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The Type-012, known by the developers of Black Sun as the Hunter, is an enhanced version of the Cutthroat (Type-010) that has increased speed and reaction time. At the cost of some fighting ability, these undead have amazing mobility for their large size and can run, jump, and climb like cats.

As one might expect from their name, these creatures are mighty hunters in combat. Thanks to their remarkable agility, they jump, climb, and run from one place to another with ease, always seeking the best way to eliminate their targets. When one Hunter faces a large group of enemies, it will charge to try to separate them with the initial impact, and then it will attack one target before the rest can come to help.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Hunter (TYPE-012)

Origin: Anima:Beyond Fantasy

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: Unknown

Classification: Undead Chimera

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Possesses PhR, DR, VR, MR and PsR attributes, which gives resistance to these kind of abilities: Magic, Damage Transferal (Libera Me creates a breach in existence to transmit the blow to the enemy through the blood of the attacker), Light Manipulation & Energy Projection (Through the Dies Irae spell), Summoning (Requiem spell calls beings from the heavens down to judge the enemy. When using this Technique, the character designates a target with a gesture of his hand, causing the energy emanating from the character’s body to take the form of the four angels who guard the cardinal points, plus a fifth in representation of Metatron, the Voice of God), Durability Negation (With Les Epines the character creates a multitude of piercings and cuts in the body of his enemy, producing an infinity of small wounds, as if caused by the thorns of a rosebush. Supernonva spell creates a miniature supernova inside the target, exploding within the unfortunate enemy, his veins burning, his flow of Ki collapsing, and his entire body exploding in flames until he is barely recognizable ashes), Soul Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) (The Hand of Purgatory paralyzes the body and soul. Anima spell penetrates the soul of anyone who hears it. Destructive Assault completely destroys the soul of the target beyond the reaches of the Soul Flux), Sound Manipulation (Mezzo Forte creates a discordant musical note, unleashing a destructive sound wave), Void Manipulation (Void Techniques controls the energies of nothingness, the strange power that comes from the absolute lack of all physical and spiritual things. Void Shield absorbs particles and converts all attacks received into nothingness), Gravity Manipulation (Gravitational Destruction spell crushes its targets using the pression of gravity), Absolute Zero (Cero Absoluto reduces the temperature on the surroundings to absolute zero, destroying any being, organic or inorganic), Death Manipulation (Murte spell instantly induces death on a target, including spiritual and necromantic creatures), Statistics Reduction (Aura of Emptiness decreases the stats of a target), Matter Manipulation (Atomic Control spell allows the user to completely control the atomic matter on their surroundings, be it organic or inorganic matter, being able to atomically destroy its targets in the proccess if the user so wishes), Transmutation (Cristalizar completely crystalizes the target, with the slightest attack being able to break its entire body in the proccess), Corruption (Blood Rose can infect enemies with the user's own blood), Power Absorption (Shadow of Death can suck the enemies' power), Telekinesis (Via Telequinesis spell), Disease Manipulation (Shown here), Poison Manipulation (Shown here), Attack Reflection (Kagami spell raises a screen of supernatural ice, a mirror of souls that reflects blows back against the attacker. When the screen is hit by a blow, a reflection of the attacker rises from the screen and returns the blow upon the attacker. Aternum makes the enemy reflect any type of sorcery with his weapon, with the spell simply bouncing off him or becoming undone when approaching him), Ice Manipulation & Time Manipulation (Shitsunen no Sekai creates a around the user a glacial world that paralyzes and destroys everything, freezing even the flow of time), Creation (Kagami ni Kakera creates 25 sharpened crystal shards around the character that are launched in quick sequence, second after second, against the enemies that he selects), Homing Attack (Spectral Mark creates dozens of phantasmagoric arms around the user, which not only does damage to their enemies, but also leave a heavy imprint in their souls that allows the character to direct his attacks against them more easily as if, as of that moment, his blows were guided by a supernatural force, Perfect Shot can make projectiles automatically follow the target and change trajectory mid-air), Darkness Manipulation, Possession & Soul Absorption (Shadow of Death creates a dark portal with it from which manifests a spectral version of the user, a tenebrous and deformed image able to suck the spiritual energy from an enemy. The image not only attacks the physical body of an enemy but enters the enemy’s body, stealing part of his energy and transferring it immediately to the character), Fear Manipulation & Pain Manipulation (Last Nightmare spell accumulates in the user's body all the pain, fear, and darkness that there is around them in the Wake, creating a portal to absolute darkness through his eyes. The user then projects with his glance all those emotions and sensations, rending the body and spirit of his target, inducing terror and pain with a glance), Power Nullification (Raikodou disrupts a target's soul, nullifying any kind of supernatural ability that they had active. Aternum can make an enemy spell become undone as it approaches the user. Expello denies the target access to any supernatural powers), Air Manipulation (Tornado spell creates an enormous whirlwind that overwhelms all those who surround the user), Fire Manipulation (Sirius creates a dark fire blaze that explodes on the enemy, creating a great black pillar of fire), Earth Manipulation (Ren Zhi Shu raises an immense stone column, wraped with hundreds of runes, that he surrounds and squashes his enemies with. Earthquake spell causes the ground to shake, triggering an earthquake towards a small area, causing the ground to open and stone splinters to spring forth to pierce the character’s enemies), Electricity Manipulation (Denkido generates an electrical storm around its user. For a few moments, the character rises in the air and hundreds of lighting bolts erupt from it, devastating everything that its user wishes with incredible precision), Illusion Creation (Ego spell allows the user to project his own energy to form an illusory image of himself, a perfect copy that acts as an extension of his own being), Life Absorption (The Dark Portal turns surrounding ground into a black void, able to absorb the life of all those who contact it), Biological Manipulation & Paralysis Inducement (Manipura affects each one of the target's nerve endings, leaving the body inert and paralyzed), Vibration Manipulation (Muladhara allows the character to cause any body he comes into contact with to vibrate. When an enemy carries out an attack against him, he interposes his hands or his weapon in the path of the blow and, with a quick movement, produces a deafening sound accompanied by an intense vibration), Technology and Nanotechnology Manipulation (Techniques based on the Legacy of Solomon allows the user to imbue Ki into the nanomachines so that they act on their own account in the most convenient way), Information Analysis (Search Protocol grants the user a supernatural scan of the area around them. Know Weakness spell reveals the imperfections and weakness of someone or something), Chaos Manipulation (Via Manipulate Chaos and Control Chaos spells), Law Manipulation, Logic Manipulation, Reality Warping & Spatial Manipulation (Primal Chaos completely alter the laws of reality and distorts space in the proccess. A road leading a character up may actually take him downwards; miles are traveled in seconds and feet in hours. A person can be young and old at the same time, a storm may pummel the area on a sunny day. Nothing makes sense, because the concept of logic has ceased to exist), Probability Manipulation (Targets of the Alter Luck spell gets their luck changed, for either good or bad. Any situation the target is involved in whose result is determined by chance will always have improbable results, whether for good or ill), Fate Manipulation (Tragedy can alter people's fates in a literal way, bringing any outcome of their desire upon the victim), Supernatural Luck (The Probability Alteration spell changes the nature of either the user or a specific target of the user's choice, making the possibility of very lucky or very unlucky actions much greater), Causality Manipulation (Predestination spell can manipulate causality to achieve a certain destination or result. False Reality manipulates causality to bring events into reality), Status Effect Inducement (Allegro creates a melody that stuns and ethralls targets), Empathic Manipulation (Targets affected by the Lust spell become immensely attracted to the user. Targets affected by Sloth spell fall into a state of deep laziness, where they dont take any action, unless passive), Blood Manipulation (Via Slow Pulse, Exsanguinate, Tears of Blood and World of Blood), Dream Manipulation (Disturbing Dreams spell allows the user to alter the dreams of someone in any way they wish. Eternal Dream traps people in a dream that they cannot escape from until the wizard allows them to, no matter what happens to their body), Teleportation & BFR (Banish to the Wave sends either the whole body or just the mind to the Wake Realm), Temporal BFR (Time Jump sends the target to another time period), Subjective Reality (Can make dreams and what derives from it into a reality with Make Dreams Real spell), Time Stop (Via Stop Time spell), Resistance Negation, Time Manipulation (Undo Time makes time itself flow backwards, rewinding events and actions. This ability bypasses resistances), Vector Manipulation (Desviar Trayectoria allows the user to change the trajectory of a target in movement, redirecting to the direction the user desires. This affects any type of mass, be it something small like a bow, or big like a ship. Due to being vector based, it cannot move a target that is stopped in place or standing still), Age Manipulation (Age Control can freely influence and change someone's age), Power Mimicry (Via Technique Imitation), Mind Manipulation (Control Mental grants the user absolute control over the mind of someone. Muerte Psíquica destroys the mind of the target), Perception Manipulation (Genmai creates several phantasmal copies (illusions) of the user. These images, in spite of being incapable of causing damage, deceive the senses of the character’s enemies completely, making them think that the attacks are perfectly real and even cause pain), Memory Manipulation (Destruir Recuerdos affects and/or erases the memories of someone), Social Influencing (Via Pleasant Conversation, Grandeur and King of the World), Fear Manipulation (Whispers from the Other Side fills an area with whispering voices that causes primal terror in targets), Madness Manipulation (Type 2. Trail of Madness fills the target's mind with insane ideas and concepts, making them go mad), Willpower Manipulation (Spiritual Damage spell weakens the target's very will to continue living), plus Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation & Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) (The soul in Anima is the concept of existence, so one would need to affect both to destroy it)

Attack Potency: Building level (Comparable to Hydra Queen)

Speed: Transonic (Faster than Type-005)

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (Its lifting statistics are comparable to those of a bear)

Striking Strength: Building Class

Durability: Building level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: Armor

Intelligence: Animalistic

Weaknesses: After receiving some damage, is possible that these beasts enter in a state of primal rage, capable to attack its owner or allies.


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