Can understand what other animals are talking), Plant Manipulation, Life Manipulation and Water Manipulation…

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Shyouu Shyouu 15 November 2021

Seekers Into The Mystery Explanation: My PhD thesis in Hinduism

Gather around, children. Today, papa will try to explain a series, that's not well known by many individuals; that being 'Seekers Into The Mystery'. At first, I was reluctant to whether scale this or not, as I felt like this is one of those series' where it shouldn't be scaled and be completely isolated from the back of my brain, but my body responded otherwise, so here we go.

Initially, I thought this graphic comic would be boring or somewhat unenjoyable, which... I was right :P (no, I'm just kidding). Personally, the series first started as not as entertaining as it would be later on. But regardless, It still left an impression within me as I continue to read half-way through. While despite the series' ending being rushed due to certain p…

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 13 November 2021

Destiny - Cosmology

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Tiering
    • 2.1 Low 2-C
    • 2.2 2-C
    • 2.3 Low 1-C
    • 2.4 High 1-C
    • 2.5 High 1-B+

No intro this time.

Throne Worlds are universes:

Vex can create/simulate timelines because why not. A group of scientists even compares the Vex simulations to a reality. They say that the material world could possibly be a single Vex’s simulation itself:

Vex can also simulate/create uncountable infinite timelines:

A single Throne World was described as possibly being similar to the Vex Network:

Oryx's throne world was described as being a gate network:

There is apparently an uncountable infinite number of Throne Worlds in the Ascendant Plane:

The Darkness managed to create 10-D universes.

There is a Pyramidion for every Vex timeline (which we previously established that there is an unc…

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TyranoDoom30 TyranoDoom30 13 November 2021

Godzilla: Dimension Tide (RECALC)

This has been previously calced by me here. Now, i will be using the new method to calc black holes here.

This is easy, the current standard is (299792458 * radius) / (2 * 6.67408e-11).

So putting the Black Hole radius updately as 55 Meters (Size of GVM Godzilla), we get: 1.2352703e+20 kg.

Next, we multiply that with the Sun's GBE, Thus, Resulting in: 5.693e+41 x 1.122973e+20 = 6.3930853e+61 Joules.

Which is even WAY stronger than before, to be exact, Multi-Solar System level.

Cool isn't it?

6.3930853e+61 Joules (4-A)

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DastardlyDangerousDracogänger DastardlyDangerousDracogänger 13 November 2021

Average Mountain Lifting Calcs

Since we already have a page for destroying mountains, why not I take on the other most common feat regarding mountains, Lifting them, of course since it's common in fiction for someone to say "That man there has the strength to lift an entire mountain!"

So, let's get on with it.

So basically using what's told in here, the minimal requirement for a mountain is 609.6 meters tall. (Also, credits to Ionliosite for getting the volume for this to happen)

So by finding out the volume through that:

  • Height = 517px, or 609.6m
  • Radius = Width/2 = 1849px/2 = 924.5px, or 1090.1m
  • Volume = (Pi)*(Radius^2)*(Height/3) = (3.1416)*(1090.1^2)*(609.6/3) = 758590275.6m^3, or 7.586e14 cm^3.

Density of Granite: 2.7 g/cm^3 or 2700 kg/m^3 (Interesting as to the fact that VSB…

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 8 November 2021

MHA- Izuku and Bakugou destroys a storm

All credits to TheRustyOne for this calc.

Deku and Bakugou uses a detroit smash to destroy Nine's storm.

Scan 1

Wall Height = 82.06 m (13 px)

Island Size = 6552.17538 m or 6.552 km (1038 px)

Scan 2

Island Size = 6.552 km (93 px)

Scan 3

Explosion Diameter = 135.27 km (1920 px)

Explosion Radius = 67.63 km

Formula: Y = (x / 0.28)^3 / 1000

Y is the yield in megatons, and x is the radius in kilometers.

Y = (67.6353588/0.28)^3/1000 = 14094.4229812 Megatons

Divide this by two since it's non-nuclear, and divide by two again because both Deku and Bakugo did this.

100% One For All = 3523.60574 MT, or 3.52 Gigatons (Mountain level+)

This result could be higher since the shockwave went offscreen, and they did with the shockwave that came from their punch.

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PhantomØ4 PhantomØ4 5 November 2021

Invincible (TV Series)— Mark crashes into the moon

(Sorry, I’m on Mobile and idk how to use fandom)

Diameter of the moon = 948 px

Diameter of the moon = 407 px

Height of the panel = 1,152 px

Diameter of the moon = 3474.8 KM

Angular Distance = 2atan(tan(35deg)*(948/1152) = 59.902163750038

Angular Distance 2 = 2atan(tan(35deg)*(407/1152) = 27.789997743796

Distance =   3,015.2 km

Distance 2 = 7,023.1 km

Traveled distance = 4,007.9 km

Time = 26 Frames (at 30 FPS) = 0.866666666666667

Velocity = 4,624.499999999998 KM/S = 4,624,499.999999998 m/s (1.543% SoL; Sub-Relativistic)

Mass = Mark (80 kg) + Allen (170 kg) = 250 Kg

Kinetic Energy (That Allen Took) = 0.5*Mass*Velocity^2 = 1.0693000125e16 Joules (2.556 Megatons of TNT)

Kientic Energy (Mark; He didn’t take the weight of both since…

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