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Yes... I was fooling myself. But I know... I am destined to live in the dark. This is my place. My purpose. A life among the shadows, until my very end...
~ Dark Choco Cookie

I, too, will make a promise to you! I will become a hero to represent the great Dark Cacao Kingdom. Fate will help us meet again, young Milk Cookie. I look forward to greeting you as a fellow hero one day.
~ Dark Choco Cookie to Milk Cookie

Dark Choco Cookie has succumbed to the power of Strawberry Jam Sword and became the remorseless Sovereign of Darkness. Is it too late, or is there still a morsel of a soul left behind this armor after all the things he has done...?
~ Sovereign of Darkness' description


Dark Choco Cookie is an Epic-class cookie and a playable antagonist in Cookie Run: Kingdom and Cookie Run: OvenBreak. He is Dark Cacao Cookie's son and one of Dark Enchantress Cookie's main minions. Before the events of the Dark Flour War, the Dark Cacao Kingdom was forced to set out into the world to stop the approaching threat. It was then he had found the forbidden weapon, the Strawberry Jam Sword. Having no other choice, Dark Choco Cookie grasped the sword and was corrupted by its magic. He went back to the kingdom to speak to his father, who saw that he had taken the blade and was taken by surprise as Dark Choco Cookie, possesed by the sword, suddenly slashed through his father, severely injuring him. Dark Cacao Cookie then banishes Dark Choco Cookie from the Kingdom, eventually leading his son to the hands of Dark Enchantress Cookie.

"Long ago, this Cookie stepped into the world of Darkness to become a hero, but Fate had a different plan - Dark Choco Cookie was unfortunate enough to happen upon the forbidden Strawberry Jam Sword. As soon as the would-be hero grasped the weapon, the dark power of the magic sword took over. From that moment on, Dark Choco Cookie's life changed forever. Now, dark clouds and thunderstorms follow this ill-fated Cookie, feared by all. It is said that Dark Choco Cookie is still fighting against the magic sword's control."

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Swordsmanship and Martial Arts (Types 3 to 4. Dark Cacao Cookies are trained in combat at a young age), Black Magic, Flight, Acrobatics, Darkness Manipulation (Via the Strawberry Jam Sword), Energy Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (via Plasma Crystal Ball), passive Weather Manipulation (Dark clouds and thunderstorms follow him everywhere he goes, and they can cause Dark Lightning strikes at any moment), Void Manipulation, Sealing, Power Absorption, Mind Manipulation and Law Manipulation (Black Magic and Dark Moon Magic users are capable of doing this. The principles of Nature are a complex of laws that keep the world in perfect equilibrium and allow it to exist), Explosion Manipulation (via Melon Dynamite), Electricity Manipulation (via Dark Lightning and Ultimate Dark Lightning), Dream Manipulation (Forcefully wakes up Starfruit Cookie whenever she runs out of Energy or is harmed by his attacks while she is dreaming. Haunted Snuggly Bear eats nearby nightmares), passive Morality Manipulation (via Darkwind Quiver, it feeds on the morale of everything nearby), Data Manipulation and Transmutation (Coin Magic turns enemies and obstacles into coins. New PepBook can passively transform obstacles and Jellies into computer data), Existence Erasure (via Dark Lightning), Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Invulnerability (via treasures) Homing Attack (via Carrot Missile), BFR and Dimensional Travel (via the Dark Spirit Helmet), Corruption, Mind Manipulation, Morality Manipulation (Whoever touches the Strawberry Jam Sword is inflicted by this), Forcefield Creation (Via Bubble Gum Spring Jumpers and Shield Bubble Gun), Summoning (Can summon fodder enemies. All Cookies can use Cookie Cutters to forcefully summon other Cookies for assistance), Resurrection (via Red Egg of Resurrection), Teleportation, Resistance to Bone Manipulation (Cookies don't have bones), Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiation (Can exist in space without any problems)

As before, minus abilities granted by the Strawberry Jam Sword

As before on a massively higher level. Aura, Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Implied to have a morsel of a soul behind the armor)

Thought-based Magnetism Manipulation and Magic (via Magic 101), Water Manipulation (via Wave Away), Weapon Mastery, Transmutation (via Spiky Power!, Strawberry Power!, etc.), Weapon Creation and Shockwave Creation (via Candy Glaive Strike) Statistics Amplification (via Go Go Candy Board!), Summoning (via Cheerful Cheer), Existence Erasure and Absorption (via The Devil's Touch and Glass'o Grape Juice), Empathic Manipulation (via Alluring Charm), Explosion Manipulation (via Ch-ch-cherry Bomb), Electricity Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation (via Dark Thunderstorm), Morality Manipulation and Invulnerability (via Invincible Courage)

Attack Potency: At least Multiverse level (One-shot Dark Cacao Cookie in his Young Prince key, who would go on to fight Dark Enchantress Cookie alongside the other members of The Five. Fought but lost against GingerBrave alongside Pomegranate Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, and Licorice Cookie, who stated it was was the toughest battle he's had yet, putting the Cookies of Darkness together at the level of a corrupted Sugar Swan avatar)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Should scale to Pomegranate Cookie)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Multiverse level

Stamina: Very high (Ran across the continent in order to spread Pomegranate Gems, however he didn't do this task simply because he didn't want to. Evaded Purple Yam Cookie and Milk Cookie for an unknown amount of time)

Range: Standard melee range, tens of meters with Dark Lightning. Universal with Cookie Cutters

Standard Equipment: The Strawberry Jam Sword, as well as many different Treasures and Invocation Cards. He also has his Pet, the Dark Spirit Helmet, which periodically transports him and his opponents to the Spirit Dimension

Intelligence: Average but is an expert in combat (Dark Choco Cookie, like all Dark Cacao, has been training with a sword and in martial arts ever since he was a child), animalistic as Sovereign of Darkness (Is near-fully controlled by the Strawberry Jam Sword and Dark Choco Cookie's efforts to resist it has been reduced to moaning and groaning. Still retains his combat skills)

Weaknesses: Is prone to being angered. Dark Moon Magic requires the highest price to be paid in return for its power. Has bad eyesight

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Dark Lightning \ Sword of Darkness: Dark Choco Cookie raises his sword and slams it onto the floor, creating several sparks of dark lightning that can either erase enemies from existence (Dark Lightning), or do immense damage and decrease their defense (Sword of Darkness)

Weather Manipulation: Storms constantly surround Dark Choco Cookie, which periodically cause strikes of Dark Lightning without any input needed from him.

Dark Swordsmanship: Dark Choco Cookie is an expert in wielding the Strawberry Jam Sword, and can swing it with ease. When he hits anything while using this skill, it will be transmuted into Dark Gem Jellies.

Ultimate Dark Lightning: A much more powerful version of Dark Lightning, Dark Choco Cookie jumps into the sky and strikes, covering the screen in Dark Lightning and destroying all obstacles on-screen.



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