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You know Paris, France? In English, they pronounce it “Paris,” but everyone else pronounces it without the “s” sound like the French do. But with Venezia, everyone pronounces it the English way, “Venice.” Like The Merchant of Venice and Death in Venice... WHY THOUGH?! WHY ISN’T THE TITLE DEATH IN VENEZIA?! ARE YOU FRIGGIN’ MOCKING ME?! IT TAKES PLACE IN ITALY SO USE THE ITALIAN WORD, DAMN IT! THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF! BUNCH OF DUMBASSES!
~ Ghiaccio

There is nothing that can move in the cryogenic world. I can freeze anything in the universe!
~ Ghiaccio about his Stand


Ghiaccio is a minor antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Vento Aureo. He is a member of Risotto's gang in Passione. His job is to find the disk that would eventually lead to the Boss' location.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, likely 9-C. Varies, up to Low 7-B with White Album

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Extrasensory Perception (Stand users are able to perceive and detect invisible, incorporeal beings such as other stands and ghosts), Summoning (Can summon his Stand), Aura. White Album has Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Stand Physiology, Heat Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Absolute Zero (White Album has complete control over the temperatures of its surroundings and can reach Absolute Zero), Matter Manipulation and Attack Reflection (Can set up a wall of frozen air to reflect attacks with Gently Weeps)

Attack Potency: Athlete level, likely Street level (Punched through a car's ceiling). Varies, up to Small City level with White Album (Its power and effectiveness are dependent on the temperature it places on things. Claimed that he can freeze train engines and raging seas immediately, which requires this energy. Implied that he can reach Absolute Zero temperatures).

Speed: Peak Human with Massively FTL reactions (Comparable to other stand users. Can keep up with Sex Pistols and Gold Experience). Superhuman with White Album (Can keep up with a car running at 80 km/h), far higher by freezing his surroundings

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Durability: Athlete level, likely Street level. At least Multi-City Block Level with White Album (Gold Experience could only crack his armor after punching it)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Standard melee range physically. Varies, up to Hundreds of Kilometers with White Album

Standard Equipment: White Album

Intelligence: Above Average (Has experience fighting other stand users. Can perfectly use the surrounding enviroment to his advantages to increase his chances of winning. Easily capable of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of others' abilities or powers. Knows how to act quickly in dangerous situations)

Weaknesses: A single hole on the back of White Album's neck (Although he mitigates this by incorporating chunks of frozen air inside his armor as a reserve and defrosting the air as he needs it, thus free to seal the airhole); also lack of ranged attacks or techniques in general. Ghicaccio can get easily angered over things he finds to not make literal sense (Venice not being called Veniza in Italian works, metaphors, etc.). Gently Weeps costs a lot of extra energy to keep active.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

White Album: White Album is rare among Stands in that it appears as a suit for Ghiaccio to wear. Protecting its user from harm and giving him the potent ability to freeze everything, White Album is a fearsome Stand in battle. It does, however, possess a weak point in the form of a vulnerable hole at Ghiaccio's neck.

  • Cryogenic Cold:White Album's signature ability is to dramatically decrease the temperature of anything Ghiaccio touches. When the assassin touches something, the affected object's temperature decreases dramatically. White Album's power is so powerful it can reach temperatures of about -100 °C easily, freeze gasoline, and rapidly create a large quantity of ice out of sea water (faster than someone could swim). Naturally, the cold is dangerous to the human body: White Album can freeze people, dropping the temperature to the point vital functions are threatened and can solidify limbs to the point they can break like ice. As White Album drops the temperature, so does the ability of objects to move. At low enough temperatures, Ghiaccio can simply stop attacks in their tracks, making conventional attacks like gunshots or punches ineffective. Ghiaccio can also precisely control his power. He can form specific shapes of ice such as blades to ice skate on or redirect the freezing of a large body of water. Moreover, if he cancels White Album's freezing willingly, the previously affected objects immediately return to their normal temperature. If Ghiaccio stops contact with a frozen object, it will return to its normal temperature.
  • Ice Armor: White Album can solidify the moisture surrounding him into an armor of ice. The armor is invulnerable to bullets as it stops their movement long before they fully penetrate, and is at least strong enough to withstand Gold Experience's punches. White Album also enhances the physical abilities of its user. With the armor, Ghiaccio becomes strong enough to break a stone statue with a single punch or can skate so fast he's easily able to reach a car running at 80 km/h. Like an igloo, the inside of the armor is kept insulated, meaning he is always warm. The only opening in the armor is an air hole on the back of the user's neck, making it the Stand's greatest weak spot. However, Ghiaccio mitigates this by incorporating chunks of frozen air inside his armor as a reserve and defrosting the air as he needs it, thus free to seal the airhole.

Gently Weeps: Ghiaccio's Sub-stand, in which he freezes all around him including the air itself. The ability is specifically meant to counter the weakness of the air hole on the back of his neck. When he activates the ability, the surroundings drop to at least -210 degrees Celcius, often even lower. The air begins to freeze and spark, and functions along like a wall of ice in the air, that only he can see. All incoming attacks will be reflected by fragments of frozen air. Anything or anyone who gets too close will also be frozen, and stopped dead in their tracks, as no matter can move in a cryogenic world. Lowering his entire surroundings costs a lot of extra stand energy, so he usually only uses it when he believes that his standard defenses are not enough or when his weak point is discovered.


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