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The ability to manipulate "laws" that applies themselves to reality automatically, referring to rules, mandates, and even basic logical principles/truths/facts that are the way a reality should work. The laws may or may not have been previously enforced within the setting of a verse by a higher authority.

Without control over them, basic users of power can only disrupt one or more rules. Normal and more sophisticated users may be able to kill, nullify, alter and/or create proposed laws potentially to preserve an order or to benefit themselves.

Users who do nonsensical things, especially when done in a cartoonish way, may only have Toon Force. There are also occasions when a law manipulator is actually using its powers to mimic Toon Force traits.

Possible Uses

  • Reality Warping: Users with this ability may be able to regulate the laws of reality, and high-level users may even be able to negate the existing laws and impose reality on their own.
  • Power Nullification: High-level users may be able to prevent the use of a universe of such strength or skills, making other users powerless.
  • Causality Manipulation: By regulating cause and effect laws.
  • Physics Manipulation: The user may be in a position to modify the fundamental laws of physics.
  • Mathematics Manipulation: The user may be able to change the outcome, or the basic mechanism behind, of a mathematical equation.


  • The user can be restricted to regulating only a single form of law.
  • Type 5 and possibly Type 4 Acausality users may possibly be unaffected.
  • If the user lacks the knowledge required to manipulate the power, it can backfire on the user.

Notable Users