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You must've thought, "As long as I face the future, I can be better!" I can tell you're at a loss for words, so here's the answer! The past never dies! Get it yet!? Y'reap what you sow! Let's tango, you and me- Enji Todoroki!! A dance with your son, here in hell !
~ Dabi to Endeavor


Toya Todoroki (轟とどろき燈とう矢や Todoroki Tōya), also known as Dabi (荼だ毘び Dabi), or as Blueflame (蒼炎 Sōen), is a major, supporting, antagonist of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia.

He is a villain affiliated with the "League of Villains" and a former member of the organization's Vanguard Action Squad. He and the rest of his team serve as the primary antagonists of the "Forest Training Camp Arc". He also serves as an antagonist for the "Pro Hero Arc". He later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, an organization formed from the remnants of the "League of Villains" and the "Meta Liberation Army".

Dabi currently serves as a commander for the "Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet".

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown physically. 8-A via Cremation, at least 7-A with Flashfire Fist

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Fire Manipulation (Dabi's Quirk called "Cremation" allows him to generate highly destructive blue flames from his body at will), Pseudo-Flight (Able to propel himself through the air using fire), Resitance to Fire and Ice (He claimed to have inherited his mother's genes that make his body resistant to freezing, or incredibly low, temperatures. Somehow, his body is also able to withstand the heat of its own flames), Reactive Evolution & Accelerated Development (Quirk users have been shown to evolve or increase the strength of their quirk when in a life or death situation), Rage Power (He claimed that his firepower is linked to his emotional state)

Attack Potency: Unknown physically. Multi-City Block level via Cremation (He was able to easily vaporize a large amount of ice in his fight with Geten. Stated that his fire is stronger, in terms of strength, than Geten's ice, which could destroy several city blocks as a simple demonstration of his power), Mountain level+ with Flashfire Fist (It has been claimed that his Quirk "Cremation" has the potential to be even more stronger and more powerful than Endeavor's Quirk "Hellflame". Shoto also confirmed this, saying that Dabi's firepower, was stronger than his or their father's)

Speed: Hypersonic reactions and combat speed (Managed to keep up with Shoto Todoroki)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown, Mountain level+ (Able to withstand the heat of his own flames)

Stamina: Very High (He is able to endure the burns caused by the prolonged use of his Quirk "Cremation")

Range: Standard melee range, Tens of meters with Cremation

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Above Average (He is a keen and intelligent criminal strategist)

Weaknesses: He has a weak constitution for fire and heat, since he was born with his mother's genes, which only gives him resistance to freezing temperatures, which prevents him from using the full power of his flames for too long, before burning himself. Prolonged use of his flames, causes him to lose his sensation in his body and become completely numb. Shown to be physically quite fragile and he can be easily beaten with a strong enough hit.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Cremation: Dabi's Quirk allows him to generate highly destructive blue flames from his body.

Super Moves

  • Flashfire Fist: Endeavor's signature technique, later passed down to Dabi himself. Dabi raises his fire's temperature to its highest level and maximizes his power. Doing so, Dabi can unleash devastating flame attacks or increase his speed dramatically.
  • Flashfire Fist - Jet Burn: This attack allows Dabi to shoot out a blast of fire at his desired target. This attack is quite powerful, as it was shown to critically wound Shoto, knocking him unconscious.
  • Prominence Burn: This attack allows Dabi to launch a massive, concentrated beam of fire from his entire body that is able to vaporize his target.


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