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The user can fly or otherwise move through the air using various methods. Some possibilities include using one or more forms of energy, wings or similar structures, harnessing anti-gravitons, or even mimicking or becoming an animal that can fly. Users are generally able to Levitate, Slide, and Glide as well.


  • Pseudo-flight - A form of flight simulated by successive teleportation or jumps.
  • Restricted flight - A form of flight time-limited or restricted in the ability to maneuver freely (for example, levitation).
  • True flight - Ability of the character to move freely above the ground (gaseous medium or vacuum) for a long time.
  • Flying with the use of technical devices - Character uses wings, rocket engines, anti-gravity devices or something else that allows the user to move through air or another gaseous medium (or vacuum). Primary drawback is the dependence of flight on said device.
  • Flight due to other abilities - Character does not need any additional devices, and can move through air or another gaseous medium (or vacuum) due to the the user's natural abilities.

Notable Users

  • Characters from Marvel Comics
  • Characters from DC Comics
  • Characters from Dragon Ball
  • Characters from Digimon
  • Characters from Devilman Crybaby