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The ability to manipulategravity, one of the four fundamental forces of Universe.

This ability in itself is formidable, even the simple uses includes Teleknesis, Flight, ability to attract or repel objects, increasing the gravity to a point the opponent is crushed. The high-end uses being ability to create Black holes, disort time-space, white hole and many other things.

Possible Uses

  • Leviation
  • Ability to repel or attract opponents/Objects
  • Ability to control other bodies by forcing your will
  • Telekinesis
  • Flight
  • Increasing the gravity to the point opponents are crushed or immobolized
  • Ability to amp themselves by borrowing energy from surroundings or planet itself
  • Ability to attract planets or even stars
  • Basically every low-end feats, but on large scale
  • Creation of black holes or white hole
  • Big Crunch
  • Disort time-space
  • Creation of Wormholes