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CROB Season 1 Banner.png
Phew... I barely made it out!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Season 2 Banner.png
Let's keep running further, with lots of friends!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Season 3 Banner.png
It's a relief the Millennial Tree was purified!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Season 3 Part 2.png
The City of the Millennial Tree is amazing! I want to see it all!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Season 4 Banner.png
Yogurt Cream Cookie's mansion was impressive back then too!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Season 5 Banner.png
I hope Sea Fairy Cookie can be happy... Is Sugarteara being created again?
~ GingerBrave

CROB Yogurt Dunes Escapade Banner.png
The Jelly Serpent's Temple was a VERY scary place...
~ GingerBrave

CROB Winter 2016 Banner.png
It was our first winter holiday together!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Winter 2017 Banner.png
Sparkling Cookie hosted an amazing party!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Winter 2018 Banner.png
I wanna march like that again! Forget about the cold!
~ GingerBrave

CROB 2nd Anniversary Banner.png
I can still hear the beat in my head! Turn it up!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Wasabi & Mustard Banner.png
Ugh... I can still feel the wasabi syrup taste in my mouth...
~ GingerBrave

CROB C&B Banner.png
It was my first time seeing such huge vegetables!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Cheesecake Manor Mystery Banner.png
I don't wanna remember this. Gonna steer clear of jam for a while.
~ GingerBrave

CROB AI Run Banner.png
It almost ended badly, but everything worked out well!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Black Sugar Pirate Ship Banner.png
I'm getting seasick just by looking at this...
~ GingerBrave

CROB City of Wizards Banner.png
A tome from the Wizards' library? I'd probably stay awake for it!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Guild Run 2 Banner.png
Any Guilds out there for me? I'm brave enough!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Guild Run 1.png
The Dragon's Valley is apparently really hot!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Guild Run Adventures Banner.png
Heard so much about the islands from Mango Cookie! So... so much...
~ GingerBrave

CROB Grand Champions League Banner.png
I got that cool crown from the Champion's League!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Grand Champions League 2 Banner.png
The warriors who fought in the Sun Temple were really cool!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Grand Champions League Banner 3.png
Leek Cookie accidentally sent me a duel request...
~ GingerBrave

CROB Mighty Duo Banner.png
I wish I'd get stronger with training, too!
~ GingerBrave

CROB 3rd Anniversary Banner.png
A party needs a planner and some firecrackers! It was a great party!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Happy Healthy Hamlet Banner.png
I love sandwiches too! And I'm hungry all of a sudden...
~ GingerBrave

CROB Operation Timeguard Banner.png

CROB Spooky Spider Mansion Banner.png

CROB Tower Of Frozen Waves Banner.png
I still don't understand Sorbet Shark Cookie... Help me, Peppermint Cookie!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Spelunking Expeditions Banner.png
Melon Bun Cookie always says she wants to call it a day... But she never specifies what "it" is?
~ GingerBrave

CROB The Dangerous Exchange Banner.png
So... How is chess played again?
~ GingerBrave

CROB Dazzling Year's End Party Banner.png
Another joint concert! Hope there isn't a problem with ticketing...
~ GingerBrave

CROB Dreamy Cookieland Banner.png
An amusement park? I wanna go too! I wanna ride everything!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Fabulous Pudding Cup Circus Banner.png
Ice Juggler Cookie is a good friend of mine! ... I think.
~ GingerBrave

CROB City of the Millennial Tree Banner.png
Phew! The Churro Tribe was saved... Is Wind Archer Cookie okay?
~ GingerBrave

CROB Battle for Fate Banner.png
What did Starfruit Cookie see in her vision...?
~ GingerBrave

CROB Super CookieBots Banner.png
I wonder if those genius scientists can create a robot just like me?
~ GingerBrave

CROB The Butter Painting Affair Banner.png
Butter paintings smell so delicious... I- er- I mean, they look so amazing!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Tales of the Wishing Lotus Banner.png
Do the Cookies of Herbville know the truth now?
~ GingerBrave

CROB The Dragon's Garden Paradise Banner.png
I had no idea that Lotus Dragon Cookie was so sinister!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Super Fashion Week Banner.png
Too many clothes can be uncomfortable... But not all the time!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Labyrinth of Remembrance Banner.png
New adventures are always waiting!
~ GingerBrave

CROB Miracle of Winter Gifts Banner.png

CROB Save the Future Banner.png

For more information, visit the Cookie Run Wiki or the Cookie Run: Kingdom Wiki.


Cookie Run is a game series created by Devsisters Corporation for mobile devices. The series features a broad variety of characters with various protagonists and antagonists, with the central plot usually being the main character GingerBrave and his friends ecaping from the Witches and searching for a paradise where they won't have to fear the Witches ever again.

There are several sub-plots that intertwine with the main plotline, such as Interdimensional Super Mayhem and Battle for Fate, as well as episodic events such as the Halloween Masquerade and The Butter Painting Affair which have nothing to do with the main story and instead showcase many of the other characters in the verse.


To see the cosmology, go here

Power of the Verse

Cookie Run is a deceptively powerful verse. The strongest characters have a wide variety of hax, such as Fate Manipulation, passive Fear Manipulation, Reality Warping, Creation, Law Manipulation, Existence Erasure, 4-D BFR, etc. The strongest characters in the series are GingerBrave, Millennial Tree Cookie, Dark Enchantress Cookie and The Five, a team consisting of Pure Vanilla Cookie, White Lily Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie and Golden Cheese Cookie, who all scale to each other at their strongest, being Multiverse level at their peak. The characters below them, such as Timekeeper Cookie, usually cap at around Universe level+. The verse is no slouch in speed either, as the slowest character in the verse is Hypersonic, and the rest of the cast are compared to each other at Massively FTL+ speeds.






The Five

Legendary Cookies

Epic Cookies

Rare Cookies

Cookies of Darkness

GingerBrave and Friends