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Said to have descended to the ancient Digital World long ago, it is an Angel Digimon which has the appearance of a child. It manifested in an era in which the Digital World was still chaotic, and it is said that it brought about order and harmony. However, a long period of darkness was summoned due to Lucemon's later "Rebellion". Although it has the appearance of a child, the power and intelligence it possesses surpass even that of a Perfect Digimon. It is said that Lucemon's abilities have now been inherited and split among the Three Archangels.
~ Lucemon (Digimon Reference Book)

The strongest of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it is an ultimate Demon Lord Digimon which possesses both the divine and the diabolic. It instigated a rebellion in the far-flung past, and so it was sealed in the Dark Area along with many other Demon Lord Digimon. Its power exceeds that of Ultimates, and is said to rival that of the existence called "God" as well. It has a contradictory existence, in that one side of it loves all things, as God does, while the other is trying to destroy the whole world, as the Devil does. Hence, once it destroys this world, it intends to create a fresh new world.
~ Lucemon: Falldown Mode (Digimon Reference Book)

Having the appearance of the dragon of Revelation, it is Lucemon's final form. As was told in the Revelation, it carries the Crowns of the Seven Deadly Sins upon its head, and it holds the orb of darkness, "Gehenna", which absorbs all attacks. All attacks are nullified before the Gehenna, and it is said that the world will perish when Lucemon takes this form. However, Lucemon's true form (Lucemon Larva) exists within the Gehenna, and Satan Mode is no more than Lucemon's shadow. Therefore, no matter how many times Satan Mode is attacked, those attacks will not reach the true form, Lucemon Larva.
~ Lucemon: Satan Mode (Digimon Reference Book)

The true form of Lucemon which operates Satan Mode as its shadow. It hides itself within the orb of darkness carried by Satan Mode, "Gehenna", and its existence is said to be the epitome of Lucemon's evil will.
~ Lucemon: Larva (Digimon Reference Book)

Although it is a Demon Lord-type, the way in which its six pairs of golden wings shine is divine like that of an Angel-type. Not only does its appearance far surpass that of the old Lucemon, but also its power and intellect, and has sublimated into the perfect being that transcends even God. Having gained the ultimate wisdom and power to do absolutely anything at will, Lucemon reigns in the Digital World as an incarnation of destruction and creation.
~ Lucemon (X-Antibody) (Digimon Reference Book)


Lucemon is the leader of the Seven Great Demon Lords from Digimon and the strongest among them. It represents the Sin of Pride which fits his personality as well, as he's always proud of what he does, believing that everything he wants and does is always right, the very well main characteristic of Pride itself.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-B | 1-B | 1-B | 1-B | 1-B, possibly High 1-B

Dimensionality: 12-D to Transfinite-D | 12-D to Transfinite-D | 12-D to Transfinite-D | 12-D to Transfinite-D | 12-D to Transfinite-D, possibly Infinite-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1, 3 & 8; Despite being in his Child form, Lucemon is still linked to the Sin of Pride. It was said that as long as malice exist in the hearts of men, Lucemon would be immortal and infinite. He's also the embodiment of darkness and nonexistence itselves, since the Dark Area that is a world of nothingness itself, is nothing but a part of Lucemon's body. Reliant on the Sin of Pride), Conceptual Manipulation (Just by it's presence, he created the concepts of good and evil in a world in which neither existed and also transcends said concepts as well, with even a card mentioning it), Regeneration and Ressurrection Negation (The Seven Great Demon Lords have an unique of negating the regeneration and ressurrection of it's opponents, the data destroyed by the opponent is not reincarnated, but sent to the Dark Area and becomes the flesh and blood of the Demon Lords. This has another direct mentions such as here and here), Light Manipulation, Flight, Energy Manipulation and Energy Projection (Can fire energy beams from his eyes, As well as fire multiple light energy pillars while sealed within the Dark Area), Telepathy (While still sealed in the Dark Area, Lucemon is able to call the aid of Dynasmon), Healing & Resurrection (Through Light Aura & Revive) Morality Manipulation (Forcefully turned Cherubimon evil with his mere aura), Sealing (Was able to seal inside the Earth Huanglongmon), Explosion Manipulation (Seraphimon, who is a mere fragment of it's power, can generate a Big Bang), Regeneration (Mid-High), Acausality (Type 1) Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation Sound Manipulation, Dimensional BFR, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Body Control, Teleportation, Fire Manipulation, Age Manipulation, Flight, Gravity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Soul Purification (Limited to work on evil beings), Portal Creation, Limited Probability Manipulation via Destruction, Existence Erasure

All previous abilities amplified, Transformation (When defeated, Lucemon Falldown Mode will enter Satan Mode. Though he can access all the forms at his will), Nonexistent Physiology (The Dark Area itself is a part of Lucemon's body, with him embodying it completely), Reality Warping & Void Manipulation (He's the very source of the Dark Area and is capable of controlling it's totality as an extension of his body, the Dark Area being a total world of nothingness), Light Manipulation & Darkness Manipulation (Shown here), Power Nullification, Telekinesis (Was able to telekinetically toss KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon with complete ease. Able to make Tsukasa Kagura fly with his mind and will), Attack Reflection (Completely haulted and reflected attacks with ease), Electricity Manipulation (Shown here), Dimensional Manipulation (Type 2. By simply awakening, Lucemon was making the boundaries between the Human and Digital World collapse) Matter Manipulation & Data Manipulation (He's capable of turning his opponent's body and matter into data. Cherubimon, a fragment of Lucemon's power, can control the 0s & 1s to make constructs based on it), Transmutation Absorption (Turned Kagura into mere bytes and absorbed him), Abstract Existence (He states that Falldown Mode is the very embodiment of evil) Portal Creation (He's capable of creating wormholes that connects both Human and Digital Worlds), Dimensional BFR (Can send his opponents to the Dark Area where they are erased and become mere aspects of his body), Duplication (He's capable of creating copies of himself), Transformation, Void Manipulation ([He was going to send both Human and Digital Worlds into the Dark Area, a void of nothingness), Space-Time Manipulation (He is one with the entire Dark Area, that is capable of consuming entire universes. Even his profile states that he can create a new world), Soul Manipulation (He's capable of removing souls from bodies and sending them to the Dark Area), Sleep Manipulation (Through Eternal Sleep), Limited Probability Manipulation, (Dead or Alive has a 50/50 chance of killing the opponent or wounding them at least to the point of incapcitation), Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Enhanced Senses, Fire Manipulation, Resurrection (If his body is destroyed, it can be reformed from the data of it's victims with enough time given, but can also be recreated from a prideful human such as Tsugasa Kagura and the Code-Key of Pride), Power Nullification and Transmutation (Through Regression Shining Laser), Able to turn his opponent's resistances into weaknesses and vice versa through Purging Gale Storm, Existence Erasure

All previous abilities + The abilities of UlforceV-dramon

All previous abilities + The abilities of Lilithmon, Leviamon, Belphemon, Beelzebumon, Barbamon & Demon.

Data Manipulation (All Digimon can manipulate data for their own purposes) Reality Warping, Law Manipulation & Pocket Reality Manipulation (Reality is viewed, by Digimon, as just some normal computer program. That way, they are able to warp and change the structure of the very reality by changing the laws in whatever form they want to be), Reactive Adaptation (Digimon can rewrite their own structure to adapt to different situations) Immortality (Types 1, 3 & 4 (The last one is non-combat applicable). Digimon don't age and they can reform their Wireframe and if a Digimon dies, he'll just reincarnate), Higher-Dimensional Existence & Non-Corporeal (All Digimons are in fact, souls that exist on a higher plane of reality following an emanation cosmology that is transcending multiple levels of space-time. Their nature as higher souls makes them untouchable to lower-dimensional beings), Power Mimicry (Through absorbing opponents data, Digimon are able to assimilate their very abilities. Digimon in fact can learn the opponents's attacks just by observing them, but this is limited to the Digimon's intelligence), Inorganic Physiology (Type 1; Digimon are beings made entirely of data, lacking internal organs) Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Digimon don't need to breath) Mind and Soul Manipulation (Digimons are able to interact with each other's DigiCores, which are their very mind, soul and essence), Regeneration (High-Godly. Digimons are able to easily recover their Wireframes whenever it's damaged)

Resistance to Mind and Soul Manipulation (Digimon have their minds and souls protected by the Wireframe, requiring one to bypass the Wireframe before reaching the minds/souls of a Digimon), Existence Erasure (As the very embodiment of the Dark Area itself, he is nonexistent), Death Manipulation (Dark Area Digimons lacks the concept of death), Absorption, Hacking & Power Nullification (Digimon are able to resist the bugging of the Eaters, which absorbs and corrupts data leaving them useless) and Biological Manipulation (Digimon are composed entirely of data and lack internal organs), Death Manipulation, Power Nullification, Absolute Zero, and BFR (Defeated the 10 Legendary Warriors, who could casually use these abilities in battle), Conceptual Attacks (Despite Voltobautamon damaging the very concepts that the Demon Lords embody, him alongside them managed to resist it)

All base form abilities amplified, Higher Resistance to Existence Erasure (Users of the X-Antibody are able to resist multiple levels of the Program X/Particle Worm which is a mass erasure technique made from Yggdrasil. This technique is so powerful that it even threatens the likes of Beelzebumon who needed to gain the X-Antibody to survive it, the latter being an conceptual and abstract entity) and Power Nullification (X-Antibody Digimon are able resist the effects of Particle Worm in which also negates all the abilities of those effected).

Attack Potency: Hyperverse level (Mere fragments of his power were split, giving birth to Seraphimon, Ofanimon & Cherubimon. Defeated and sealed Huanglongmon in the past when it became berserk. His Grand Cross attack was able to hurt both KaiserGreymon & MagnaGarurumon in Frontier, who at the time had beaten Lordknightmon & Dynasmon) | Hyperverse level (Is the strongest among the Demon Lords, with all of them combined being nothing to him, with this being consistent as well. His profile states that when he destroys the world, he intends to create a new perfect one. Stomped KaiserGreymon & MagnaGarurumon badly in battle. His awakening made the boundary between the Digital and Human World begin to disappear, with said boundary being the Dimensionall Wall that separates the worlds. Was moving both Human and Digital Worlds to inside the Dark Area) | Hyperverse level (Far stronger than before. Absorbed the entirety of the Dark Area, is stronger than Falldown Mode who by extension is stronger than the rest of the Demon Lords) | Hyperverse level (Many times stronger than before) | Hyperverse level (The Demon Lords themselves are Multiversal constants, with their existence being tied to the Digital World. Their true forms are infinitely stronger than it's avatars) | Possibly High Hyperverse level (He was also stated to be the Darkness that rivals Yggdrasil's Light)

Speed: Immeasurable (Should be superior than Dynasmon and Lordknightmon, as well as the Three Great Angels) | Immeasurable (Far faster than before. The Dark Area is a extension of his body, with said place being a world of nothingness that lacks even time. This is demonstrated when in the game Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode, every place the player goes there's a time indicator, but in the Dark Area there's no time indicator. Furthermore, Digimon Heroes states that time completely stops once they enter the Dark Area) | Immeasurable (Far faster than before) | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable | Immeasurable (Superior to Leviamon, who was stated to be able to devour the entire Digital World with it's jaws) | Immeasurable | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Durability: Hyperverse level (Superior than the Three Great Angels. Should be also superior to Dynasmon & Lordknightmon) | Hyperverse level (More durable than before. Tanked KaiserGreymon's attacks and treated it like nothing) | Hyperverse level | Hyperverse level | Hyperverse level, possibly High Hyperverse level

Stamina: Extremely High | Extremely High | Extremely High | Extremely High | Possibly Limitless in it's True Form

Range: Hyperversal (Attacked while sealed inside the Dark Area) | Hyperversal (Was stated to be able to destroy and recreate the Digital World. Was consuming both worlds within the Dark Area) | Hyperversal | Hyperversal | Hyperversal (His presence is in all worlds at the same time)

Standard Equipment: None | Gehenna, the giant orb that he carries that absorbs all attacks

Intelligence: Lucemon is extremely manipulative and crafty, was capable of making a whole plan/scheme to control the Three Celestial Digimon (That are nothing but mere facets of it's powers) and would have succeeded in absorbing the Digital World if Susanoomon didn't intervene with it, as he grows more powerful his rational judgment is clouded by his own vanity as he's the Demon Lord of Pride.

Weaknesses: If Lucemon Larva is knocked out of Gehenna (the massive sphere), Satan Mode will go wild and berserk. Larva is much more vulnerable and limited than the rest of it's forms, even weaker than Child Mode possinly.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Grand Cross: Fires ten superheated orbs in a cruciform syzygy. This attack also bypasses magical defenses.
  • Divine Feat: Creates a greatsword or spear of light and with it pierces the enemy.
  • Arrogant...: Lucemon sends an interloper flying backward with a simple backhand.
  • Strike of the Seven Stars: Creates seven superheated balls of light at the opponent to annihilate them.
  • Testament: Uses the deepest mystery to convert his power into a new Big Bang.
  • Excalibur: Attacks with the holy sword generated from his right arm.
  • Final Heal: Fully heals itself and its allies.
  • Sefirot Crystal: Summons several small crystals in the shape of the Sephiroth that attacks the enemy.
  • Eden's Javelin: Creates a holy light from his lance that purifies the enemy.
  • Eden's Air: Heals allies with holy light.
  • Perfect Revival: Revives all allies.
  • Final Aura: Fully heals himself.
  • Lightning Spear: Creates a bolt of lightning and throws it at the enemy.
  • Thousand Spears: A variation that creates multiple Lightning Spears.
  • Heaven's Judgement: Summons a thunder cloud that drops a set number of lightning bolts.
  • Final Judgment: A bigger variation of Storm of Judgment.
  • Lightning Blast: Unleashes a blast of energy from his mouth.
  • Holy Hug: Grabs his enemies and squeezes the life out of them.
  • Kerubimausu: An attack where Lucemon inhales and sucks in everything into another dimension.
  • Vortex: He attacks by drawing everything into a vortex, allowing him to easily manipulate debris and use them as projectiles to crush foes and twists time and space to drop entire castles on his opponents.
  • Dark Lightning: Attacks with dark power in the form of lightning. This attack bypasses magical defenses.

  • Paradise Lost: After punching a target repeatedly he kicks his foe into the air. He then flies up to meet his opponent and pile-drives them into the ground with groundbreaking force.
  • Dead or Alive/Ultimate Sacrifice: Lucemon uses an orb of light to hold the target in place and mixes it with an orb of darkness to trap the target in two rotating spheres. It explodes moments later, either instantly killing whoever is trapped inside or grievously wounding them to the point of incapacitation. However, it's possible for a fusion-based being to escape by separating into their component parts. In Cyber Sleuth, Dead or Alive is also able to cause numerous multiple crippling status effects at once, including instant death. These status effects include
    • Turning weaknesses into resistances and vice versa.
    • Paralysis, Poison, Confusion/Panic, Sleep and Stun.
    • Turning one into a physically weak 8-bit sprite and nullifying all their powers.
  • Purging Gale Storm: A powerful, wide-reaching wind blast that not only damages the foes, but turns resistances into weaknesses and vice versa.
  • Regression Shining Laser: A powerful, wide-reaching eruption of numerous light pillars from below that can turn the opponent into a sprite and negate all their abilities.
  • Blackout Awesome Quake: A powerful, wide-reaching earth attack from below that can stun opponents and prevent them from attacking.
  • Violated Rune Forest: A powerful, wide-reaching explosion of verdant energy that can poison the opponent.
  • Crucified Thunder Fall: A powerful, wide-reaching burst of lightning that can paralyze the opponent.
  • Condemning Hell Crusher: A powerful, wide-reaching burst of dark energy that can instantly kill its target.
  • Crazed Meteor Fall: Summons a meteor storm that deals damage and injects confusion and panic into the minds of Lucemon's foes.
  • Requiem Ocean Wave: Summons a tidal wave that can put the foe to sleep.
  • Banishing Mach Rush: A powerful physical barrage of attacks that knocks the opponent far away.
  • Pride: Gives all his techniques a boost in power.
  • Spirit Drain: Absorbs energy from the opponent to recover his own.
  • Power Sacrifice: Sacrifices his physical attack prowess to maximize his magic attack prowess.
  • Magic Sacrifice: Sacrifices his magical attack prowess to maximize his physical attack prowess.
  • Power Null: A thought that nullifies the opponent's special abilities.

  • Purgatorial Flame: Flames of destruction that purge everything. These flames are the flames of the Dark Area.
  • Divine Atonement: It emits devastating beams of annihilation from the crests of the Demon Lords it bears on its wings
  • Wrath of Satan: Fires destructive blasts from the orb he carries.
  • "I Will Eradicate You!": An attack that ignores conventional durability to an extent. It automatically weakens the foes into a vulnerable state while knocking far away.
  • Resentment -Extreme-: Boosts Lucemon's Attack Potency.
  • Ruinous Destruction: An attack that instantly kills the opponent.
  • Gehenna: The orb that Lucemon Satan Mode carries, known as Gehenna, is able to nullify most attacks (it took a complete Susanoomon to break into it). It protects Lucemon Larva which acts as the brain to Lucemon Satan Mode which possesses no sentient mind of its own. If Lucemon Larva is removed from the orb Satan Mode will be reduced to attacking randomly. It also weakens magic based attacks and absorbs them to heal itself.

  • Protect: Fires a concentrated beam to pierce the opponent. Can also be used at point blank range.

  • Seventh Divine Cruz: Arranges ten super-heated spheres of light in a cruciform syzygy and fires light of annihilation. Digimon (or anyone hit) that suffer and die from this technique are said to have their Digicores (essences) absorbed into the Crown of Pride and transform into the flesh and blood of Lucemon.

Key: Lucemon | Falldown Mode | Satan Mode | Larva | Lucemon X | True Form


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