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The power to manipulate the flow of latent energy that is present in the physical body. The user can create, shape, and manipulate chi, the vital energy coursing within living organism and that constitutes health, also known as Qi, Ki, Youki, and other names. By learning to harness this inner latent energy, they can gain superhuman capabilities and use them in cases of extreme combat. Some examples include physically manifesting all of their inner strength and unleashing it through sheer force of will.

Possible Uses

  • Body Strengthening: Chi Manipulators are able to achieve incredible superhuman feats of strength, speed, stamina, and durability by infusing their bodies with dense quantities of Chi, but the degree of this ability varies from user to user and media to media.
  • Energy Manipulation/Projection: Often times, users are capable of channeling their chi in the form of energy projection or even being able to mold that energy in the way they desire
  • Chi Sensing: Chi Manipulators are also known to be able to sense other beings with Chi (which usually means any living being) and can detect them across long distances without the use of the five normal senses, allowing users to track foes with greater ease and have an enhanced awareness of their surroundings.

Notable Users

  • Son Goku and other characters from Dragon Ball
  • Yoruichi Shihōin (Bleach)
  • Kenshiro (Hokuto no Ken)
  • Characters from UQ Holder!
  • Characters from One Piece