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Ad- Ad- Ad- Adventurer!? Running away from home isn't enough for you and you're even hoping to do something that dangerous!? Fu... Fuhi... Fuhihihi... ...You are... ...If... You are... If you are!! If you are that selfish, then!!! It'll have to be... Over your mother's... Dead body!!!
~ Karma to Ryuu after he had confronted her about his resolve


Karma Abyss is an ancient, immortal demonic dragon from a Fantasy RPG World who after devouring the soul of the Demon King Belial attained immeasurable, unparalleled godlike powers. Now, as a Lv. 999 Character with all stats maxed out, Karma Abyss has no challenge nor true purpose in life and chooses to live out in isolation. This all changes when she encounters an abandoned human child by the forest near her lair and decides to raise him as her own son.

The years pass and Karma Abyss settles nicely into the role of a sweet, caring, and definitely overprotective mother, living a peaceful life along with her adopted child, Ryuuji. However, this life comes to an end when, in the day of his 15th birthday, her teenage son decides to leave his mother behind to explore the world as an Adventurer. There's only one problem: Karma Abyss is as overly-attached as she is powerful, and she isn't letting her child explore the world outside without her protection and supervision. And so, Ryuuji's dreams of an ordinary adventure are shattered, and his journey along with his mother begins.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-B, likely higher

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Rage Power (Type 1), Martial Arts (Type 4), Weapon Mastery (Type 1), Longevity, Shockwave Creation, Summoning (Can summon the Excluber and The Wishing Stone of Remniscience), Teleportation, Cloth Manipulation (Created clothes for herself and Ryuu), Aura (Her inhuman kindness causes her to have a dazzling and sweet aura which warms those around her), Energy Projection (Her sigh manifested as a beam of energy that destroyed a chunk of the moon), Transformation (Into her Dragon form), Fusionism, Power Absorption, Reality Warping (After swallowing the devil Belial, Karma became an omniscient and omnipotent being, being a dragon even the gods fear), Large Size (Type 1 in Dragon form. As big as a tree), Healing (Her Mama's Kiss can heal everyone around her instantly), Water Manipulation (Her tears of joy could flood a town), Fire and Hellfire Manipulation, Light Manipulation (Can conjure the devil's power as a flame of destruction that can exterminate everything, Karma even threatened to "delete" the star she lives on with it), Barrier Creation (Could seal the entrances of her house), Flight, Magic, Plant Manipulation, Creation (Created a basket with fruits and apple tea), Minor Time Manipulation (The Wishing Stone of Remniscience can disassociate to make recordings), Telekinesis, Forcefield Creation, Information Analysis (Can get all information she wants from someone, even private information like how many spells one can use or what their base level is. Analyze allows her to analyze specific information from others, such as their skills), Death Manipulation (Can sentence others to a specific death, like being killed by a specific person or weapon), Explosion Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Telepathy, Invisibility, Sound Manipulation (Enchanted her son with an magic that turns him invisible and silence his voice every time he's naked), Enhanced Senses, Mind Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (If Karma enters a near dead or unconscious state her bracelet will activate and transform every citizen on the world into a perfect copy of her in both mind and body), Power Nullification (Karma's magic can nullify others magic), Power Bestowal (Made Ryuuji temporarily as strong as her), Statistics Amplification (Could make a simple sword the strongest weapon in the world. Can increase her own performance with magic), Time Stop, Precognition (Type 2. With The Wishing Stone of Remniscience can predict the future by showing the past), Resistance Negation (Incinerated a bug that had immunity against fire attacks), BFR, Afterimage Creation, Fourth Wall Awareness, Electricity Manipulation, Supernatural Willpower (Her sheer willpower caused one of Lucifer's attendants to fly to the stratosphere), Self-Sustenance (Type 1)

Attack Potency: At least Planet level, likely higher (Destroyed about 20% of the moon with a sigh. Threatened to "delete" the planet. Stated she could increase the orbit of the planet by pushing it which would generate this much force)

Speed: At least FTL (Flew to Saturn and back in an hour)

Lifting Strength: At least Class Y (Stated that she could increase the orbit of the planet by pushing it)

Durability: At least Planet level, likely higher

Stamina: At least Extremely High (Can use her magic for a whole day and not even tire a bit)

Range: Standard melee range normally, Tens of meters physically in Dragon form, Planetary with magic and powers

Standard Equipment: Excluber, Wishing Stone of Reminiscence, her bracelet

Intelligence: At least Gifted (Karma was stated to become an omniscient being after swallowing Belial, she even shows this by having certain "Memories" within her which shows her knowledge of basically everything, she also is shown to know things that humans don't seem to understandnd yet, however, Karma shows herself as clumsy, lightheaded and very inexperienced on a usual day to day things, such as common sense and why humans are the way they are)

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Instant Teleport: Karma snaps her fingers and teleports to everywhere and anywhere she wants

Mama's Kiss: Karma kisses someone and that causes the one kissed and everyone around to be healed instantly

Analyze: Karma can analyze others powers and statistics just by seeing them

Aura: While on human form, Karma's aura is sweet and dazzling able to comfort those around her, while in Dragon form, however, that auras turn into a jet black dark and sinister one

The Wishing Stone of Reminiscence: A divine machine that Karma can summon at any given time, it has the power to disassociate time to make recordings, analyze information, and can make the user see everything that the machine does

Bracelets: Karma's bracelet has power to automatically activate when she's in a near dead or unconscious state, when activated it will turn every being in the world into a perfect copy of Karma in both mind and body

Death Sentence for Obedience: An ability that allows Karma to sentence others to death, being instantly or through a certain act

Flame Level 1: A ball of fire that can level entire cities with ease

Flame of Destruction: The devil's power grants her the ability to control a flame of destruction that can exterminate everything

Note: Although the manga constantly calls the astronomical object where the series takes place as a "Star", this is most likely a mistranslation of the kanji "星 (Hoshi)" which can mean both "Planet" and "Star", and seeing how the manga constantly calls the astronomical object as "World", the fact it looks and behaves like a planet, and the manga has already shown a visual interpretation of said place as planet earth, it's most likely that the aforementioned astronomical object is a planet rather than an star.


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