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In order for a mediocre man to defeat a genius, he has to become a demon.
~ Ikki regarding his work ethic and methodology

My swordsmanship does not seek to become powerful. It seeks to win. Therefore, I will do everything I can possible do to defeat my opponent. Even if my opponent is more powerful than me, I will win. Even if that seems like trickery to you, brother, it is the answer that I, the weakest one, came up with. That is Ikki Kurogane’s swordsmanship. I do not intend to apologize for it.

Here, with my greatest weakness, I'll defeat your greatest strength―!


Ikki Kurogane is the main male protagonist of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. Despite him hailing from a well-respected clan that has produced superior Blazers for generations, Ikki is considered to be a failure even for an F-Rank Blazer. Blazers are treated as "superior" creatures because it is believed that no matter how much one trains, mundane things like martial arts cannot beat someone who's a higher rank as a Blazer. Due to this, his existence as an F-Rank with the surname of the samurai Ryouma who was such a great Blazer that he led Japan to victory during the World War II and with his siblings being an A-Rank, a rank that defines prodigies that are said to be born one every 30 years, and a B-Rank with prodigious magic control, he was believed to be a failure which is why he was never taught the Kurogane Sword Style nor was he ever given the luxury of being trained by anyone, a luxury even ones who were not in the main family-like Ikki, were given. There was never a seat saved for him during any celebration, and Ikki would be locked up inside his room. It was then on his fifth birthday, his father said, "You can't do anything, so don't try", then he never said anything or looked in his direction. Unable to endure it anymore, Ikki ran from home on another New Years Celebration, where he had found himself lost inside a blizzard where he cried, realizing no one except Shizuku would be sad if he died. There Ikki encountered his great-grandfather, Ryoma Kurogane, who told him to believe in himself. Those were the last words Ryouma told Ikki, due to dying shortly after Ikki left home from old age. Soon after leaving the Kurogane Household, he began to live on his own.

During middle school, Ikki would make it a habit to challenge several dojos and their masters, where he was either refused, or the other students would gang upon him, the latter occurred on multiple occasions. A year before the start of the series, Ikki decided to attend Hagun Academy. During his first-year, Ikki faced opposition from his family, who forced the school to make Ikki fail and made him retake the year. He was not allowed to take classes and was harassed in many ways, one of the most notable being Shizuya Kirihara mocking him and attacking him to make him fight back. A plot prepared by the teachers to find a reason to have Ikki expelled on Kurogane Household's orders. However, all to no avail, as they never found a way to expel Ikki.

1 year later Kurono Shinguuji, the 3rd ranking knight in the KoK A-League, was hired as the new director of Hagun Academy, after taking an interest in Ikki, Kurono decided to help him, and "destroyed" everyone who was trying to hinder him as well as giving him a chance at graduating despite the system not allowing such a thing. Kurono decided that if Ikki managed to become the Seven Stars Sword Art Festival, she would allow him to graduate as, at that point, there would be no one in the entire world who could judge his Blazer skills.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A, Low 7-C in Ittou Shura, 7-C in Ittou Rasetsu | Low 7-B, 7-A with Madoka. 7-B in Ittou Shura. 7-A in Ittou Rasetsu | 6-C, High 6-C in Ittou Shura, Low 6-B in Ittou Rasetsu | At least 10-C, likely 7-A. Unknown with amps | 6-C, High 6-C in Ittou Shura, Low 6-B in Ittou Rasetsu

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Swordsmanship (He knows at least 128 different sword styles and has mastered the majority of them and improves them beyond all former users by correcting all the flaws of the technique, in essence, making it perfect), Expert Marksman, Expert Martial Artist, Body Control (Ikki has immense control over his own body, so much so that he can use Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu both of which require an immense control over his own body, Ittou Rasetsu, in particular, is stated to work because he can consciously shut down all senses and squeeze energy from his every cell), Blazer Physiology, Analytical Prediction (He can predict what an opponent will do next by muscle movements. Furthermore, he can predict actions, thoughts, and emotions through perfect vision; "his ability to expose and reflect the true nature of everything he sees" if he had finished observing an opponent he knows the possibility of how they will act due to the system they follow), Enhanced Senses (All of Ikki's senses are enhanced to the point where he can feel every grain of dust hit his skin, can see every strand of someone's hair mid-fight, can find the speed and location of something just from hearing it, hear the blood flow of something and more. Furthermore he has an extreme awareness of everything around him, where he doesn't even need sense things that enter his range and has the "Samurai's Sixth Sense"), Probability Manipulation (Having a luck criterria of F, Ikki is extremely unlucky), Statistics Amplification (Ikki can amplify his reaction speed without using his Ittou Forms. Can amplify his statistics 20x using Ittou Shura, and at least 200x using Ittou Rasetsu), Durability Negation (Dokuga No Tachi ignores any form of armor by sending shockwaves directly inside the body), Afterimage Creation, Information Analysis and Clairvoyance (Perfect Vision allows Ikki to completely grasp an opponent's identity understanding everything about them and knowing and predicting their every thought, action and feeling; Ikki's eye is remarkably perceptive as such he noticed Amane was not normal, Stella was not just talented but also a hard worker, learned the secret technique of Ayase Ayatsuji's father just by looking at her sword stance, noticed Kurado's reflex speed was faster than normal and more), Technique Mimicry and Reactive Evolution (He could copy Ayase's style from seeing its stance and understood everything about the style even secret techniques of the original creator of the style who was a legendary swordsman furthermore it took him 30 seconds to fully perfect Stella's swordsmanship making the style essentially flawless by fixing all its incorrections or useless movements), Non-Physical Interaction, Fear Manipulation (His resolve is so great that it overwhelmed the entire stadium to the point that just looking at Ikki's face made them feel scared), Self-Mind Manipulation (Ikki has full control over his body and mind this allows him to understand, replicate and perfect things he cannot even perceive such as Edelweiss' sword style and Trackless Step), Delayed Effect with Kuruisakura (He cuts the opponent in a way that makes it so that the wounds do not open until later), Attack Reflection (Using Madoka), Self-Vector Manipulation (Ikki has such an extreme body control he can focus all his body vectors in 1 direction), Stealth Mastery (Ikki replicated Trackless Step. It's a technique which uses breathing and footwork techniques to become suddenly unperceivable by the opponent becoming "useless information" as far as the mind is concerned. Virtually "moving into the unconsciousness" of the opponent), Pain Tolerance (Type 3. Ikki has an insane amount of pain tolerance, so much so that he could take on Touka Toudou in their last fight after being fed poisonous food and having been fighting in the tournament for several weeks. Furthermore, he could withstand the pain from the sickness of Yuuri Oreki and her Violet Pain, a pain so great no one, including highly trained guards, can withstand, and even Yuuri herself suffers greatly from it. Yet, Ikki did not even flinch. He could also fight at full power despite being pierced through many parts of his body. Could fight after feeling the pain of getting his arm cut from Violet Pain)

All previous abilities enahnced, Precognition (Type 1, Thanks to his skill and experience, Ikki could see visions of his own death from an incoming attack), Enhanced Information Analysis and Clairvoyance (His Insight improves significantly), Instinctive Reaction (Ikki is capable of instinctive reaction, not only can he move before thinking but he can also act, attack, defend and counter while being unconscious such as he did in his fight against Edelweiss and Stella, Enhanced Body Control (Ikki has such an extreme body control that he can start his own heart after it stops working, it also makes him capable of using all secret swords even in his base form), Enhanced Technique Mimicry and Reactive Evolution (Can copy any skill or technique and adapt or improve it to better suit his own style even when unconscious), Durability Negation (After learning Edelweiss' sword technique he could cut a metal pipe using a sheet of paper), Energy Dispersion (Ikki is capable of ignoring side effects from powerful attacks by taking hits in certain positions so that he fully channels the energy into the ground, using rotational movement to send the attack back or by using his body control so that the energy passes through his body entirely and flows back without damaging it), Reactive Power Level (He and Stella were getting stronger and faster the more the fight went on), After subcoinsciously learning Edelweiss's swordplay he can reach top speed without accelerating, Can erase his killing intent, Resistance to Heat Manipulation and Fire Manipulation (By lowering his surface area and using speed, he could negate all of Stella Vermillion's fire based attacks by getting through or out of them before they could do any damage. Stella also stated that through the same techniques he can even run in lava without problems), Electricity Manipulation (Touka's electrical charges had no notable effect on him due to his body control, allowing him to manipulate his heart muscle and neurotransmission to recover quickly), Fear Manipulation (He can move and fight despite being frozen in fear, and he was unaffected by Yuudai taking an offensive stance, an action which froze in fear tens of thousands of Blazers watching), Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (Could fight against Edelweiss) and other mental abilities (Due to being able to attack and fight with instincts alone while unconscious, he can fight while having an inactive mind)

All previous abilities in addition to Desperado Awakening

All previous abilities enhanced, Forcefield Creation (He learns to create magic barriers to protect his body after training with Edelweiss), Enhanced Statistics Amplification (His Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu was stated to be tripled in potency after learning how to control his magic better), Enhanced Attack Reflection (Ikki learns to use Madoka even by taking the blow of the opponent with his own body), Enhanced Body Control (Ikki learns to intentionally create autophagy which makes it so that his cells produce energy and stamina for his body even after it was all exhausted by the use of Ittou Rasetsu)

All previous abilities to a greater extent in addition to Durability Negation (Can put magic in his sword to make it sharp enough to cut the connection between substances)

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (1/20th of his Ittou Shura strength), Small Town level in Ittou Shura (One-shotted Stella through Empress Dress), Town level+ in Ittou Rasetsu (At least 200x stronger than in base) | Small City level (200 times weaker than Ittou Rasetsu), Mountain level with Madoka (Could reflect Dragon Spirit Stella's attacks). City level in Ittou Shura (10 times weaker than Ittou Rasetsu). Mountain level in Ittou Rasetsu (Stated several times that Ittou Rasetsu could have 1 shotted Dragon Spirit Stella) | Island level (600 times weaker than his Ittou Rasetsu state). Large Island level in Ittou Shura (10 times weaker than his Ittou Rasetsu state). Small Country level in Ittou Rasetsu (Capable of destroying Iris' Orichalcus which should have durability superior to Iris' strength when she had already gotten at minimum 12 times stronger than Stella's Dragon Spirit state who was already superior to unamped Fu Xiaoli) | At least Below Average Human level (Stated to have the strength of a 10 year old child), likely Mountain level+ (Ikki himself stated that he's only half as strong as his older form). Unknown with amps (His magic capacity and control doesn't change however it is unknown if his young body can handle the stress of the Ittou amps as he has never used them in such a state) | Island level. Large Island level in Ittou Shura . Small Country level in Ittou Rasetsu (Should be equal, if not stronger, than his pre-death self)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (1/20th of his Ittou Shura speed), higher in Ittou Shura (Was stated to be just slightly slower than Raikiri), higher in Ittou Rasetsu (200x faster than in Base) | FTL+ (Significantly faster than Dragon Spirit Stella. Faster than Ouma's strikes who could blitz Dragon Spirit Stella). At least Massively FTL in Ittou Shura (At least ten times faster than in base). Massively FTL+ in Ittou Rasetsu (At least 200 times faster than in base). Seems many times faster than he actually is due to using Edelweiss' Sword Style | FTL+. Massively FTL+ with Ittou Shura (60x faster than base). Massively FTL+ with Ittou Rasetsu (10x faster than IS) | Likely FTL+ | FTL+. Massively FTL+ with Ittou Shura. Massively FTL+ with Ittou Rasetsu

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman in Base, higher in Ittou Shura (At least 10 times stronger than base) and in Ittou Rassetsu (At least 200 times stronger than base) | At least Superhuman in Base, higher in Ittou Shura (At least 10 times stronger than base) and in Ittou Rassetsu (At least 200 times stronger than base) | At least Superhuman in Base, higher in Ittou Shura (At least 10 times stronger than base) and in Ittou Rassetsu (At least 200 times stronger than base) | Unknown | At least Superhuman in Base, higher in Ittou Shura (At least 10 times stronger than base) and in Ittou Rassetsu (At least 200 times stronger than base)

Durability: Multi-City Block level, Small Town level in Ittou Shura, Town level+ in Ittou Rasetsu | Small City level. City level in Ittou Shura. Mountain level in Ittou Rasetsu | Island level, Large Island level with Ittou Shura, Small Country level with Ittou Rasetsu | At least Below Average Human level, likely Mountain level . Unknown with amps | Island level, Large Island level with Ittou Shura, Small Country level with Ittou Rasetsu

Stamina: High (Can shrug off broken bones and damaged organs if necessary; he was still able to fight against Toudou Touka despite being sick, poisoned, and starved for weeks, has enough mental endurance to stay conscious after having his Device, a physical manifestation of his soul, destroyed)

Range: Extended melee range with Intetsu

Standard Equipment: Intetsu; Ikki's Device, it takes a form of a black katana

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. An expert fighter who, at the age of 16, was said to be "in a level where training cannot get you to." Capable of replicating any style after a few clashes, which include learning the whole history, idea, and principles that lead to such sword style. Was capable of perfecting Stella's sword style in 30 seconds and can use the same concept of "stealing" on people's identity grasping everything there is to know about a person's way of thinking, emotions, movements, and more. He learned to control his body at a cellular level by the age of 16 and has full control over his unconsciousness. It is stated that he could replicate Trackless Step, a technique he cannot even perceive, after it was used on him the first time, and evolved the technique later on. Can mathematically calculate the exact location of the barrels, the trajectory, angle, current location, and speed of dozens of bullets just from hearing the gunshots and could dodge in time without even focusing. Edelweiss stated that his magic control exceeds that of Shizuku Kurogane who could make magic calculations to deconstruct and reconstruct her all of her cells and turn her body into vapor.

Weaknesses: Although he has immense stamina, Ittou Shura and Ittou Rasetsu consume all of it more often than not | Same as before | Ittou forms consume a lot of magic and stamina making fighting after those are used limited in terms of time. It takes some time for him to perform Autophagy on himself to create energy after using ittou forms | It is unknown whether his body can handle the stress of using the ittou forms | None Notable

Note: See here for a (somewhat outdated) list of feats. Much congratulations to Firephoenixearl for his extensive and accurate research of this character, this profile wouldn't be possible without you.

Key: Selection Battles Arc | Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc | Vermillion Empire Arc | World War Arc | Fused with Shizuku


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