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Godzilla is the main protagonist of Pipeworks trilogy of Godzilla fighting games.

Godzilla is the most powerful of Earth's Defenders. Godzilla lives beneath the ocean's waves, slumbering until he is called upon to face some fearsome threat. Although he has often defended the Earth from aliens, mutants, and other external threats, Godzilla has never included "humans" in the list of things he deliberately protects.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-B | 4-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Large Size (Type 2), Natural Weaponry (Teeth, Tail and Claws), Enhanced Senses, Atomic Breath, Underwater Breathing (Type 2), Energy Manipulation and Projection, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat, Radiation Manipulation, Absorption, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2), Immortality (Types 1, 2 and 3), Summoning and Healing (Can summon Mothra, Battra and Super X and can also heal himself), Electricity Manipulation, Statistics Amplification and Paralysis Inducement (Godzilla can increase his power with the Electrical Surge, and with it he can also paralyze opponents), Stealth Mastery, Danmaku, Regeneration (High-Mid: Aside from regenerating instantly from having a drill on his back, Godzilla is capable of taking Destoroyah's Horn Katana, which slices through the enemy in half), Rage Power (With Rage Mode, it should also be noticed that it massively increases Godzilla's strength), Regeneration Negation (Capable of making the regeneration of other monsters worse), Plasma Manipulation, Size Manipulation (Tyrant mode increases his own size when used), Damage Boost and Reduction (The Crystal Surge can both increase Godzilla's strength and reduce the damage done from enemies), Shockwave Creation and Statistics Reduction (Can create shockwaves which when interacted with an enemy it reduces their speed), Invulnerability (Can become invulnerable for a short time), Status Effect Inducement, Fire Manipulation, Power Nullification and Power Mimicry (When Godzilla beats a monster in battle, not only does he copy their abilities, but also makes them lose the ability to use that ability themselves. Can also negate attacks), Darkness Manipulation, Transformation (Into Tyrant Mode), Heat Manipulation, Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Was able to resist the Voortak's mind control), Absolute Zero (Can tank Kiryu's Absolute Zero Cannon, which as the name implies freezes his targets at temperatures lower than 0), Matter Manipulation (Can tank Destoroyah's Micro-Oxygen beam, which attacks it's foe on a sub-atomic scale), Acid Manipulation, Black Holes, Deconstruction, Extreme Heat, Poison Manipulation, BFR (Stood unnafected next to the Black Hole that sucked SpaceGodzilla into another dimension), Cosmic Radiations

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Fought and then defeated SpaceGodzilla, who shouldn't be that weaker compared to his counterpart in Double Smash, with both of the SpaceGodzillas being capable of creating Black Holes this powerful) | Solar System level (Tyrant monsters are said to be three times stronger than their base forms. At the end of the game Godzilla's Tyrant form became his new base form)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Capable of attacking Orga on his spaceship form. In official concept art, Godzilla has been shown to be able to blitz an Alien U.F.O and has been shown to be fully capable of keeping up with them in-game and with these Alien U.F.Os stated to having coming from another galaxy. He has also been stated to be just as fast as M.O.G.U.E.R.A, with M.O.G.U.E.R.A being capable of quickly traveling interstellar distances) | Massively FTL+ (Far superior to his base)

Lifting Strength: Class M | Class M

Durability: Solar System level (Can tank attacks from Monsters comparable to him) | Solar System level

Stamina: High | High

Range: Extended Melee Range, hundreds of meters with attacks

Standard Equipment: Crystal Power Surges

Intelligence: Gifted. An expert combatant who understands humans and knows complex combat techniques. He discovered the energy generators of a high-tech spacecraft with ease. Godzilla is a master of prodigal skill when it comes to martial arts, with years of experience fighting against powerful opponents with a plethora of abilities or even higher power level. He also mastered the Tyrant form which could severely damage the planet if not used properly and makes monsters enter into a Berserk Mode Ex. King Ghidorah.

Weaknesses: None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Finishing Breath: A beam of energy that resembles Godzilla's regular Atomic Breath except for the fact it is far more powerful and is purple in color.
  • Power Unleashed: Godzilla relases all the Crystal Power Surges in one moment, creating a super destructive shockwave that paralizes the enemies around. The amounts of electricity, fire, vbibration, radioactivity are higher than normal.
  • Nuclear Overload: An extravagant and wide-ranging attack. After collecting enough energy, Godzilla leaps into the air and summons a number of nuclear cyclones that deal damage in three consecutive bursts. As the attack ends, Godzilla falls back to the ground.
  • Nuclear Energy Balls: Godzilla can produce 4 at same time, they are so hot that can be used under water and generate big explosions when catches the objective.
  • Rage Power: Godzilla can channel violent rage through their body and soul to gain a new form empowered by his anger. His strength and general power levels are directly proportional to his anger.
  • Tyrant: After destroying or absorbing enough crystals to fill up the meter, Godzilla will go into Critical Mass form. This will cause Godzilla's body to be bathed in flames before they increase in size and a charcoal red design covers their exterior. While in this form, Godzilla's damage and knock back abilities will be increased, although at the cost of reduced defenses. While in Critical Mass, the meter will slowly deplete, although will also fill back up again with successive hits. When the meter is empty, the monster will return to its normal state.
  • Invulnerability: Godzilla can be invulnerable for some minutes with green item or during 25 seconds with crystal surge.
  • Summoning: Godzilla can summon Mothra, Battra and/or The Super X with Air Strike Item
  • Crystal's Powers: Godzilla can gain powers by destroying the crystals in Godzilla:Unleashed. These Crystal Power Surges are:
  1. Fire Surge: Gives Godzilla a orange glow and increases physical damage. Shock: Godzilla releases a powerful red beam from their mouth, or other orifice in the case of some like Moguera. The beam can remove health cells, but can also lock with other beams.
  2. Electrical Surge: Gives Godzilla a yellow glow, with bolts around them, and increases beam damage. Energy regeneration also speeds up dramatically. Shock: Godzilla releases a shockwave that deals minor damage and stuns opponents.
  3. Speed Surge: A circular line appears, and pulsates, around the character, allowing them to move and attack faster. While under the influence of this surge, the monster's ability to jump is also increased. Shock: Godzilla releases a shockwave that greatly slows down enemies within range for a short duration.
  4. Crystal Surge: Gives Godzilla a purple glow and reduces all damage by 85%. Also increases rate that the critical mass meter builds.Shock: Godzilla releases a shockwave that deals a huge amount of damage.
  5. Radiation Surge: Gives Godzilla a green glow and increases the rate of regeneration of both health and energy. Nearby monsters also have their regeneration capabilities impaired. Shock: Godzilla releases a shockwave that deals a huge amount of damage.
  6. Shield Surge: Encases Godzilla in a metal coating that reduced physical damage but also slows the monster. The character is also protected from all damage from grapple moves. Shock: Godzilla releases a shockwave that deals a huge amount of damage.
  7. Darkness Surge: Godzilla is surrounded by a dark cloud that blocks all ranged weapons, include the military's efforts. Shock: Godzilla releases a shockwave that deals a huge amount of damage.

Keys: Base | Tyrant


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