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Dark Magician, known on the OCG as Black Magician, is a monster of the Dark Magician archetype, better known as Yugi Muto's Signature card. Dark Sage, known on the OCG as Black-Clothed Great Sage, is a is a monster of the Dark Magician archetype, which is the aged counterpart of Dark Magician.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 3-A | Unknown

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Spirit Physiology (Regular Spirit), Power Nullification (Via Dark Magic Attack, which destroys all spell and trap cards with a blast of dark magic, nulling thier effects), Magic, Darkness Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Via Magicians Unite, which increases his ATK if there's another Spellcaster; via Book of Secret Arts, which increases both his ATK and DEF when equipped; via Magic Formula, which increases his attack when equipped), Healing (Via Magic Formula, which restores his master's LP after being sent to the GY), Invulnerability (Via Dark Illusion, which makes it so effects cannot affect him and attacks cannot destroy him), Durability Negation (Via Thousand Knife, which allows him to directly destroy a target), Summoning (Via Bond Between Teacher and Student, he can summon Dark Magician Girl and a signature spell card)

Attack Potency: Universe level (Equal to Elemental HERO Neos, who matched the Light of Destruction) | Unknown (Dark Sage is far weakened when compared to Dark Magician, instead focusing on his effect)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Equal to Neos) | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown

Durability: Universe level | Unknown

Stamina: High

Range: Universal

Intelligence: A master of dark magic, considered among the greatest wizards according to lore, and the teacher of Dark Magician Girl

Standard Equipment: Staff, Magician's Robe

Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Dark Magician | Dark Sage


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