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We commit to the cradle of time the Last Hope, Gamera. May he awaken with the Shadow of Evil, Gyaos.
~ Inscription from the obelisk found on Gamera's atoll


Gamera (ガメラ Gamera) is a guardian kaiju who first appeared in the 1995 Daiei film Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

Gamera was created by the ancient civilization of Atlantis thousands of years ago in order to combat their previous creation, Gyaos. Gamera wiped out most of the Gyaos, but Atlantis was completely destroyed in the battle. Gamera was sealed within an atoll and remained dormant until 1995, when three Gyaos appeared in the skies over Japan. Gamera awakened from his long sleep and traveled to Japan to destroy his ancient enemy. Gamera killed two of the Gyaos, but the JSDF interfered with his attempts to destroy the last one, which grew into the larger Super Gyaos. With the help of his human ally Asagi Kusanagi, with whom he was telepathically bonded, Gamera fought Super Gyaos in Tokyo and successfully killed it. The following year, Gamera returned to Japan to fend off Legion, a species of extraterrestrial creatures which threatened all life on Earth. Gamera destroyed the Legion's symbiotic propagation device, a giant flower, but the Mother Legion relocated her kind to Sendai. Gamera tried to reach the new flower, but the Mother Legion badly wounded him before fleeing. The flower seeded, producing a catastrophic explosion which seemingly killed Gamera. Using energy he absorbed from the Earth itself, Gamera came back to life and fought the Legion once again, destroying them once and for all. By 1999, evolved Gyaos called Hyper Gyaos began appearing in huge numbers all over the world, pushing Gamera to the brink of his strength. In addition, a young woman named Ayana Hirasaka, who blamed Gamera for the deaths of her parents in 1995, found and raised a strange demonic creature she found in a shrine and named Iris to take revenge on Gamera for her. The JSDF had become fed up with the destruction Gamera caused in his crusade against Gyaos, and turned against him. When Iris reached maturity and traveled to Kyoto, Gamera followed it there and battled it. Gamera was able to kill Iris and free Ayana from its evil influence, but was badly maimed in the battle. However, with thousands of Hyper Gyaos descending upon the city, Gamera was ready to continue his eternal struggle with his ancient foe, knowing humanity was by his side once again.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A, High 6-C with Plasma Fist and Ultimate Plasma

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Large Size (Type 1), Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat, Flight, Energy Manipulation and Projection, Immortality (Type 1), Natural Weaponry (Claws, teeth, shell and tail), Regeneration (Mid-Low in combat, Low-Mid overtime; can regrow his limbs if allowed enough time), Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Underwater Breathing (Type 2), Plasma Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Life-Force Absorption (Gamera is capable of absorbing Mana and other materials such as fire, oil, electricity and nuclear energy to power himself up in his stats and for heal himself too and is also capable of absorbing it from other Kaiju), Body Control, Telepathy (Capable of creating telepathic bonds with humans), Explosion Manipulation, Adaptation, Accelerated Development

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Can fight with other Kaijus who are able to hurt him), Large Island level+ with Plasma Fist and Ultimate Plasma (Plasma Fist is at least twice as strong, Suicide and Ultimate Plasma, which destroyed Legion, can output this amount of energy)

Speed: At least Superhuman travel speed on land, Hypersonic flight, attack/reaction speed

Lifting Strength: Class M

Durability: Mountain level (Survived a Legion Flower exploding all of Sendai in an instant)

Stamina: High

Range: Extemded Melee Range, Several Meters with attacks

Standard Equipment: Teeth, Shell, Claws

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: His Belly is a weak spot.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Plasma Fireball: By fusing and compressing plasma energy and oxygen stored in his body within a chamber in his throat, Gamera ionizes the condensed energy and forms a Plasma Fireball (プラズマ火球 Purazuma Kakyū), which he expels from his mouth in his signature attack. Gamera's Plasma Fireballs instantly burn whatever they touch and can be fired continuously. Gamera's Plasma Fireballs grow more powerful as the trilogy progresses; in G1 and G2 they are sufficient to destroy an entire building, while in G3 the Plasma Fireballs which Iris swats away with its tentacles each immediately ignite a large surrounding area. Gamera's Plasma Fireballs are capable of destroying an immature Gyaos in a single hit and killing a Hyper Gyaos with several shots, but are relatively ineffective against Mother Legion and Iris. Mother Legion can block Gamera's Plasma Fireballs with her Interference Wave Claws whereas Iris can deflect them with its tentacles. Due to their incredible numbers, Hyper Gyaos cannot be easily destroyed by Plasma Fireballs, and are also capable of evading them.
  • High Plasma Fireball: Gamera can fire more powerful High Plasma (ハイ・プラズマ Hai Purazuma) Fireballs which are emitted at an power output of 120% or more compared to his standard Plasma Fireballs. Gamera can form High Plasma Fireballs in multiple ways. In G1, he absorbs the energy from an explosion of an oil refinery and uses it to generate a High Plasma Fireball which instantly decapitates and kills Super Gyaos. In G2, Gamera amplifies his Plasma Fireballs with the surrounding high oxygen concentration created by the Legion Plant to generate High Plasma Fireballs which ignite and destroy the flower and generate a strong explosive shockwave. In G3, he kills a wounded Hyper Gyaos by blasting it with a High Plasma Fireball that incinerates a great deal of the area around Shibuya Station. In this case, the High Plasma Fireball is not formed by amplifying a standard Plasma Fireball with external energy, but rather through Gamera amplifying its explosive power by storing it in his mouth for a longer period of time before releasing it. While High Plasma Fireballs possess tremendous destructive power, they cannot be fired continuously and require time to charge before they are fired.
  • Ultimate Plasma: Gamera's most powerful attack is known as Ultimate Plasma . Gamera summons forth a huge amount of Mana, which radiates from the sky and converges inside his body, where it is converted into plasma energy inside Gamera's Plasma Conversion Furnace. The energy is then charged to the limit at which Gamera's body can store it, after which the plastron of Gamera's shell opens and exposes the Plasma Conversion Furnace. A huge stream of plasma is then fired directly from the furnace, which is immensely powerful. Gamera only uses this attack once in his lifetime, in order to destroy the Mother Legion in G2. Upon being struck by the attack, the Mother Legion was forced backward before being completely obliterated in an instant. While incredibly powerful, Ultimate Plasma consumes a large amount of Mana, the life energy of the Earth, meaning its use can disrupt the planet's environmental balance. It is suggested that Gamera's use of this attack depleted the Earth's Mana to the extent that Hyper Gyaos were able to arise in massive numbers by the events of G3. According to Asagi, Gamera likely had to use Ultimate Plasma as a last resort when unable to defeat Mother Legion in any other way.
  • Banishing Fist: In G3, Gamera utilized a one-shot attack called the Banishing Fist or Banishing Sword to destroy Iris. With his right hand pinned against the wall of Kyoto Station by Iris' arm spear and Iris' tentacles about to fire fake plasma fireballs at him, Gamera severed his trapped hand with a Plasma Fireball and absorbed Iris' fake plasma fireballs on his stump arm, forming a flaming fist composed of plasma. Gamera plunged the Banishing Fist into the wound on Iris' abdomen that he had opened earlier with his Rushing Claw, causing the plasma to explode from Iris' body and kill it.


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