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The ability to being made of inorganic matter. Users of this ability are unaffected by many things which would be lethal to organic beings or even undead.

Possible Uses

  • Immunity to Poison: As the users have no organic functions, like living creatures would, common poison is ineffective against them.
  • Immunity to Biological Manipulation: As users of this ability aren't organic beings, they lack all biological functions, and can therefore also not be manipulated in this manner.
  • Immunity to Diseases: As they lack the body functions of living beings, common illnesses would not harm them.
  • Self-Sustenance: Users of the ability usually don't rely on oxygen or nutrients to function.


  1. Living Beings: Inorganic beings that have a non-physical consciousness. For example objects that were granted life via supernatural means.
  2. Non-Living Beings: Robots, AI or other inorganic beings, that have no consciousness beyond what the physical functions of their bodies grants them. This type of character is typically immune to Soul Manipulation due to lacking a soul and is also unaffected by many common forms of Mind Manipulation, since they neither have an organic brain to be manipulated nor have a non-physical consciousness. Since these characters usually also don't have something like life force and aren't alive in the usual sense in the first place, they are furthermore unaffected by common forms of Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation.