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Holy Nova (World of Warcraft) is a spell that induces an explosion of light that deals holy damage to enemies and healing effects to allies


The power to manipulate divine elements. The user can create, shape and manipulate holy elements that are highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons and/or angels. It is a very broad term that has a variety of applications and frequently intersects with Light Manipulation, Healing, Magic, and other abilities generally considered to fall under the "good" or "lawful". Due to its nature, it is often extremely effective against those deemed "evil" or "monstrous", serving as a weakness to many characters under those categories. Furthermore, divine elements may have other properties and abilities, such as statistics amplification, resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits, etc.

Possible Uses

  • Empowerment: Users are often empowered by holy entities, granting Superhuman Physical Characteristics. Extreme cases of this ability include the inability to die due to divine intervention and being possessed as an avatar of a deity one is channeling.
  • Exorcism: Priests and similar characters are often able to exorcise beings that are weak to their sacraments, allowing them to destroy demons, spiritual beings, and even the very souls of their targets.
  • Healing: Holy power is often associated with healing abilities, allowing users to heal themselves or others to varying degrees.
  • Holy Artifacts or Weaponry: Artifacts or weapons charged with holy energy are often far more powerful than their mundane counterparts and frequently have special abilities.
  • Light Manipulation: Users of holy power are often depicted as holding dominion over light, using it to attack foes in the form of weapons or as powerful beams.
  • Miracles: The ability to produce miracles or generate exceedingly unlikely or otherwise impossible events by using holy power. Can be considered a form of Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, or Reality Warping.

Notable Users