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A single choice has altered my fate... But I've never had regrets. Not a single one. If we're in this together, we can conquer even the hardest paths.
~ Future Knight

This excessive and chilly touch... Time to return as the protagonist again.
~ Knight upon obtaining the Cosmic Destroyer

Sorrow cannot last for long in front of maddening loneliness. After 3 years passed within that void... I became dull towards everything. For 7 years, I kept thinking. I just tried to save my comrades and the world... where did it all go so wrong? That was when that thing arrived, offering me a second chance. When I woke up, I was in Demon World. It's like doing a second playthrough of an RPG game, right?
~ Knight Alter to Knight

We're the heroes that need to save this world. The whole world is on our shoulders. If we're weak... that's a sin.
~ Knight Alter


The Knight is the main protagonist of Guardian Tales. When the kingdom of Kanterbury is attacked by mysterious Invaders, the Knight is separated from their captain after being directly struck by a missile. The Knight ended up being saved by a mysterious lady before their demise, making their way toward the castle to defend their queen. On the way, the Knight finds their captain, Eva, and fights through a ferocious Minotaur alongside her before making their way to the castle. The Dark Magician had appeared just after Queen Camilla had evacuated the last civilians, about to take her life after one-shotting the Knight, Eva and Camilla herself. Little Princess was forced to seal the Dark Magician in a Dimension Barrier as the party quickly recovered and attempted to flee through the skies.

Little Princess' barrier was not enough to hold the Dark Magician for long, as it quickly pursues and picks off each and every member with lasers, making them fall into the Kanterbury Forest. The Knight lands next to an inn with the Little Princess, as the duo soon start their quest to save the Kanterbury Kingdom, and soon the world itself.

Future Knight is the Knight from an alternate timeline. During the events of Unrecorded World, the Knight chooses to stay in the future to assist Future Princess and the rest of the survivors on Heavenhold in their efforts to push back the Invaders and turn their timeline into a better place. Sohee, a companion the Knight met 10 years ago, made the Cosmic Destroyer for her after Libera (her previous go-to sword) was no longer a reliable weapon. Future Knight now relies mostly on Magiton energy as her and Future Princess climb up Heavenhold to confront the Dark Magician and save their world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, possibly far higher

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight (Has been shown to be able to fly during their battle with Knight Alter) Weapon Mastery (Expert in using one-handed swords, two-handed swords, guns, and bows), Acrobatics (Was capable of expertly jumping on steel beams as they fell), BFR and Portal Creation (Is a descendant of Kaden and uses his magic, which is capable of making a portal to Demon World), Fate Manipulation (The Knight was able to kill Erina before she was meant to and changed the scenario of the game), Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of their status as a fictional character), Electricity Manipulation (via Thunder Strike), Fire Manipulation (from Flame of Purification), Ice Manipulation (From Ice Shock Wave), Sound Manipulation (With Battle Roar), Soul Manipulation (Magiton energy directly targets the enemy's soul, which is what allows it to harm spirits), Energy Manipulation (Via Imperial Order. Can throw cubes that release beams of energy after a set period of time. The Champion's Sword allows the Knight to manipulate energy around them), Darkness Manipulation (Via Demon Bow and Predator Smash), Empathic Manipulation (Via Heart Breaker), Light Manipulation (via Magiton Chain), Explosion Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (Via Bounce Plasma Grenade and Newton's Apple), Gravity Manipulation (Via Pressure Field), Afterimage Creation (via Akaoni), Homing Attack (Via Autopilot Arrow), Summoning (Can summon the Champion's Sword and a holy bird. Although not used in-character, Knight can spend 300 or 2700 gems to summon a random hero to fight with them, which can vary from the Knight themselves, low-class warriors or characters like Lupina and Bari. Can materialize 3 other party members who will disappear at the end of a battle), Statistics Amplification (From Awakening, they can increase their Skill Damage and Attack Damage, Health, Critical Hit Chance, and Damage Reduction. With various cards and merch, they can passively increase their skill and attack damage, health, critical hit chance, make shields that reduce damage, become immune to Doom, decrease damage taken by specific elements, heal all members of the party by hitting an enemy and increase various stats upon killing an enemy), Weapon Creation (Libera can form into a two-handed sword or a bow. Can create a Captain's Mirror Shield. Can throw Libera as a projectile and immediately gain another one), Power Mimicry (Knight replicated Tinia's Desert Rain flawlessly down to the very shape of the arrows she fired, despite never meeting her before), Health Absorption (Via Blood Sword), Pseudo-Precognition (Whenever an enemy is about to attack, characters get visual cues on where and when they are going to attack, allowing them to dodge or finish their chain meter in time), Paralysis Inducement (Can inflict Airborne, Injured and Downed, which renders the opponent immovable for 2 seconds, even if they have abilities that shouldn't let them be affected by them), Perception Manipulation (Time appears to slow down when characters need to dodge fatal attacks or do something quickly. The Knight retains their speed while doing this), Danmaku (Can fire several volleys of arrows), Time Travel (From running, only by using Sohee's invention. Time Travel lets Knight summon a copy of themself from an alternate timeline to assist in battle), Non-Physical Interaction (Fought ghosts with physical weapons), Resurrection (Can revive themselves or other people by using 30 gems + an extra 30 from the amount of times they've revived themselves in that specific battle. The Knight can have tens of thousands of gems on hand)

Resistance to Light Manipulation, Extreme Cold (Can fight in Mt. Shivering, where it is constantly snowing), Extreme Heat (Can fight in the Dungeon Kingdom, where lava is spread around the area while wearing metal armor), Energy Absorption (Regularly has their energy taken by succubi), Void Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Existed in a void where nothing existed for several years after the game ended), Disease Manipulation and Transmutation (Can take hits from direct strands of Labose, which do this to the victim)

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Cosmic Destroyer was capable of taking down an Invader Airship, which could fragment a stone building by ramming into it, and cause significant damage to Heavenhold. Fought Android Mk.2, who is superior to Android Mk.99), possibly far higher (Defeated Beth alongside Future Princess, who was capable of casually wiping out the entirety of Heavenhold in her base form just because the Knight wasn't there, as well as the entire world had she not been defeated at that moment. Capable of defeating Lilith, who can move Demon World, an entire planet, casually. Defeated Knight Alter, who one-shot the Savior, who is superior to both Beth and Lilith)

Speed: Subsonic (Ran 88 miles per hour. Could keep up with Future Princess while she rode a motorcycle) with Speed of Light reactions (Regularly fights Cursed Towers that attack with lasers), faster with the Pegasus Sneakers (Outran Lana with the Pegasus Sneakers, who was blitzing them beforehand)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human regularly (Wields Cosmic Destroyer, a minigun, without much effort. Knight Alter could easily throw the Knight around during their battle), higher with the Ogre Glove

Durability: Small Building level (Could take hits from Beth and Mk.2), possibly far higher

Stamina: Very high (Usually fights groups and waves of enemies without tiring. Fought 2 Super Invaders that could one-shot them and was fine afterwards)

Range: Tens of meters with Libera (One-handed form), hundreds of meters with Libera (Bow and Two-handed form), Cosmic Destroyer and bows

Standard Equipment: Either Libera or Cosmic Destroyer, various cards that give different boosts to the user, a shield, the Champion's Sword, the Hookshot, the Pegasus Sneakers, the Ogre Glove, a spiked club and Window Breaker (A baseball bat)

Optional Equipment: Click this to see a list of all weapons that the Knight can potentially use

Intelligence: Gifted (Surpassed Eva in skill, who was the strongest knight in the Kanterbury Kingdom and was capable of becoming a Guardian despite all signs pointing her to be a wizard, reforming the entire group to be the strongest and most competitive knights in the world. Knows how Magiton energy functions and uses Cosmic Destroyer to its fullest potential. The only character known to be able to understand Magiton energy is Sohee, a scientist who had been studying it for more than 10 years)

Weaknesses: Dark elemental attacks, is somewhat of an idiot and is prone to daydreaming mid-battle. Doesn't take death seriously as they rely on Gems to revive people and themselves

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Everything in this page is what the Knight can potentially access.

Guardian of Light: Base Knight only. Whenever the Knight is hurt by light-based attacks, they will increase their durability.

Reinforced Bullet: Future Knight only. When Future Knight is wielding a rifle, her shots penetrate through the enemy and have a 50% chance for each shot to do increased damage to the enemy. When the enemy is hit, the Knight reduces their defense to their attacks by 20% for 3 seconds.

Princess' Amulet: Future Knight only. Future Knight holds up the Little Princess' amulet, which creates a forcefield around her that nullifies all damage taken, but only once.

Judgment: The Knight summons the Champion's Sword from Heavenhold as it increases into a massive size, striking down the target with a field of energy surrounding it while inflicting Downed.

Magiton Grenade: The Knight throws a Magiton Grenade at the target, creating a field of Magiton energy around the target that shocks the enemy rapidly, inflicting Airborne.

Note: Despite being physically different characters, Knight and Knight Alter are the same character from different timelines, and have very few differences aside from gender and mannerisms. Thus, Knight should be able to use the abilities that Knight Alter displays, even though they haven't been shown using them.


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