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Gods (Magi) are higher-dimensional beings that occupies all dimensions, where each dimension contains a god, for a superior god the lower world is as insignificant as fiction.


Higher-Dimensional Existence on this wiki refers to characters who belong to higher worlds or planes of reality with a number of dimensions greater than three-dimensional universes. In other words, they have bodies of at least four dimensions. The difference between these characters and those from ordinary space-time reality corresponds to the geometric difference between objects with different numbers of dimensions, such as a two-dimensional square and a three-dimensional cube. This means, it is more than countably infinite, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Characters of higher dimensions are often shown to be godlike with respect to lower dimensions, not only because of their superiority in strength but also due to their existence encompassing completely different laws of physics and logic, which are beyond the control of three-dimensional beings.

Speaking in simple terms, a "dimension" can be considered an axis of movement and measurement, through which beings and objects can displace themselves throughout a given physical system. 1-dimensional beings would only be able to dislocate themselves to left and right across a single direction, while 2-dimensional beings would have an additional spatial axis inherent to them, and thus be able to move up and down as well. Finally, 3-dimensional beings like ourselves are able to displace themselves left and right and up and down, as well as forwards and backwards, encompassings parts of additional axes of space.

Following this same principle, a 4-dimensional being would be capable of moving through an additional, perpendicular direction incomprehensible to lower-dimensional beings, and this can be generalized unto any higher number of dimensions.

It should be noted that having higher-dimensional power does not mean the character has a higher-dimensional existence.

Possible Uses

  • Invulnerability
  • Acausality
  • Large Size
  • Cosmic Awareness

Notable Users