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I'm not evil, princess. I'm chaotic. Not the same thing. I oppose order, not good.
~ Discord to Princess Luna


Discord is a recurring character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is a Draconequus and spirit of Disharmony who was turned into stone more than a thousand years ago due to the chaos he caused in. Introduced as the primary and main antagonist of the Season 2 premiere, Discord later learns the value of friendship and becomes an ally to the Mane 6 along with Equestria in general.

In Season 9, he disguises himself as Grogar in order to act as a safety net towards Twilight, but mainly so she could defeat Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow and Queen Chrysalis, but his power is absorbed by the three through the Bewitching Bell, revealing his true form of Discord.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-B, 3-A with Environmental Destruction

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Social Influencing, Magic (Can use magic), Immortality (Type 1, 2, and 8, possibly 4; Discord is capable of also surviving without his head and can casually take off his head along with taking apart his body without any issue. His existence would be comparable to Cosmos', who is the personification of Malice and regains her form because of the concept of malice, along with being the spirit of Malice itself, along with Cosmos being able to possess beings if she were to somehow lose her physical form, and whilst sealed, which causes her to lack a physical form, she can possess objects), Astral Projection and Possession (Even though he was banished from school grounds, Discord can become a spirit to negate this which can possess objects and phase through objects), Transformation (Can transform into dust and transform back, along with turning into bubbles, and outside of this, he's been able to consistently change his body), Abstract Existence (Type 2. He would likely exist on a similar scale of Cosmos, who is the direct personification and embodiment of malice, and even if her form were to be weakened, she can reform and gain her power back due to being a part of the concept. Discord is outright just Accord, embodying chaos instead of order, where the latter exists within everything as the 'unifying principle of order', and the hearts of those who desire it, and hence why Discord, being the personification and embodiment of chaos, will disappear if it stops existing), Chaos Empowerment (When there is chaos near Discord, he will be strengthened), Gravity Manipulation (Can flip gravity), Reality Warping (Can consistently warp reality, even on accident, and with it, he can affect space-time, using it like a physical object, and even states he would be able to rip the fabric of reality), Conceptual Manipulation (He can change his concept from chaos to order, which he can casually return back in seconds, where Accord exists as order itself and Discord exists in the same way, but with chaos rather than order), Madness Manipulation (Non-combat applicable. His dimension, which he created, induces madness into those who enter), Transmutation (He can transmutate magic into various objects, which is also the life-force and essence of beings, with the absorption of magic being compared to the absorption of love), Magic Manipulation (Furthermore, Discord can manipulate magic, as shown previously, and can split it up into physical objects), Probability Manipulation (With bad-luck curses, Discord causes anything that would be bad to happen to happen no matter the situation), Essence Manipulation (Discord can physically interact with magic which is the essence and life-force of beings), Power Nullification (Discord can blow the effects of magic off of him and through removing main attributes of unicorns he can nullify their magic, and can nullify fusions. He should scale to Celestia's own power nullification, that affected the power of Cosmos, the embodiment of malice, splitting it into multiple gems, and later seals Cosmos away), Existence Erasure (Erased a glacier and can erase living objects), Energy Projection (Can project energy), Body Puppetry (Seen here), Subjective Reality (Seen here), Causality Manipulation (Through changing causality, he can cause simple sneezes to knock down objects), Illusion Creation (Seen here), Chain Manipulation (He chain up others), Invisibility (Through Invisipaint, he can become invisible to beings such as Celestia, who are able to view and detect magic, along with having enhanced senses), Fusionism Negation (Through erasing a part of a fusion, he is able to completely seperate them apart), Fourth Wall Awareness (Discord can talk to the viewer), BFR (He can throw people into other dimensions and he can travel to the Moon alongside those he seals in order to BFR them into space, as he did with Cosmos), Telekinesis (Dragged Treehugger towards him), Space-Time Manipulation and Portal Creation (He can create holes in space-time with his claws), Dimensional Travel (Seen here), Plot Manipulation (Can manipulate the plot), Weapon Creation (Seen here), Subjective Reality (He made Ogres and Obliuttes a real game that he put Spike and Big McIntosh in, that could harm them, though they were healed between each use of this ability), Summoning and Dimensional Storage (Discord has consistently shown to be able to pull, summon, or create objects out of thin air, such as when he summoned the Bugbear), Broadway Force (Discord is able to make musical numbers, meaning he'd naturally share this ability with everyone else in-verse), Preparation

Same as before, although his chaos abilities are now based upon Order rather than Chaos

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Stated to have fought both Princess Celestia and Luna together, who are this strong. The Mane 6 required help from him in order to defeat King Sombra as they were too weak, who scale to an Alicorn Twilight Sparkle, who can move the sun and moon together, and was going to act as a safety net for Twilight had she failed against the Mean 3, and if the Mean 3 hadn't teamed up and tricked Discord, he could have easily defeated them at the time, in which Queen Chrysalis during that time should be superior to when she was amplified by love, she one-shot Princess Celestia, and after getting the Bewitching Bell, the very same Queen Chrysalis that Discord was with, she casually destroyed a shield made by Twilight Sparkle, who at this point was far stronger than when she lifted up the sun and moon), Universe level with Environmental Destruction (Given enough time, his own universe was able to tear apart Equestria)

Speed: Immeasurable (Can move fast enough to travel through time)

Lifting Strength: Stellar (Can overpower the telekinesis of other ponies such as Starlight Glimmer who scale to Twilight Sparkle's telekinesis, who can move the sun and moon at the same time)

Durability: Solar System level (Should be comparable to his attack potency, fought both Princess Celestia and Luna together)

Stamina: High (Upscales to the Mane 6 at the beginning of My Little Pony, who can fight monsters for an entire day)

Range: Extended melee range, higher with transformations, Universal+ with abilities (Can create portals and holes in reality to other universes, along with physically warping universes, and can interact with the fabric of space-time)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Gifted (Shown to be notably manipulative, and convincingly disguised as Grogar to trick the Mean 3, who can sneak into Equestria without being noticed by anyone, and is naturally high-security, and specifically during this time, was during a notable party event where everypony was there)

Weaknesses: Can be so overconfident and cocky that he will not go all-out against enemies, and has a tendency to underestimate his opponents. If Discord acts or becomes "normal", he starts to fade away from existence as he cannot use his reality warping powers in the process of doing so, but it can be reversed if he experiences something "chaotic". In addition, he can lose his powers if someone compatible with his realm enters it while he is not there and begins to link with it, although this can be reversed by proving himself the more chaotic one, such as when Pinkie Pie was taking his powers through being chaotic and within his realm, taking his powers, and locked said dimension from Discord. | None notable, as he should lack the main weaknesses of before due to his far more orderly nature, and the lack of chaos does not cause him to disappear. Presumably, if Accord were not to be orderly, he will disappear or turn into Discord, but this is not completely known, but it should be noted that, unlike Discord himself, as long as order exists he can stay as this form, and it is not required for everything near him to be in order, unlike Discord, who must cause chaos where ever he is to stay alive.

Keys: Discord | Accord


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