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Pizza mozzarella
Pizza mozzarella
rella, rella, rella, rella
Pizza mozzarella
Pizza mozzarella
rella, rella, rella, rella
Pizza mozzarella
Pizza mozzarella
rella, rella, rella, rella ra
zola zola zola zola zola zola zo
zola zola zola zola zola zola zo
~ Gyro's "Pizza Mozzarela" song

Scan SBR.png
ORA ORA! Here we go Johnny!
~ Gyro to Johnny

Ball Breaker Infobox Manga.png
Johnny! 'Lesson 5'! ...Yeah... I'm sure that's what we're on now! The next one's 'Lesson 5'.
I've always tried to take the fastest shortcut in this Steel Ball Run Race, but, 'the shortest route was a detour'. It was the detour that was our shortest path'.
It's been true the whole time we've been crossing this continent. And because of you we were able to take that route.


Gyro Zeppeli, born Julius Caesar Zeppeli, is one of two main protagonists in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VII: Steel Ball Run. An Italian doctor and executioner who masters the art of the Spin, he enters the Steel Ball Run race in order to obtain an amnesty for an innocent child marked for execution. Before the race begins, he encounters Johnny Joestar and indulges in teaching him the Spin.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, 8-A with Steel Balls, up to High 3-A with Ball Breaker

Name: Gyro Zeppeli

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Classification: Human, Doctor/Executioner, Jockey, Stand User, Spin User

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (Capable of seeing ghosts and souls among some other supernatural forces that are normally otherwise invisible, unlike most Stand Users, Gyro managed this before his Stand fully manifested), Instinctive Reactions, Martial Arts & Weapon Mastery (An extremely skilled swordsman and executioner who also learned martial arts. He's a master of the Spin technique and his steel balls and various other spherical objects), and eventually Summoning (Of his Stand). Healing with the Zombie Horse

Homing Attack, Can use the following powers on himself or other targets upon contact with his Steel Balls: Biological Manipulation (Can manipulate muscles, spin water out of targets bodies and make them return to them), Body Puppetry, Paralysis Inducement, Limited Elasticity, Empathic Manipulation (Can calm others with the Spin), Statistics Amplification (With the Guard Technique and making habits explode in bursts), Air Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Earth Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Damage Transferal, Sonar, Sensing of vibrations, Non-Physical Interaction (Stands can interact with ghosts and other Stands), limited X-Ray Vision

Resistance to Transmutation, Disease Manipulation & Mind Manipulation (The Holy Corpse allows the holders to resist Scary Monsters' infection)

Same as before, Summoning (Of the Stand Ball Breaker, which embodies the vast quantity of energy collected by a Steel Ball when thrown with Super Spin by the manipulation of energy on a cellular level), Stand Physiology, Aura, Dimensional Bypassing/Spatial Manipulation, Pain Manipulation (Can make others not feel pain from his attacks), Age Manipulation (Aged Valentine's left side of his body, later aging his right side), Gravity Manipulation, Resistance Negation, Soul Manipulation (Using the Infinite Rotation's power of gravity, Gyro can force the target and their soul to obey the laws of physics), Resistance to Probability Manipulation, Time Stop and BFR (Bypassed Love Train's redirection of misfortune onto other areas of the world)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Destroyed a wooden door. Casually kicked down a door to a church), Multi-City Block Level with Steel Balls (Able to wound one of D4C's wrist and even break a couple of its fingers), up to High Universe level with Ball Breaker (Ball Breaker is the visualization of the energy of Gyro's balls, being able to bypass Love Train, pierce trought and destroy dimensonal walls with Infinite Rotation)

Speed: Superhuman, faster with Valkyrie, Massively FTL reaction speed (Evaded D4C attacks), up to Infinite with Ball Breaker (Bypassed Love Train)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Durability: Multi-City Block level (Survived attacks from Diego Brando infused with Scary Monsters), up to High Universe level with Ball Breaker

Stamina: High

Range: Over at least 30 meters with his Steel Balls, High Universal with Infinite Rotation (Comparable to Johnny)

Standard Equipment: Numerous Steel Balls, Scan, Valkyrie (His horse), The Zombie Horse (A long piece of thread that heals wounds and can reattach mutilated body parts as well as mending some internal damage), pieces of the holy corpse and Ball Breaker (His Stand)

Intelligence: Gifted

Weaknesses: He needs to be on his horse to perform the Super Spin. His Steel Balls lose power after 20-30 meters.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spin: Zeppeli family's signature technique. By manipulating the properties of a spinning steel ball via the Magnus Effect (a spinning object curving away from its original flight path), anything that comes into contact with the steel balls will be able to change properties or movements within the objects touched, examples include causing muscles to be twitched, manually moving muscles and locking them into place, disabling muscles preventing movementinducing paralysis and can even calmothers through the Spin, numbing of the skin, moving body parts against the target's will (or lack thereof) such as forcing one to shoot others or themselves (showcased a multitude of times), flattening bodies granting elasticity to avoid attacks or fit into and through small spaces, draining water from a body, manipulating substances such as mud and liquids like causing champagne to explode or generating spinning water orbs similar to the steel balls, manipulating damage waves thus transferring damage from one part of the body to another, hardening of the skin and muscles of himself and presumably others, draw out habits in an explosive manner, creating sensory gusts of air, sonar, creating X-Ray's upon reflective surfaces, launching rocks like projectiles, carving trees into ropes, digging holes, sensing movements with staggering accuracy from over 10km away, utilizing vibrations to sense objects and cast illusions through dust, vaporize water through friction, manipulate air and light thus casting illusions, etc. The effects of the Spin can transfer and pass through other solid objects, though the objects it passes through may not show signs of being affected. There is virtually an infinite amount of possibilities and ways the Spin can be used and/or impact the objects it comes into contact with. The Spin can be used with objects other then the Steel Balls such as bullets, rocks, needles, etc but the Steel Balls hold the highest proficiency with the technique, in some cases Gyro can use the Spin without any medium but its usability is severely limited, when destroyed Gyro can make another set of Steel Balls through various methods, like scrapping iron from a train track via the Spin.
    • Super Spin (Infinite Rotation): The Super Spin is obtained in conjunction with a consistently moving object and the aid of the Golden Rectangle. In Gyro's case, Valkyrie creates a Golden Rectangle with its natural running speed, further enforced with Gyro's legs inside of the stirrups of the saddle. This results in a more enhanced version of the Spin, in which the energy it produces is nigh-limitless, or "infinite".
  • Scan: After obtaining the Right Eye of the Corpse and embedding it into his own body, Gyro's steel balls obtain a new appearance where one ball looks like it has an eye in the center. This variation of the Steel Ball is only used while Gyro was carrying the Right Eye.
    • Enhanced Vision: The eye inside of the steel balls acts as a third eye for Gyro allowing him to see through the steel ball itself and see his surroundings like a camera. Once thrown, the eye can give Gyro a vision of his surroundings and every exact detail displayed through an X-Ray-like screen as well as sonar, granting Gyro the ability to see through obstacles and inside others. This also gives Gyro better calculations for his use of the Spin and steel balls.
  • Ball Breaker: Ball Breaker is a small, green-and-pink humanoid Stand with large ears similar to Mickey Mouse. The Stand itself is a visualization of the energy given off by the Spin in Gyro's steel balls.
    • Energy Acceleration: In conjunction with the Super Spin, energy is gathered by Ball Breaker when a steel ball is thrown. It manipulates the energy uses as it is thrown, accelerating the activity of objects on a cellular level. For a human, this means excessive aging at a rapid rate. This also gives Ball Breaker the ability to bypass a infinite quantity of dimensions with its acceleration.


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