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I am Doom. Destroyer of worlds... What gods dare stand against me?
~ Doom

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Now that I've demonstrated my cosmic power throughout the world--Its time for me to reap the supreme reward! I'll fly to the capital of each helpless nation, one by one...seizing the reins of power...until , at last, all of Earth is at my feet!
~ Doom with the Power Cosmic

Doom with galactus powers.png
Now...let the world tremble...let the very heavens scream in despair! This day Doom has become power incarnate! This day, Doom rules over all!
~ Doom upon absorbing Galactus

Secret Wars Doom.png
The Beyonder is dead! Now, the supreme being in the Doom!
~ Doom upon absorbing the Beyonder

God emperor doom1.jpg
A throne? I've had a throne for quite some time. A throne was my birthright. I've placed myself a good bit higher than that.
~ Doom

Have you? I have my doubts. If one plays at being a god, one would not shy away from saying it.
~ Thanos

I am God.
~ Doom to Thanos


Victor von Doom was born in a Romani camp outside Haasenstadt, Latveria. His mother, Cynthia, was killed in a bargain with Mephisto that went wrong. Doom sought to increase his knowledge of both science and magic in order to rescue his mother, whose death he blamed on Mephisto.

Victor then spent his years mastering the arts of both science and sorcery. One night, while Victor slept, he was visited by the 6th century mystic known as Morgan le Fay. Le Fay had travelled to this era to get revenge against Victor's future self who had wronged her, but before she could kill young Victor she decided against it, wanting his future self to know why he was being punished and also to prevent the potential of altering history in a way that would ill benefit her. Eventually, Victor became a master of both science and magic and vowed to use these skill to become master of the world.

Eventually, stories of Victor's scientific prowess reached the United States. Original accounts state that and a scout from State University and offered him a scholarship . However it has since been revealed that the man seeking Victor out was from the United States Army who sought to recruit Victor's talents before he was tapped by foreign nations that were hostile to the United States at the time. Victor was offered a full scholarship at State University on top of being using his skills to develop new weapons for the United States. Victor accepted the offer seeing this as a new challenge, but also as a means to escape what his life had become in Latveria.

He traveled to the United States to study, where he met Reed Richards and immediately disliked him. One day, Reed happened upon Doom's notes for his device to contact his mother. In most accounts it is said that Richards found that some of his calculations were off. However when Doom caught Richards looking at his notes, his pride, ego and anger prevented him from listening to Richard's warnings and he continued on with the experiment. However more recent accounts state that Richards was unable to fathom Doom's fusion of both science and magic to operate the device. The device worked for a few moments and Doom was briefly transported to Mephisto's realm where his mother begged him to turn back. However Mephisto reached out and touched Doom, chilling him to the bone.

It was at that moment the experiment literally blew up in his face, scarring it. For conducting the experiment in secret and without authorization from the university, Von Doom was expelled from State U and blamed Richards for his experiment going wrong.

With no information other than that this secret order of monks lived in the Himalayas, Victor travelled there and spent months climbing the mountains and searching for clues to the whereabouts of this hidden tribe. Victor utilized his technological skills to build devices that made travelling through the harsh winter climates of the mountains easier, but the treak was still one fraught with difficulty and danger.

Doom's evenings were still haunted by nightmares of his mother and the demon who took her. Eventually, Doom's resources were nearly exhausted and he faced starvation and hypothermia. However he found a minor repast from eventual death from the elements the day he was attacked by a Yeti which Victor slew. The creature's flesh gave him food, and his fur an extra coat to protect him from the elements. Eventually his supplies ran out again and after months of travel and on the brink of death he found the temple collapsing outside.

There, he was rescued by monks. Doom found that the monks were masters of both magic and technology and upon reaching full health he mastered all they knew and surpassed their abilities himself within five years. After creating himself a complex suit of power armor, complete with a mask to hide his badly scarred face, he named himself Doctor Doom.

Finally growing fed up of the constant nightmares and wishing to feel neither emotion or pain, Victor began to design a suit of armor that not only protected him from the dreams but also severed his physical connection to the world making him a cold engine of logic

Doom first confronted the Fantastic Four by holding Sue Storm hostage. He soon learned that his rival Reed Richards and his flight crew had gained super-human powers after being exposed to cosmic rays and formed a group of costumed adventurers known as the Fantastic Four. He attacked the group at their headquarters within the Baxter Building in New York City. During this battle he took the Invisible Girl (Sue Storm) prisoner and forced Mr. Fantastic (Richards), the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) and the Thing (Ben Grim) to accompany him back to his castle in the Adirondack mountains. There Doom used Sue as a hostage to force Reed and the other members of the team to use his Time-Platform to travel back in time and recover Blackbeard's treasure chest which Doom believed to have contained a mystical gem that was once used by the 6th century sorcerer known as Merlin. While the three heroes succeeded in recovering the chest, they dumped its contents out in the past and replaced it with chains. Furious, Doom locked them up in a death trap but they were ultimately freed by the Invisible Girl and Doom was forced to flee.

Doom's kingdom was soon visited by the exiled herald of Galactus known as the Silver Surfer and Doom began plotting to steal his vast cosmic powers. Doom sent an invitation inviting the Silver Surfer to his castle where Doom convinced the cosmic powered being to show off his abilities. Impressed, Doom then offered to show the Surfer his own wonders. However this only proved to be a distraction for the Surfer. While the Surfer was marvelling at a view screen that showed the open universe, Doom attacked using a device that drained the Silver Surfer of his Power Cosmic, transferring it to Doom. Using the Silver Surfer's board, Doom flew off to use his new found power to make himself the master of the world.

Doom clashed with the FF one more time however Reed Richards had developed a device called the "Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing" to attack Doom and then fly into space. Unaware of the barrier that Galactus had put around the Earth, Doom flew after it and slammed into the barrier and was seemingly destroyed. The Surfer's board however returned to him and the captive alien managed to break free from Doom's caste.

However Doom was far from dead, when he crashed into the barrier it alerted Galactus that someone else other than the Silver Surfer had hit the barrier he put around the Earth to keep his wayward herald planet bound. Looking upon Doom, Galactus decreed the dictator beneath his notice and used his vast power to trap him in a "molecular bubble" that slowly transported him back to his castle in Latveria. Doom decided to take this time to lay low and work on other schemes.

Another scheme came on Battleworld during the first of the so-called Secret Wars, an event during which the powerful and mysterious Beyonder kidnapped several heroes and villains from the Earth to have them fight with the promise of giving the winners their heart's desire. Doom became the leader of the villains, and after their defeat, escaped his holding cell and constructed a device out of the body of Klaw, to drain the power of Galactus. Using his stolen power he was able to attack his true target, the Beyonder. Doom lost the battle, but as the Beyonder came closer to dissect and study Doom, he managed to activate a device in his chest plate which hovered barely within his reach. Doom drained the Beyonder and became even more powerful. Too powerful, in fact--Doom was unable to rest, lest he destroy the universe with a dream. The Beyonder had however survived. He took possession of Klaw's body and used Klaw's guile to trick Doom into losing control of his stolen power, reclaiming it and defeating him. The Beyonder then vanished, with Doom and Klaw.

Over the following months, Victor worked with a team of scientists to reverse-engineer one of the pieces of a Mapmaker he gathered from the incursion that took place in Latveria. The Mad Thinker successfully managed to map their entire network. Doom planned to use the Molecule Man, whose energy frequency matched with the beacon's, to oppose whatever was the origin of the incursions and the decay of the multiverse. The Molecule Man took Doom elsewhere, a blank void from where they subsequently traveled backwards through the mists of time and the various planes of reality.

Doom and the Molecule Man travelled twenty-five years into the past to an alternate reality to witness the origin of said reality's Molecule Man. The journey affected Molecule Man's mind, restoring it from its chaotic state, and he told Doom of his origins. The Molecule Man was a singularity across every single universe, a "bomb" created by the Beyonders to detonate across the entire multiverse at once. The Molecule Man convinced Doom that in order to thwart the plans of the Beyonders, he had to embark in a mission to kill Molecule Men.

When Doctor Strange and the Black Priests traveled to the Library of Worlds to find Rabum Alal, who had been believed to be one of the main causes of the decay of the multiverse, Doctor Doom presented himself. Doom informed Strange of his origins as Rabum Alal, and revealed his ultimate plan to defeat them: the different Molecule Men he had captured. In a last ditch attempt to save the multiverse, Doom took Strange and the Molecule Men to confront the Beyonders. He was able to destroy them and harness all of their power using his universe's Molecule Man as a conduit. However, Doom's accomplishment cost the death of thousands of universes, leaving only a dozen.

When the multiverse finally perished in the final incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610, Doom used the power of the Beyonders to salvage the remains of several realities and build a patchwork planet named Battleworld, which was ruled under his iron fist, with the help of Stephen Strange, who was Battleworld's sheriff. Molecule Man continued empowering God Emperor Doom, and remained hidden in a chamber.

The relative monotony of Doom's reign was interrupted with the discovery of an empty vessel in the domain known as Utopolis, a life raft that had been built by the survivors of Earth-1610, the villainous Maker and the Cabal. The vessel kept them in suspended animation for the eight years that passed, and had allowed them to survive the end of the multiverse and end up on Battleworld.

When Strange investigated the vessel of his proprietary, he freed its occupants, the survivors of Earth-616, among which were Mr. Fantastic, Namor and Black Panther. When he decided to step into the fight, Doom was confronted by Black Panther and Namor, with the former having acquired an Infinity Gauntlet from Sheriff Strange's sanctuary. After a battle that took them through the different planes of reality, Doom bested Black Panther, but he soon realized the fight was a distraction. He teleported to Molecule Man's chamber, which had been found by Mister Fantastic. The Molecule Man partially stripped Doom from his power in order to allow a fair fight. During the furious confrontation, Doom accused Richards of believing he could've done better had he had Doom's power, and when Reed conceded he did, so did Doom. On the grounds that both agreed, Molecule Man gave Doom's power to Reed, destroying Battleworld in the process.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-B, higher with Doombots, Technology, Summons and Preparation. 2-A with Absorption, higher with Preparation | 4-B | At least 2-A. 1-A with Absorption | 1-A | 1-A

Name: Doctor Doom, Victor Von Doom, Destroyer of Worlds, The Damned, The Great Destroyer

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Age: Around 40 or 50

Classification: Human, Scientist, Sorcerer

Dimensionality: 3-D | 3-D | 4-D | Inapplicable | Inapplicable

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Enhanced Senses, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Genius Intelligence, Immortality (Type 8. Mistress Death wont allow Doom to die, as he is her personal servant), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with intangible and non-corporeal beings), Energy Projection, Energy Manipulation (Can redirect and absorb energy), Sleep Manipulation (Can throw sleep gas at people. Reverted the Hulk back to his human form with a sleep-tranquilizer ray), Forcefield Creation (Capable of blocking attacks from Iron Man's repulsor ray. His shields makes him impervious to Magneto's attacks. Completely blocked a punch from The Thing with forcefields. Can create a magic forcefield), Teleportation (Can teleport to any place he imagines, with a thought. Can teleport to dodge attacks. Has teleporters located through all of Earth. Can forcefully change the destination of others teleporters), Possession (Can switch bodies with a person), Ice Manipulation (Can completely freeze people with a touch), Hacking (Was able to bypass the electronic defenses of the Fantastic Four's arsenal), Electricity Manipulation (Can fire 500,000 megavolts of electricity), Light Manipulation (Can blind people with a flash of light), Sound Manipulation (Has sonic disruptors that allows him to perform sound attacks), Gravity Manipulation (Pinned The Thing down with a minimatized sensitizer that uses nuclear energy to increase the force of gravity), Mind Manipulation (With instant hypnotism inducers. Capable of disorienting someone's senses of balance. Has a concussion ray that fades people's consciousness away. Hypnotized the Fantastic Four into making them believe they had no powers. Mind controlled the Dark Phoenix), Air Manipulation (Can create a concussion vacuum), Life and Power Absorption (Absorbed all the powers of the Silver Surfer. Drained all of Count Nefaria's powers leaving him an old man. Absorbed the powers of Franklin Richards. Absorbed Nightmare and Galactus. Stripped Ceranda of her powers and added to his own), Resistance Negation (His absorption works on the likes of Silver Surfer, who resisted his powers, willpower and body being absorbed by Mephisto), Power Nullification (Nullified the Penance Stare that was affecting Dr. Voodoo. Reversed a spell that had turned Ares into stone. Nullified all the powers of the Fantastic Four), BFR (Banished the Hood to India. Teleported Maria Hill out of his sights. Sent Morgan Le Fay to 1 million B.C.), Portal Creation (Shown here), Time Travel (Has a time circuit on his suit that allows him to travel to different points in time. Constantly used his time travel until he found a way to win), Time Manipulation (Can revert a target's state to 2 seconds into the past, distorting their perception. Can step between seconds allowing him to fight through time. Possess a time cube incorporated into his armor, which allows him to reverse time, such as reconstructing his destroyed castle), Invisibility (Can become invisible with his portable cloaking unit), Reactive Evolution (His armor has adaptative technology and is borderline self-aware), Transmutation (Can convert matter into energy), Magnetism Manipulation (Reversed his armor's polarity to turn Magneto's powers against him. Caught Captain America's shield with a magnetic forcefield), Biological Manipulation (Can scramble the nerves of someone's brain, making them so they cannot use their strength), Poison Manipulation (Can induce toxins with a touch), Matter Manipulation (Has a disruption charge that allows him to shatter the molecular structure of someone. Has an entropic inducer which can rearrange the body structure into maximum disorganization), Antimatter Manipulation (Can use an antimatter beam), Summoning (Can summon armies of demons capable of overpowering Ares, Ms. Marvel, and Wonder Man), Illusion Creation (Can create illusions of himself), Magic, Dream Manipulation (Can access Dreamtime and travel through the dreams of people), Fire Manipulation (Capable of creating flames), Dimensional Travel (Can open portals between dimensions), Soul Manipulation (Dragged Doctor Strange's soul back to his body), Healing (Capable of performing healing magic), Telekinesis (Can levitate targets with a gesture of his hands. Can telekinetically control his weapons), Paralysis Inducement (Possesses a miniature paralyzing gun. Has a electro-paralyzer within his metal glove), Statistics Amplification (His armor is equipated with extra energy supplies), Information Analysis (His armor possesses extremely powerful analyzing computers, which were capable to gathering data even from the energies of The Beyonder), Weather Manipulation (Can create a blizzard), Physics Manipulation (Can repel the laws of physics), Preparation

BFR (Sent the fantastic four back in time. Can send people to another dimension with power spheres), Oxygen Manipulation (Can deprive people from oxygen, suffocating them), Magnetism Manipulation (With his magnetic brainchildren. Can apply magnetism to his equipments), Size Manipulation (Can shrink down people to sub-atomic size trapping them in the micro-world), Plant Manipulation, Illusion Creation (Can induce hallucinations to the whole city of New York, and throw spores which can grow giant vines, choking off all the city), Technological Manipulation and Hacking (Hacked into all electronics of America to shut down their technology across the country), Petrification (Used wet cement in an attempt of solidifying Reed Richard), Transmutation (Transmuted Storm into chrome), Power Bestowal (Increased the power of villains by a dozenfold in an attempt to counter the Fantastic Four), Sound Manipulation (Capable of inducing high-frequency-sonar blasts from a distance), Attack Reflection (Capable of reflecting the Over-Mind's mental attacks back to him), Mind Manipulation (Capable of controlling the minds of everyone on Earth with the vibro-bomb, which breaks down the mind by "dissolving their code"), Illusion Creation (Can make people see whatever he desires with a special drug), Radiation Manipulation (The vibro-bomb emits a radioactive wave across the world, once activated), Precognition (Type 2. It was implied that Doom can look into the future), Plot Manipulation (Can control reality itself as if it was a chessboard, retroactively dictating and remaking the life of others), Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic. Capable of altering the subatomic structure of Galactus), Power Transferal (Transfered the powers of the Fantastic Four into a clone of his), Explosion Manipulation (With explosives), Summoning (Capable of summoning the Beyonder), Space-Time Manipulation (Can turn time into space with his technology), Time Stop (Can freeze time with a device. Can transport people to a time platform in his castle where they will be frozen in time), Power Nullification (Disabled Scarlet Witch's powers), Enhanced Power Absorption (Within minutes, Doom built a device capable of absorbing the powers of Hyperstorm, who is one with Hyperspace, which includes the fifth dimension), Existence Erasure (Can obtain the Ultimate Nullifier)

All powers of base greatly enhanced, plus all of Silver Surfer's abilities, which includes: Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Resurrection, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (High), Energy Manipulation, Energy Absorption, Precognition (Type 2), Weapon Creation (Can create any type of weapon he desires), Light Absorption (Capable of absorbing light, leaving an entire city in darkness), Weather Manipulation (Can create a raging storm), Density Manipulation (Can increase the density of his own atoms, making him stronger), Telekinesis (Shown here. Used telekinesis to smash The Thing with two large boulders), Corrosion Inducement (Can create corrosive clouds), Earth Manipulation (Manipulated the ocean floor to lift a cruise into the air), Air Manipulation (Can create powerful tornadoes), Biological Manipulation (Can alter the biology of any living being), Transmutation (Can transform his body into a diamond-like structure to avoid attacks), Plant Manipulation (Capable of controlling trees), Fire Manipulation (Can create torrents of flames), Anti-Gravity (Trapped The Thing in an anti-gravity field), Size Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Heat Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Has the power to disintegrate any living matter), Intangibility, Time Travel, Telepathy, Black Hole Creation, Astral Projection, Sleep Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Sealing, Vibration Manipulation (Can instantaneously slow the vibration rate of someone, completely immobilizing them), Resistance to Extreme Cold, Cosmic Radiations, Gravity Manipulation, Power Absorption, Biological Manipulation, Willpower Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Time Manipulation and Fate Manipulation

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Capable of holding his own against The Hulk. His spells can harm The Sentry. One-Shot Adam Warlock. Sent Blue Marvel flying. Destroyed a group of Doombots who were almost comparable to him. Blasted off Namor), higher with Doombots (Possesses an entire army of Doombots powered by a simulation of the Power Cosmic), Technology (Capable of creating a duplicate of the Destroyer by draining the Odinforce from asgardians), Summons (Can summon an army capable of overpowering Ares, Ms. Marvel, and Wonder Man) and Preparation (Created a robot with the same powers and strength of the Silver Surfer. Can obtain a power greater than the Power Cosmic). Multiverse level+ with Absorption (Can absorb the likes of Galactus, Nightmare, Watchers, and even Franklin Richards), higher with Preparation (Within minutes, built a device capable of absorbing the powers of Hyperstorm, who is one with Hyperspace, which includes the fifth dimension) | Solar System level (Absorbed the powers of the Silver Surfer, who caused Supernovas while flying through stars and created black holes) | At least Multiverse level+ (Absorbed Galactus and his powers, who can destroy all universes that exists. Capable of destroying all of creation with a simple thought, including all realities known and unknown. There are infinite realities, and every quantum moment gives birth to a multitudinal additions of more infinities, which are also increasing infinitely, Ad infinitum). Ascendent level with Absorption (After absorbing Galactus's powers, Doom used the former's abilities/technology and his own to modify his armor to the point of being able to absorb The Beyonder) | Ascendent level (Comparable to the Beyonder (Pre-Retcon) | Ascendent level (With the help of Molecular Man and Stephen Strange, the three of them confronted the Beyonders, successfully using the Molecule Men to destroy them, while using the regular Molecule Man as a conduit to harness their power, giving it to Doom)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can react to and catch Spider-Man, who can dance around the Hulk and dazzle him with his superior speed, who could fight against Thor, who crossed several light-years in an instant. Reacted to an attack from The Sentry and the Hulk. Reacted to and deflected Iron Man's repulsor blast) | Massively FTL+ | Immeasurable | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Class G (Capable of crushing diamonds) | Stellar | Immeasurable | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Durability: Solar System level (Blocked attacks from The Hulk), far higher with Forcefields (Temporarily blocked a direct attack from two Celestials. Blocked attacks from Prime Model Iron Man. Unnafected by Thor's attack) | Solar System level | At least Multiverse level+ | Ascendent level | Ascendent level

Stamina: Extremely High | Extremely High | Limitless | Limitless | Limitless

Range: Planetary, Interstellar with Teleportation and BFR (Can teleport himself and other people to distant planets throughout outer space) | Universal (Silver Surfer with the power cosmic was able to wipe out the Zenn-Lavian influence across the universe) | Multiversal+, far higher with Absorption | Ascendental | Ascendental

Standard Equipment: Power Cosmic Siphon Harness, Power Armor, Skin Armor, Doombots and countless other weapons/devices

  • Optional Equipment: Cosmic Cubes, The Infinity Gauntlet

Intelligence: Supergenius (His intellect is as great as Reed Richards's. Capable of reprogramming Ultron to his liking, with extra powers. His brain is faster then the world's most advanced computers. Was considered to be a candidate for Sorcerer Supreme, and has learned spells that not even Dr. Strange knows. His library contains texts from the dawn of writing. Can easily reprogram extraterrestrial robots whose functions were totally designed beyond all human conception. Can understand Hyperstorm's advanced technology and has mastered the secrets of Vibranium. His mastery over science and magic worries Loki. His intellect is so great that even Thanos himself considers Doom a threat. Capable of manufactoring an army of Doombots powered by cosmic power). Nigh-Omniscience with the Ultimate Machine (It grants its wielder all knowledge in the universe) | Supergenius | Nigh-Omniscient | Nigh-Omniscient | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: Usually arrogant and confident. He cannot retain the Power Cosmic to the same extent as the Silver Surfer (but his robots doesn't have this shortcoming, however). With the power of Galactus, he is susceptible to the latter's hunger. Can become mentally instable with the power of the Beyonder, though he doesn't possess this weakness as God Emperor Doom.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Power Amor: A technological armor he magically forged at a Tibetan monastery and which he has extensively upgraded and modified over the years. It incorporates many systems, some optional and others almost always present, and Doom builds on it whenever necessary. These systems include jet systems, advanced sensory systems that can scan on all frequencies, many computers that allow it to automatically track and attack targets, a nearly self-aware AI that constantly works to improve Doom's defenses, supported by other adaptive technologies, and life support systems that produce air, water, food, and energy. Doom's armor also contains many weapons, such as grenades, lasers, missiles, plasma cannons, repulsor beams, and so on. It is also protected by an electrical current that shocks anyone who touches it, and a powerful forcefield. It has fail safes to make sure that only Doom can make full use of its abilities, to ensure his technology cannot be used against him. Additionally, if the armor is worn (or stolen) by someone else, it will slowly brainwash them and replace their personality with Doom's. A few of its systems and weapons includes:

  • Infrared Vision: Infrared scanners in the helmet allow the wearer to detect heat sources, permitting night vision and the ability to see invisible targets.
  • Sensor Systems: Optical scanners in the helmet allow the helmet's eyepieces to be used as high-powered telescopes, and parabolic ear amplifiers fitted inside the helmet allow Doom to detect extremely faint sounds and unusual frequencies within the audible range for humans.
  • Instant Hypnotism Impulsers: Doom possess hypnotizers imbued within his metal gloves, which he can use to control or distort the minds of others by pointing at them.
  • Refrigeration Gloves: Doom's gloves have a refrigerating device that allows him to freeze others with a touch.
  • Time Cube: Doom has a Time Cube incorporated into his armor, which he can use to manipulate time, reversing it to reconstruct his destroyed castle.
  • Nerve-Scrambler Ray: Using this weapon, Doom can scramble his opponents' nerve impulses to prevent them from properly controlling their body or coordinating their movements.
  • Inhibitor Ray: Doom's inhibitor ray can be used to dampen the supernatural powers of others and subtly affect their minds to make it impossible for them to attack him
  • Power Cosmic Siphon Harness: A device that Doom built that allows him to absorb the power of others. Originally a clunky harness, it has decreased in size over the years, eventually becoming a part of Doom's armor. It allows him to near-instantly drain the power of his targets and even cosmic beings such as Terrax, Silver Surfer, Watchers, Galactus, etc.

  • Doombots: Doom is well-known for his legions of Doombots, robotic doppelgangers created to fool others into thinking that they have defeated him or to act in his stead. Each Doombot's mind is near completely identical to Doom's, preventing telepaths from telling the difference. With enough preparation, Doom can create doombots much more powerful than the likes of the Silver Surfer.
  • Reducing Ray: A device whose purpose relies on shrinking others with a beam. Upon being attacked by it, the target will reduce towadrs "nothingness", reaching sub-atomic size, sending them to the microverse.
  • Vibration Bomb: A bomb that erases the loyalties and personalities of all those caught in the blast and replaces it with complete and utter loyalty to Doom, making his thoughts their only thoughts, and his will their own will.
  • Time-Shift Bomb: A bomb that throws those affected 2 seconds back in time, distorting their perception and allowing Doom to easily avoid their lagging movements
  • The Prime Mover: A strategy machine created by Doctor Doom to manipulate agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in a game for his amusement. the Prime Mover allowed him to control reality and dictate the actions of others by entering in commands and directing reality as if it were a chessboard. With the Prime Mover, he can retroactively remake the lives of others and even himself.

  • Psionics: Doom has studied and gained access to a host of mental abilities, evolving as a being through his extensive mental development.
    • Hypnosis: Doom has the power to hypnotize others through eye contact, dominating their minds with his overwhelming willpower.
    • Ovoid Mind Transfer: A mental power that Doom learned from the alien Ovoids. By making eye contact with another being, he can transfer his consciousness into their body, switching places their original consciousness, and leaving them in his old body. He can even use it multiple times in quick succession while fighting.

  • Dr. Doom is one of Marvel's greatest sorcerers and he has a massive arcane library. He travels across time and space to learn dark arts from sorcerers throughout the ages, having mystical knowledge on par with that of Doctor Strange and mastering dark magics that Strange has never dared to risk.

    • Dreamtime: Doom can access the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime to travel and/or communicate with others through the dreams of people.
    • Anti-Physics: During his demonic powerup, Doom's presence alone was enough to slowly repeal the laws of physics around him, weakening their influence.
    • Crimson Bands of Cytorrak: A spell that draws power from the god Cytorrak to create several red energy rings to bind an opponent.
    • Summoning: Doom can summon a variety of demons and monsters, calling upon entire hordes of demonic abominations to fight against his opponents.
    • Teleportation: Doom's mystic abilities allow him to teleport, and he can even interfere with the teleportation of others, controlling and changing their destinations so they will arrive wherever he pleases, even on a far-off planet.
    • Temporal Banishment: Doom is capable of banishing people through time, sending them to 1 million yers into the past.

  • Ultimate Machine: The Ultimate Machine is an ancient device owned by Uatu that contains all the information in the universe and can be worn like a helmet to access this knowledge. However, for most beings, even those as smart as the Leader, these billions upon billions of sensations would prove lethal, making it impossible to use it. Doom, however, was able to draw upon its knowledge.
  • The Cosmic Cube: Cosmic Cubes are immensely powerful artifacts, which grants the user the power to warp reality on a massive scale, controlling matter, energy, space, and time with a thought.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet: The Infinity Guantlet is a cosmic relic of incredible power. It grants the user almost complete power over Space, Time, Energy, Souls, Minds, and the very fabric of reality itself.
  • The Ultimate Nullifier: The Ultimate Nullifier, described as "the universe's most destructive weapon," can completely erase its target from existence. It is a very powerful weapon, capable of erasing even higher-dimensional beings, such as Eternity.

  • Keys: Base | Power Cosmic | With the power of Galactus | Beyonder Absorbed | God Emperor Doom

    Note 1: This profile covers the Earth-616 version of Doom.

    Note 2: The last tabber refers to both the "Beyonder Absorbed" and "God Emperor Doom" keys.

    Note 3: His Notable Techniques section doesn't include all of his equipments since they are numerous and stated by Doom to be countless, plus some of them doesn't have a name and/or doesn't have much information and/or are already covered under his P&A section.


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