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Medaka619 Medaka619 4 hours ago

Haruo Merlin

Haruo Merlin is one of the Prophecy Children that shown up during the Mountain of Gods along side others such as Katie Densin, Akira Kojiro, Toshiro, and Makoto, after they all were transported into the Mountain after Shia read the Divine language of the seal.

Tier: 5-A, up to 1-B via Benoyin

Dimensionality: 3-D, up to Ad Infinitum-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy manipulation & Death Manipulation (No creature could resist Sin Energy if they were full of positive nature, and Purity, and don’t posses Sin Energy themselves, outright killing them if they were even touched by it), Invulnerability & Regeneration (High-Godly; a origin user cannot be killed in normal reality, since their origin exists in True Reality…

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Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers Calculations

So, I know a few of you would have some questions about this. Why, what are you doing? Are you really going to play into the idea that... this has anything to offer. And I would say... yes. And that's what I am about to prove here, as my friend has, as well.

Just basically that

Necessary Images for pixelscaling


Angsized Image

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Alice the Eternal Sleep Alice the Eternal Sleep 5 days ago


  • 1 Background
  • 2 Powers and Stats
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 Others

Akari Akaza (赤座あか, Akaza Akari). She is sometimes called "Akarin" and one of the main protagonists of Yuru Yuri. She is a nice girl and lover of harmony, that she often stands out less compared to the rest of the characters, because of this she is often joked about her little presence. Her friends often tag her character with the abilities to turn invisible and shoot her bows like missiles. Akaza Akane is her older sister, Kyoko and Yui are her childhood friends, while Chinatsu, Sakurako and Himawari are her classmates.

Tier: 9-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Stealth Mastery, Invisibility, and Non-Corporeal (It is so irrelevant that it becomes invisible…

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Kill La Kill: Ryuko Matoi 220 Tennis Ball Slice Re-Calc REDUX

I just realized how redundant the title became right after posting it.

Anyways, this calculation exists, most of its pixelscaling and the like is fine. So what could be the problem? Well, the idea for the re-calc wasn't from me, but from what I can say, is an incredibly informed and crucial person who goes by the Username, Zaratthustra, which a certain few people may recognize, but I digress.

He himself states

Now as any normal person would ponder, they would think what do you mean by the standard one? But after viewing the circumstances of the previous recalculation took and as well as this image he went on to send after his quote, then I begun to realize. To paint the scenario clearly, the recalculation assumed that Ryūko's arm movement cov…

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Padureanvladioan Padureanvladioan 6 days ago


This post will be quite long and will contain many parts

Now, without wasting any time, let's get started.

Number 1 - Paranormal Liberation War Arc Feats

Katsuki Bakugo

Tier: High 8-C, likely higher via Explosion with Grenadier Bracer | High 8-C | High 8-C, 8-B via Explosion with Grenadier Bracer | 8-B, Low 7-C via Explosion with Howitzer Impact | 7-A (High 6-C), likely higher with Condensed Explosions | 7-A

Attack Potency: From Large Building level (He managed to create an explosion this powerful in his fight against Ochako Uraraka), up to Large Building level+ via Explosion with Grenadier Bracer (One of his strongest explosions, at the time, was this powerful) | Large Building level (Managed to create an explosion this huge, during his second…

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The Witch's Throne Calculations

  • 1 My Word on this Series
  • 2 Important Info
  • 3 Reksha and her Boulder
  • 4 A Giant, who would have Guessed?

Personally, I thought this was going to be another anonymous calculation request type of situation where I go and just scale and throw numbers around for a round of characters that I would never revisit again. But I managed to skim a flight of chapters and suffice to say, I was pleasantly satisfied. But that's just my experience with this verse as a whole, but with that out of the way, I need to address an important factor for another slew of feats I may address further in the future.

Basically it's this specific line up

These four here are pretty much the main group, well you really see Valdis since they're being carried by Reksha, Right, I should …

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Medaka619 Medaka619 14 days ago

The Hierarchy of Beloveno Cosmology

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Terminology
    • 2.1 Origins
    • 2.2 Magic
    • 2.3 Spirits
    • 2.4 Half-Spirit
    • 2.5 Legendary Spirits
    • 2.6 Spirit Magic
    • 2.7 Flames of Heaven
    • 2.8 Akashic Records
    • 2.9 Benoyin
    • 2.10 Hallowed Armament
    • 2.11 Hero/Prophecy Child
    • 2.12 Mavericks
    • 2.13 Amalgamations
    • 2.14 Celestials
    • 2.15 Higher Gods
    • 2.16 The Supreme Gods
  • 3 Cosmology
    • 3.1 Mortal World
    • 3.2 Unraveled World
    • 3.3 The Garden of Eden
    • 3.4 Celestial World
    • 3.5 A Celestial Realm
    • 3.6 The Higher Gods World
    • 3.7 Ohithius
    • 3.8 The Ultimate Void
    • 3.9 Spirit World

This blog will cover The Hierarchy of Beloveno Terminology and Cosmology. This blog will use statements from the Hiearchy of Beloveno Web Novel.

The series is relatively new, meaning that it should be updated in new Volumes, or chapters along the way.

"Yes, our origin... I see now. Our Origin is the concep…

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Medaka619 Medaka619 14 days ago

Seth Genesis

Seth is a young man who ends up being a Prophecy child along with Cain and Abel, his younger brothers in village Etobu. It seems Seth is the one always taking lead and being the much more responsible one, as shown when Cain was worried for his brother Abel, believing he was starting to become a different person from using too much Sin Energy.

This situation alone caused Seth to talk to Lady Aurora, fortune teller of the village Etobu. She revealed that she waited for this moment, and prepared for him to journey out into the world. Seth tells her he wishes to travel to the mountain of the gods, but first he must pass through the Devil Zone, stated to be the most dangerous area in the entire world, however he still went forth with his plan.


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Problem.exe Problem.exe 15 days ago

Shido Itsuka

Key: Pre-Spirits Powers Mastery | Berserk (With Spirit's Powers Out Of Control) | Post-Spirits Powers Mastery | End of Series

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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Oblivion Of The Endless Oblivion Of The Endless 15 days ago

Common Feat - Destroying Celestial Bodies

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Calc
    • 2.1 Mercury
    • 2.2 Venus
    • 2.3 Mars
    • 2.4 Jupiter
    • 2.5 Saturn
    • 2.6 Uranus
    • 2.7 Neptune

Calcs for the destruction of each planet from our solar system (except Earth).

Gravitational Constant = 6.67408x10^-11

  • Mass: 3.3011×10^23 kg
  • Radius: 2439700 meters
  • GBE = (3*6.67408x10^-11*1.0897261e+47)/(5*2439700) = 1.7886427e+30 joules = 427.4 exatons (Low 5-B)

  • Mass: 4.867e+24 kg
  • Radius: 6051800 meters
  • GBE = (3*6.67408x10^-11*2.3687689e+49)/(5*6051800) = 1.5674034e+32 joules = 37.4 zettatons (Low 5-B+)

  • Mass: 6.39e+23 kg
  • Radius: 3389500 meters
  • GBE = (3*6.67408x10^-11*4.08321e+47)/(5*3389500) = 4.824016e+30 joules = 1.15 zettatons (Low 5-B)

  • Mass: 1.898e+27 kg
  • Radius: 69911000 meters
  • GBE = (3*6.67408x10^-11*3.602404e+54)/(5*69911000) = 2.0634291e+36 joules = 493.1 yottatons (5-A…

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Kurenai9 Kurenai9 21 days ago

Nanashi Works Cosmology

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Mortal World
  • 3 Divine Realm
  • 4 Wholeness
  • 5 Heaven
  • 6 Summary

Cosmology page for the Nanashi Works verse, a relatively new and obscure verse. As the author is still actively uploading more stories, this blog will also continue to be updated when new content appears.

So firstly, it is established that there are endless worlds and possibilities in the verse. There is also confirmation of it having infinite universes after that. Now moving on, there is also an established hierarchy in the mortal world and said hierarchy was also described as an 'infinite tower' and 'a myriad of worlds'.

In the glossary, said hierarchy is described in detail. The hierarchy itself is called an 'ever-expanding tower of worlds that extends towards the ends of inf…

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Anarchy219 Anarchy219 24 days ago

MFTL attack speed for Lucoa

Lucoa was going to scream that would send ripples throughout 3,000 different realities.

So we'll calculate the speed of the scream traveling our universe as Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid exists in are universe.

Our universe is 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000km

Low-End = 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000km / 1 hour = 1.9e22

Mid-End = 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000km / 30 minutes = 3.8e22

High-End = 19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000km / 1 minute = 5.277777777778e18

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Scottycj256 Scottycj256 26 days ago

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED - Freedom flies really fast

Taken from my original post here:

Pretty simple calc. The feat takes place within Episode 34 and 35 of Gundam SEED (The links lead to Crunchyroll's version of Gundam SEED, the HD Remaster, which has episodes 13 and 26 cut due to being recaps). Within these two episodes, Operation Spitbreak occurs which is an attempt at a blitzkrieg that ZAFT attempts to crush Earth's forces at their HQ of Alaska within an hour, which leads to the destruction of said base. Kira Yamato (our main protagonist) gets the Freedom Gundam in the PLANTs and flies over to Earth to save as many people as he can before the base explodes. He leaves at 21:22 and get…

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General Feat: Crashing the Sun into the Earth, but with a twist

I didn't even bother calling it a Common Feat, since I can barely recall any feats that would follow what I am about to do. But that aside, the premise.

Basically, pretty much what the title says. But I did say there was a twist to it, so I will explain it here and now. Most people when looking at this feat, they tend to go "Ah, Kinetic Energy feat", and that tuition would be correct. But there comes a situation where one is missing some crucial factors in their equation, some might even say it's impossible to figure it out. But I grant one solution many might not be familiar of.

Well, I offer this, which is already simply found in our very own References for Common Feat page.

The Formula being: Ep = |(G*M*m)/r1 - (G*M*m)/r2|


  • G is the grav…

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KanaNotBonnie KanaNotBonnie 29 days ago

The Terrarian

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Bernkastelll Bernkastelll 29 days ago

Goddess stuff cosmology maybe

hello this is my first blog

warning: my grammar sucks + i dont know how to make blogs so the blog of course isn't well made

The dimensions in this verse have reality-fiction difference, the fictional world is rated as two-dimensional (Chapter 2)

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SCP Foundation: SCP-096 shenanigans

  • 1 Foreword:
  • 2 Important Information:
  • 3 Tier 9 Justifications:
    • 3.1 "9-C" Justifications:
    • 3.2 The Remaining Tier 9 Justifications:
  • 4 SCP-096 messes around with/in the Sun
    • 4.1 Dedicated Section for PhantomØ4's Work
    • 4.2 Back to the Feat

So, the ever infamous Shy Guy. Once you've taken one glance at him, even for a moment, your fate is forever sealed, for he will go the ends of the Earth just to hunt you down just for the mere act of you viewing him. Maybe even further than that. But before we begin, I would like to set an essential factor that would affect many showings of this being strength.

All of the details highlighted will be important for later.

Now before I continue on, I would like to say that my approach on this blog is more unorthodox compared to a n…

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Ionliosite Ionliosite 24 May

High School DxD: Balance Breaker Issei Mountain Feat

I'm going to recalc GoodDaySir's calc of this feat based on our own standards for mountain destruction stuff. As Tannin says the mountain "completely vanished", I'll be using pulverization for this feat. I wouldn't be sure what to use as the basis for this mountain, as this feat happens in the Underworld, but I guess using a real world equivalent won't be too much of a risk considering what territory they're in.

Honshu just happens to be where the Japanese Alps are, with even the smallest of its mountain peaks, Mount Ena, being 2191 meters tall. Due to this, and the fact that Ena just happens to be one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, I'll use it as the base for the calc.

  • (1/3)*pi*2191^2*2191 = 11014270817.554856286417979932573 m^3 = 11…

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Shyouu Shyouu 22 May

Axiomatic: The Infinite Assassin - Explanation and Analysis Blog

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 What is "The Infinite Assassin"
  • 3 Review and Interpretation
  • 4 The Cantor's Dust
  • 5 Conclusion

Hey there, so I've been interested in books that incorporates Mathematics and Science as its basis and theme lately, and I somehow ended up finding this particular book called, Axiomatic, an amazingly collection of eighteen short stories by Hugo Award–winning author Greg Egan. Now this blog will primarily focus on only one of its short story called, The Infinite Assassin. I will try my best to give my interpretation of the story and also try to explain some certain terms in the best of my ability. With that all in mind, let's begin.

The title, "The Infinite Assassin" refers to our nameless protagonist, who also happens to be the narrator of th…

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Enter Bluey Enter Bluey 22 May


So, Kuromueina should naturally scale above the Six Kings, this being stated several times by the Kings themselves.

The strength of the kings trivializes most other beings in the world, with many statements being made of them even being able to destroy Trinia (The world), in a short amount of time if they were to get serious. Some of the more notable feats that can be used are by base Megiddo Argetes Borgnes.

Magnawell is 6230m tall, and 30000m in length

Volume= (Pi)* (Radius^2)*(Height/3)

Radius= 15,000 meters^2

Height= 6230/3

Volume= (3.14)*(15000^2)*(6230/3) = 1.467165E12 (m^3), or 1.467165e18 (Cm^3)

This can be assumed violent fragmentation, as Megiddo shatters the mountain with a tornado of flames

1.467165E18 Cubic Centimeters x 69 J/cc = 1.0…

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Cerberusleuth Cerberusleuth 22 May

Magic: the Gathering Explanations

Work in Progress

Magic: the Gathering is a verse with complex stuff

A chaotic void that separates all planes, and is the home of the Eldrazi. Some important powers stem off of it.

  • Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2): It is the natural home of the Eldrazi. Eldrazi and their spells (some examples) are colorless. The five colors encompass different concepts and is part of "the land". Planeswalker sparks are infinitesimal pieces of the Blind Eternities.

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Cerberusleuth Cerberusleuth 22 May

A Real Fucking Vampire.

Sorin Markov is a vampire planeswalker from Magic: the Gathering. He is a master of sangromancy, a dark corner of black mana specialization.

With his blood magic, he can drain the lifeforce of other beings, place curses on enemies, possess the minds of others or even fashion blood into weapons. He is naturally capable of flight. Being a vampire Sorin has keen senses and his walk is silent. He learned enough of Lithomancy from Nahiri to be able to craft The Helvault, an extremely powerful prison capable of containing the ancient planeswalker herself, as well as Avacyn, and thousands of demons. He is described as having a predatory, yet enchanting characteristic to him, apparently appearing almost above other vampires in regards to his appeara…

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Jack and the Aktuals - Explanation Blog

So I just stumbled upon a pretty interesting and rather esoteric math verse. This blog will cover general tiers, speed, and extra stuff. The basic synopsis is that Jack asks Infinity itself for a favor to help him in the discovery of the true mechanics of the Continuum Hypothesis, and Infinity eventually answers him by sending two inhabitans of Aleph-ville to enlighten him about mathematics.

Jack's computer can process information at Aleph-0 speeds:

Jack eventually meets two inhabitants of Alephville (Stankey and Anton). Their species is called Aktuals and they are transfinite beings:

The two aktuals invite Jack and his wife to a trip into Alephville:

The Aktuals are capable of performing infinite tasks in finite time:

Trees in Alephville have …

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My area My area 19 May

Saint Seiya feats thread

Hello everyone, its Ibi after a year, I decided to start a new feat series of the blog which I will do from time to time when reading series or nothing better to do. It will focus on compiling the feats of certain franchise which includes power, speed, durability, range and wide varieties of abilities and hax. Anything I feel worth mentioning, I will mention it for sake of listing them down.

So today, I will be starting from Saint Seiya series, particularly the one shots. Why one shots you may ask? Its because classic Saint Seiya is already covered by someone else who goes by the name of Alonik. I highly recommend checking out his respect threads on Saint Seiya classic(including Episode Zero) and Saint Seiya Omega. I will link them down the…

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Ionliosite Ionliosite 19 May

HxH Tier 2 Justification

So here we have, in chronical order, a compilation of all the quotes proving that the top tiers from HxH are Tier 2 thanks to scaling to their vast cosmology.

Atlantis is called another universe.

The first war between Lemuria and Atlantis is called the “First Another Universe Conflict”, with the current one war being called the “Second Another Universe Conflict”.

Entrances connect two different universes.

Vatlantis Empire is stated to be at the other side of an Entrance.

The people from Vatlantis state our protagonists come from another universe.

This quote is the that stablishes the words “world” and “universe” being interchangeable, since Atlantis and Lemuria are called worlds when we had previous stablished they are universes.

Once again, worl…

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Ionliosite Ionliosite 15 May

Tier 4 Naruto Justifications

Since this was accepted in this thread, I'll make this blog explaining the evidence behind Naruto characters scaling to Tier 4. For starters, since this will be important to know later, Shueisha published these timelines, which place the novels alongisde the manga in the canon, and includes the novel versions of both The Last and Boruto, even with their 2019 update of it, so those novels are considered part of the manga timeline by the manga's publisher. With that out of the way, comes the important part, the feats and scaling.

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Medaka619 Medaka619 13 May

Genkai’s Spirit Orb

Before giving Yusuke the Spirit Orb Genkai mentions:

"This is a spirit orb, a ball of vast energy compressed into a tiny volume. It will test you, physically and mentally, to determine if you can suceed me. If you can accept this energy-eqivalent to a tiny sun-into your body, and not be incinerated in the process, then you will have passed the test."

it may not sound like much or sound even like a hyperbole from using “Tiny Sun”, however seen in the original Japanese scan the kanji '少恒星' which means 'small fixed star' or just 'small star' is used to support the evidence of the spirit orbs energy.

In further notice, Genkai is the one who created the Spirit Orb so she would be the one to know how much energy it truly possesses.

The calc for the…

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Ionliosite Ionliosite 6 May

Masou Gakuen Speed Feats

So let's start doing some calcs for this verse.

In this one, it should just be applied the calc in here. Average bullet speed: 750 m/s

3.71 / 0.013 = 285x

750 x 285 = 213750 m/s (Massively Hypersonic)

6.35 / 0.013 = 488x

750 x 488 = 366000 m/s (Massively Hypersonic)

Not much to say here, the explosion is directly called faster than light.

You can interpret this in two ways, one that it is refering to the planet or that it is refering to the universe since universes are called worlds too in this verse.

Diameter of the Earth = 12,756km (12,756,000m) 12,756,000m / 1s = 12,756,000 m/s (Sub-Relativistic)

Diameter of the universe = 93.016 Billion LY (8.8×10^26 m) 8.8×10^26 / 1s = 880000000000000000000000000 m/s (Massively FTL+) specifically 2,935,364,03…

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Common Feat(?): Destroying Pangaea

The question mark above is mostly indicating whether or not it is actually considered that common enough to be considered like the other calculations found in the References for Common Feats. But the question is posed quite often, in spite of that, as well as the usage of supercontinents in fiction with no stated sizes, so this blog here serves as a Low ball for that end.

Now let's begin.

Pangaea has a hypothetical surface area of 148.43 million km^2.

If Destruction in this case simply implied "wiping out the surface clean", then we would resort to explosions for this.

Assuming the explosion is omnidirectional, then the formula to derive the radius is: sqrt(Surface area of designated place/pi). So the radius is about 6873.6261468 km.

So, by usi…

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Problem.exe Problem.exe 28 April

Creating A Pocket Dimension Containing A Galaxy

Reserved for a future feat, but meh.

The Milky Way may contain ten billion white dwarfs, a billion neutron stars, and a hundred million stellar black holes. Filling the space between the stars is a disk of gas and dust called the interstellar medium. This disk has at least a comparable extent in radius to the stars, whereas the thickness of the gas layer ranges from hundreds of light-years for the colder gas to thousands of light-years for warmer gas.

The most famous galaxy that can be viewed from Earth with the naked eye is Andromeda, our neighbouring one, which is 2.5 million light years away or 2.3651826e22 Meters

I would be using GBE of a star at the edge of a galaxy

GBE of Rigel A = 3.817e42 Joules

Radius of Rigel A = 54,894,723,840 Meters


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Some Cthulhu Calcs

  • 1 Cthulhu causes an earthquake
    • 1.1 Feat
    • 1.2 Calc
  • 2 Dagon can sink an island
    • 2.1 Feat
    • 2.2 Calc
  • 3 Stars are not very found of tentacles
    • 3.1 Feat
    • 3.2 Calc
  • 4 Results

Cthulhu causes an earthquake in New England at February 28th:

This was the same date in which an earthquake happened in IRL New England, and we have confirmation from WoG that the verse is referencing exactly that:

Per the link above, the earthquake was a 6.2 magnitude one, which would be equivalent to 2.460368e+18 joules or 588.04 Megatons (7-A)

However, the hidden trick here is, Cthulhu was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when the feat happened:

Following the coordinates above, the earthquake happened exactly here, which is insane since it was powerful enough to reach all the way up to New England.


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Anarchy219 Anarchy219 19 April

Charlotte busts a wall by Zaratthustra

Charlotte busted a large whole in the wall after being attacked by her clones.

Assuming that the character is 175.7cm.

Yellow Line = Character = 356.5px 1px = 175.7/356.5 = 0.49284712482 cm

Blue Line = wall length = 556px * 0.49284712482 = 274.0230014 cm

Red Line = wall height = 999.1px * 0.49284712482 = 492.403561588 cm

Green Line = wall width = 74.3px * 0.49284712482 = 36.6185413741 cm

Volume = L * W * H

V = 274.0230014 * 36.6185413741 * 492.403561588 = 4940936.19337 cm3

Using 6j/cc which is the fragmentation of concreate/cement

4940936.19337 * 6 = 29645617.1602 joules = 0.0070854725526290629 tons of TnT 9-A (Small Building)

Credits to Zaratthustra

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Cthulhu Mythos Cosmology

  • 1 Universes
  • 2 Hounds of Tindalos
  • 3 Great Old Ones
  • 4 Hypnos & Gates
  • 5 Ultimate Gods
  • 6 Supreme Archetype
  • 7 Conclusion

Right off the bat, universes are infinite and they possess infinite higher dimensions:

Following the above, there are universes within universes, in which the lower one is seen as finite compared to the higher, following a system of fractals:

The hounds are beyond time and space:

Humans cannot perceive them as they come from a higher-dimension, with the humans being merely an infinitesimal fraction compared to their existence:

They are from a higher reality where our space-time is only an imperfect manifestation of:

The Great Old Ones are undimensioned beings, being able to walk through any space:

Lesser Great Old Ones can move across universes:…

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The Pink God The Pink God 16 April

SCP-2399 is a fast boi

SCP-2399 surpasses the outer planets in less than 2 hours

2399 stopped on Jupiter and actually came from another galaxy entirely, so I'll be taking the distance between the farthest planet at the time, Pluto, and Jupiter

I'm gonna use Pluto because 2399 was discovered in 1665, and Pluto was considered no longer a planet in 2006

Distance between Pluto and Jupiter = 5,135.19 million kilometers

The timeframe says "Fewer than 2 hours", so as the safest end I'll be using 2 hours as the timeframe

5,135.19 million kilometers / 2 hours = 713220833.33333 m/s or 2.37905c (FTL)

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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 14 April

Shinigami Physiology(Bleach)

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Low Class
  • 3 Unique abilities
  • 4 References

Shinigami are the most prevalent race appearing in and throughout the Bleach series. They are Spiritual entities that reside in the Soul Society, beings completely made of Reishi, who have honed their exceptionally high Spiritual power in order to fulfil their duty as enforcers of the Soul Cycle, purging Hollows that plague the human world and ensuring the safe passage of Souls that have lost their way, in order to maintain the balance between the ever turbulent Realms.

Refer to all Terminology here

Rating given to Shinigami that passed the Spiritual Arts Academy and unseated Officers of the Gotei 13.

  • ' Shingami that possess even a decent amount of Reiryoku can physically contend with giant Hollows…

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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 12 April

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

{{Infobox |title1=Mayuri Kurotsuchi |image1=

Key: Soul Society Arc | Hueco Mundo Arc | Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 8 April

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (ネリエル・トゥ・オーデルシュヴァンク, Nerieru Tu Ōderushuvanku) is the former Tres (three) Espada. She was also known as Nel Tu (ネル・トゥ, Neru Tu) when she was a small, good-natured, childlike Arrancar. Nelliel lives in Hueco Mundo with her adoptive brothers and former Fracción, Dondochakka Birstanne and Pesche Guatiche, and their pet, Bawabawa.

After the dubbed Great Soul King War, Nelliel returns to Hueco Mundo, where she co-rules the realm alongside Tier Harribel, gradually restoring peace. They aid fellow Arrancars against the surviving Sternritters before a mysterious child interjects with a hybrid Spiritual Pressure mix similar to Ichigo Kurosaki.

Tier: High 6-C, likely Low 6-B | 6-B with Resurrección | High 6-B, 6-A in Resurrección


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SCP Foundation: SCP-179, SCP-179, let down your hair?

  • 1 Premise:
  • 2 Opening Statement:
    • 2.1 Pre-Calculation Values:
    • 2.2 The Predicament:
  • 3 If the Bodily Surface was made of the Matte Black Material...
    • 3.1 Final Results:
  • 4 If the entire body was made of the Matte Black Material...
  • 5 Afterword:


Now usually, in more simpler calculations, I would just get a few values and then further deliberation would have been made to handle everything from there. However, in this case is a more interesting one. That being, the source material being very hypothetical as to the composition of this... being. But before I settle into that. I should probably address one of the other reasons why this blog would probably be one of the most varied. The hair situation.

The hair situation for SCP-179 is quite a predicament, since we …

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Camerontaylor07 Camerontaylor07 31 March

Rory fractures lots of rock

( the Sean in question)

conclusion = small town level 4.4 kilotons explanation= so to fragment rock one needs 8^6 Joel's per meter and you x that by the area of effect that is fragmented so the area is the same as 2.1 flame dragons as the entire explosion encompasses 2449020 pixels and the dragon encompasses 1118720 and 2449020 divided by 1118720 is 2.1 so the fame dragons area in total (length(including wings) width some height (the bricks that come out witch must be the depth are 90% of its height as the dragons height is 1184 pixels and the height of the exploding bricks goes up to 1041 as dividing the two gets 1.13736792) ) is 655.500002 ×1748 ×203 witch = 232600243 feet or 70890000 meters (User blog:Cam…

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The Pink God The Pink God 30 March

Mash goes Fist of the North Star ×10000

Mash punches... 65536 times

First, Mash arm's length which we know by calculations such as this is 0.66820603907 meters

Now for the timeframe, since it blitzed Domina before he could even react accordingly I'll be using Mach 7 as perception, pretty much as this accepted calculation does

Since Mash attacked 65536 times, he had to extend his arms all of these times so

0.66820603907 × 65536 = 43791.5509765 meters

Mach 7 perception = 0.00041649312 seconds

Speed = Distance/Time

43791.5509765/0.00041649312 = 105144000 m/s or about 35% SoL (Relativistic)

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Camerontaylor07 Camerontaylor07 30 March

the flame dragon size


(the arrow is 17 pixels and the head without the horns is 404 pixels) ( used this Online Ruler | On screen pixel ruler (

i compared the size of the arrow in its size to its head and then the head to the body.

so the entire head is about 46 times the length of the arrow and the size of an arrow is 38 inches so 46 x 38 (the size of an arrow) inches is 1748 inches or 145.666667 feet  so the head would be 145.666667 feat in height (including the spikes on its head witch are the same height as the maw since there the same size and each is 23 arrows i added them to get 46)

(in this picture the head is 87 pixels high and the entire dragons height is 428)

know the entire body is 5 x the height of its head so 5 x 145.666667 is …

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SagaTheBloodedge SagaTheBloodedge 29 March

Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Ratings

I will attempt to keep this simple.

In the manga of Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Spirit Monsters don't exist as they do in the anime. Instead, the manga relies on the concept of Egyptian Spirit Monsters that manifest from a person's soul. Those are also called "Ka" spirits, and are divided into two groups:
Good and Evil Spirits, which are themselves subdivided into four different classifications based on their strenght.

God Ka are the most prominent and powerful spirits showcased in the series. Among those are included iconic monsters such as The Egyptian Gods, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Exodia the Forbidden One. They should scale above all Spirit Ka.

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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 27 March

Rean Schwarzer

{{Infobox |title1=Rean Schwarzer |image1=

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:

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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 26 March


Settra, known by many godly titles is the mighty and absolute sovereign ruler of all Nehekhara, an ancient and powerful warrior-king who ruled a large empire some two-thousand five hundred years before the birth of the barbarian hero Sigmar and the founding of the Empire of Man.

Settra was one of the greatest and most warmongering Human rulers this world has ever known, having conquered, united and founded the Empire of Nehekhara through acts of unparalleled cruelty, arrogance, bloodshed and tyranny. The first and perhaps greatest Human kingdom in history, the size and power of Nehekhara once stood as the shining beacon of all of Mankind. Of all the Kings of Nehekhara, none could match the splendour, cruelty and arrogance of Settra. He was …

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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 23 March

Kazui Kurosaki

Kazui Kurosaki (黒崎一勇, Kurosaki Kazui) is a human with Shinigami powers. He is the son of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue.

Tier: ?

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 2. Shinigami can survive fatal wounds as long as they have enough Spiritual Energy, as it’s connected to their life force), Enhanced Senses (Can see spirits which are invisible), Transformation (Can change and access his Shinigami powers at will), Flight & Summoning (Can manifest Koi Fish like spiritual entities and ride on it), Invisibility (Shinigami are invisible to beings that lack the sufficent Reiryoku), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with Ghosts which are intangible), Limited Portal Creation (Can open a …

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KanaNotBonnie KanaNotBonnie 21 March


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Loydlloyd12 Loydlloyd12 20 March

Gang Wu-Jin

Gang Wu-Jin is one of the three main protaginists of the Manhwa series, Trinity Wonder. On the Fated day he decided to battle Lim Hoh-Tan to the death. He is suddenly transported across space time to another World.

Tier: ?

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Pseudo-Flight (With Void steps, He can move up or down mid-air), Master Martial Arts (Is the greatest Martial Artist of the Murim World), Skilled Swordsman, Pressure Points (Paralyzed Felicity with a strike to the Nape), Extrasensory Perception (Can detect Auras, long distances and the Ki flow of others), Enhanced Senses (Can see in the Dark with The Eyes of Night Vision, camouflaged people and sense killing intent ), Afterimage Creation (Left an i…

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Zaratthustra Zaratthustra 19 March


Za Feat

A fotball field sizes: High school soccer field dimensions are 55 to 80 yards (50 – 73 meters) wide and 100 to 120 yards (90 – 110 meters) long. The goal area is 6×20 yards (5.5 x 18.3 meters) and the penalty area is 18×44 yards (16.5 x 40.3 meters). I'll take the average so 61.5 meters wide and 100 meters long.

Photo for Hayan's height (pixels) and thickness of the slabs of rock.

Park Hayan's height is 162cm = 16.3 pixels.

1pixel = 162/16.3 = 9.9386503067484662576687116564417 cm

The thickness of those slabs of rocks is at 10 pixels.

10 * 9.9386503067484662576687116564417 = 99.386503067484662576687116564417 cm.

Volume = 6150 cm * 10000 cm * 99.386503067484662576687116564417 cm = 6112269938.65 cm3

Those look like slabs of rock so the value …

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Zaratthustra Zaratthustra 17 March


Template for Tales of Herding Gods's characters powers/resistances according to their cultivation realm.

Spirit Embryo - is a spirit which each cultivator can awaken thus making their first step on the pathway of cultivation. Only one spirit can be awakened depending on each own compatibility. There exist a myriad of spirits which can be awakened but bare one of the four basic spirits which can be gained by anyone who cultivates, the rest only can be gained by means of bloodline. These four basic spirits each have their own properties:

  • Green Dragon Spirit Body: Has properties of lightning and healing. This spirit body grants the fastest abilities thanks to its innate connection with the natural lightning.
  • White Tiger Spirit Body: Has propertie…
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