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The user can perceive, shape and manipulate destiny to affect reality in many way whether overt or hidden. Some users can manipulate the fate of others or their own in order to win against their opponent or even rearrange the future events, or manipulate destiny itself to achieve a desired result. can also alter the destiny, reshape the future, or even rearrange the future events. At a high level, the user can warp reality, enforce the concept of fate onto others, or even destroy the concept of fate from other beings.

Possible Uses

  • Altering the future
  • Changing or rewriting destiny
  • Making an unlikely event to occur easily
  • Changing the principles of Cause and Effect
  • Manipulating the death of a being or an object
  • Destroying or Enforcing the concept of Fate
  • Changing reality by rewriting the future of everything


  • Probability Manipulation
  • Causality Manipulation


  • In a deterministic reality, it may be impossible to change certain events.
  • This ability is completely useless against those with Acausality.
  • Changing destiny to ordain one outcome may lead to unpredictable results as additional outcomes may be out of the user's reach.