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"This level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika. What do you think, everyone?"


Erika Furudo is a character in Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. She is the main antagonist of End of the Golden Witch and Dawn of the Golden Witch.

A young detective who got stranded on Rokkenjima after falling off of a cruise ship. She was placed on the island by Bernkastel to act as her piece. She plays in the game for the human side, wishing to destroy the illusion of the witch alongside her master.

She considers herself an 'intellectual rapist', as she takes great joy in exposing the truths of other people.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, Low 1-C in higher layers | 1-A

Dimensionality: 3-D to 6-D | Inapplicable

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Enhanced Senses (Has incredibly heighten senses, her hearing is on-par with a tape recorder), Plot Manipulation and Resistance to Plot Manipulation (via Detective's Authority. No pieces can interfere with her investigation), Summoning (Can summon the Eisern Jungfrau), Dimensional Travel (Can travel to higher worlds), Blue Truths, Social Influencing (via Detective's Authority), Immortality (Type 8, via Detective's Authority. The detective can't die), Cosmic Awareness (Knows she's part of the Gameboard)

Higher-Dimensional Existence and Dimensional Manipulation (Type 2), Acausality (Type 4), Large Size (Type 10), Space-Time Manipulation, Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) (Generally unaffected by multiple truth stakes penetrating her)

All previous abilities to greater extents, Non-Corporeal,Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2), Magic, Transduality (Type 2. Completely transcendent of all concepts of the Human Domain, including all of its dualities), Reality Warping, Resurrection, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Avatar Creation, Non-Physical Interaction, Dimensional Manipulation (Type 2; Can manipulate Kakera, which contain infinite possibilities and higher dimensions), Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Reactive Evolution and Adaptation (All of the higher layers exist on the background of the Sea of Nothingness, and the beings of the higher layers may exists directly within this sea, and they adapt to the pressure due to mental and spiritual evolution), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Acausality (Type 5), Large Size (Type 11), Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, 5, and 8 [Reliant on Bernkastel]), Regeneration (High-Godly; Even if the entirety of her existence is completely erased and lost to the Sea of Nothingness beyond all layers and stories, she can regain her form just by thinking), Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Fusionism, Plot Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (Kakeras are like books and works of fiction to beings of the Higher Worlds, and by using them to create worlds, the world's events and fate is set in stone. Much stronger than beings who can manipulate the fate, plots, possibilities and space-time of Kakera), Curse Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Quantum Manipulation (Can manipulate the quantum mechanics of the Human Domain), Afterimage Creation, Matter Manipulation, Law Manipulation (Beings of Higher Worlds can impose rules within their Gameboards, such as Beatrice creating the Anti Magic Toxin rule), Void Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Mind Manipulation, and Soul Manipulation (Can manipulate the voids of nothingness of Kakera, as well as it's conceptual, mental and spiritual realms. Lives in the Higher World, where the concepts of fate and possibilities are vizualized in the form of Kakera, which she can manipulate), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2; Their essence beyond the physical form is a void that only takes shape when they think about it), Red and Blue Truths, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Disease Manipulation and Void Manipulation

Attack Potency: Athlete level, Low Macroverse level in higher layers (Manifested in a higher order world on Beatrice's game board above the the physical world, which is stated to include 5-dimensional space) | Ascendent level (Exists in the Witch Domain, a higher realm of existence from which the entire Human Domain is regarded as fiction and its inhabitants are seen as pieces laid on a chessboard, their fates and lives merely small fragments which can be manipulated and physically interacted with even by normal humans inhabiting this perspective. This includes structures such as higher dimensions, hierarchies of stories, dreams, and daydreams, and the Underside of the Chessboard, a void of nothingness completely beyond space and time which resides in an unreachable "nowhere" in relation to the entire world of the pieces. Manifested in the Cathedral, where she battled Beatrice and Battler Ushiromiya. With the help of the goats, she completely destroyed the Golden Land which is the highest layer of Beatrice's Catbox. Manifested into the City of Books)

Speed: Athletic Human, Immeasurable in higher layers (Exists on a higher layer above the space-time of the human world) | Irrelevant (Freed from all of the Human Domain's restrictions, and transcends even realms devoid of space and time entirely such as Gaap's Abyss. Exists on a higher layer above the concepts of speed and distance. Capable of outmaneuvering Dlanor A. Knox and battling against Battler and Beatrice in the higher layers)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human, Immeasurable in higher layers | Irrelevant (Exists in a higher domain where the concepts of size and mass are irrelevant, with entire worlds which themselves contain higher-dimensional structures being just fiction contained in small fragments to her, and the Human Domain as a whole nothing but a chessboard)

Striking Strength: Athlete Class, Low Macroversal in higher layers |Ascendental

Durability: Athlete level, Low Macroverse level in higher layers (Took attacks from The Seven Stakes of Purgatory) | Ascendent level (Fought and took hits from Beatrice and Battler in the Cathedral)

Stamina: High | Inexhaustible (In the meta-world, physical stamina is irrelevant)

Range: Low Macroversal | Ascendental

Standard Equipment: The Scythe of Truth, duct tape, pirate hat, chopsticks

Intelligence: Genius. Erika is capable of matching Battler and Beatrice in terms of intelligence. She is even capable of tricking Battler into making him cause a logic error on his gameboard. She eventually figured out the truths to Beatrice's gameboard after thinking in the Sea of Oblivion for a very long time. With the assistance of the Detective's Authority, she can use her knowledge in science to solve many mysteries.

Weaknesses: Inferiority complex, emotionally unstable | If Bernkastel dies, she will disappear

Notable Attacks & Techniques

  • Detective's Authority: The genre convention necessary for compliance with Knox's 8th Van Dine's 1st]] No matter how expansive or restricted this authority is granted in the story (or by the Game Master), the detective must not be hindered in discovery of clues necessary to solution. The detective's inspection is to be considered exhaustive to the extent that it obviates any Devil's Proof; clues not yielded to the detective also eliminates any resolution those clues would have proven. Due to this authority, Erika could have merely her observations stamped in the Red Truth and would be entitled to the ones which would support her hypothesis.
  • Truths: Special moves utilized in debates between Witches and Humans taking place in the Meta-World, being statements denoted by specific colors which often manifest as conceptual weapons that directly target the enemy's very existence in an attempt to deny it, and are thus impossible to physically avoid, forcing opponents to counter the attacker's arguments with another truth. As the damage dealt by the Truths is conceptual, rather than strictly physical, they completely bypass conventional durability and allow the user to skewer and even kill opponents much more powerful than themselves
    • Red Truth: Irrefutable, objective truth that needs no evidence or proof to demonstrate its validity. In essence, the Red Truth takes an unobserved possibility existing alongside infinitely many and asserts it as the ultimate truth, being capable of completely denying an opponent's existence, body and soul, and sending them to the depths of oblivion without hope of recovery. However, it is impossible to lie (Essentially trying to deny the validity of a wave function that has already been collapsed) using this technique, and one can find gaps, semantic loopholes and different interpretations even in statements spoken in red, potentially allowing them to counterattack with an argument of their own, though the Red Truth itself remains unrefuted.
    • Blue Truth: A theoretical scenario made with the purpose of directly denying the enemy's arguments and existence, whose true validity is unclear but nonetheless takes precedence over any statements spoken in basic white text, while being inferior to the Red Truth. It normally assumes the form of several stakes which skewer and impale opponents, damaging them on a conceptual level and being impossible to remove unless their falsehood is directly declared with the Red Truth; otherwise, that which is spoken in blue will be asserted as the truth and grant victory to the attacker, while erasing their opponent's concept entirely.

Key: Piece Erika | Higher Layers (Meta-World/Golden Land/Cathedral/City of Books)


Theme Song: Resurrected Replayer


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