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Alternate Diego

Diego World.png
THE WORLD!"This time is only mine!"
~ -Diego Brando

"Johnny Joestar. In this world, for me, you are the greatest challenge!!!"
~ -Diego Brando


Diego Brando from Another World (並行世界から来たディエゴ Heikō Sekai kara Kita Diego), also referred to as Alternate Diego Brando, or just Alternate Diego, is the final antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

This Diego is introduced to the "root world" of the Corpse by Funny Valentine after the death of the original. He is a racer from a similar Steel Ball Run happening in another parallel world. As a final precaution, the President had tasked this Diego with coveting the Saint's Corpse in his place, should he be defeated by Johnny Joestar. Alternate Diego confronts Johnny in the final stage of the "root world" Steel Ball Run.

He is a Stand User like his original counterpart, but unlike the original, does not wield Scary Monsters. This version of Diego possess the mighty Stand THE WORLD, which is stated to be the true Stand of all Diegos, but the original Diego had not unlocked his own version before his demise.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 10-A. 8-A with THE WORLD

Name: Diego Brando, Dio

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Classification: Human, Stand User, Professional Jockey

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Resistance to Transmutation, Disease Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation with Corpse Parts (The Holy Corpse allows the holders to resist Scary Monsters and similar abilities), Stand Physiology, Time Stop

Attack Potency: At least Athlete level, Multi-City Block Level with THE WORLD (Comparable to Original DIO's The World).

Speed: Peak Human with Massively FTL reactions. Massively FTL with THE WORLD (Can keep up with Johnny and Act 4, Comparable to the original DIO's The World)

Lifting Strength: Unknown At least Athlete level

Durability: Athlete level. Multi-City Block Level with THE WORLD.

Stamina: At least Peak Human

Range: 10 meters with THE WORLD, higher with knives and wepons, Time Stop has universal range.

Standard Equipment: His Stand THE WORLD, Silver Bullet (His Horse), knives, matches, oil can, near-invisible threads/wires, Revolver

Intelligence: Genius, he figured out how to properly defeat the threat of Tusk ACT 4 by using his mind more than simply using his fists. Very tactical in using any resources he can use to his advantage (i.e his fight with Johnny while staying away from Tusk Act 4's ability).

Weaknesses: Any damage taken by THE WORLD is reflected back onto Diego. THE WORLD's time stop can be countered with an similar ability.

Feats: Fought againts Johnny and Gyro.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

The World:

The second Diego's Stand, THE WORLD, is almost identical to DIO's The World: A powerful, humanoid Stand capable of stopping time for ~5 seconds.

Differing slightly in appearance, this Stand replaces hearts in its design with "D" emblems (e.g. on its knees), sports clocks on its shoulders and hips, and lacks the gloves/knuckle plates on its arm braces as well as a belt. It possesses a much slimmer physique while removing its pseudo-robotic arm pivots and knee hinges with joints under solid "skin" to appear more humanlike.


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