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Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy (KE) is a form of energy which is produced during the motion of an object. The formula is applicable on the speed far below speed of light and gives good appromixation for the energy produced. However, if the object reaches speeds close to light or beyond, then kinetic energy is measured through relativistic kinetic energy formula due to exponential increase of energy output in such high speeds.

Kinetic Energy Standard

Due to the varying way kinetic energy tends to be dealt in fiction, it tends to differ from the way kinetic energy works in real life, therefore our wiki has certain standards regarding kinetic energy and feats involving them in general:

  • While the method to obtain kinetic energy through speed is indeed a valid method, it can be done only under the case if the said speed is utilized in an offensive manner and not simply just plain speed. For example, KE can be calculated if the character uses the speed to increase the output of the attack, while on the other hand KE cannot be calculated if it's simply the character traversing distances at certain speeds.
  • Feats involving simple movements of celestial bodies would not qualify for being Attack Potency via kinetic energy, but applying motion of celestial bodies offensively through kinetic energy would qualify for it being Attack Potency. For example, a character moving a planet would not be an Attack Potency feat and instead be listed solely as Lifting Strength, but a character moving a planet to attack another character would qualify as an Attack Potency feat.

Kinetic Energy vs Relativistic Kinetic Energy

In order to determine when to apply formula for kinetic energy or when to apply relativistic kinetic energy while calculating feats in fiction, we have following standards for them:

  • If the verse closely follows, or at least in no way contradicts, the effects produced when approaching speed of light, or that the speed of light is treated as universal speed limit without an character surpassing it, then the kinetic energy formula would apply at slower speeds whille relativistic kinetic energy formula would be applicable when approaching sub-light speeds and goes up till light speed.
  • However, if a fictional verse doesn't conform to the effects at relativistic speeds or the speed of light is surpassed by characters in speed then the kinetic energy formula can apply at both speeds much lower than speed of light up to speed of light.
  • Following from the 2nd point, if the fiction doesn't treat speed of light as universal speed limit then kinetic energy can be applied at speeds faster than light, and can be used for any higher speed rating untill Infinite speed, as at that point it becomes impossible to calculate kinetic energy.