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You have two choices. One, be killed by me as a devil. Or two, be kept by me as a human. If you're my pet, I'll give you food.
~ Makima to Denji


Makima is a Public Safety Devil Hunter, who took Denji as her human pet. She is later revealed to be the Control Devil which embodies the fear of control. She is the main heroine and serves as the overall main antagonist of the story.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C, likely higher

Name: Makima, Control Devil

Origin: Chainsaw Man

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Devil, Devil Hunter

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Transformation (Can turn into rats), Blood Manipulation (Can drink blood to regain her strength), Regeneration (High-Mid; has had all of her appendages cut off as well as her torso cut in half at once and came back fully healed in moments), Immortality (Types 2, 3, 4 and 8. Devils do not truly die, they will resurrect in Hell or on Earth depending on where they are killed as long as the concept they embody is feared), Abstract Existence (Type 2. Devils are born with a name and are kept alive/empowered by the fear of the object they embody), Resurrection (Per her contract with Prime Minister of Japan, when she is damaged, some random Japanese citizen dies instead of her from the appropriate incident or illness), Empowerment (Devils are empowered by fear. Each Devil is born with a name; the more feared that name or the concept of the Devil, the more powerful the Devil becomes), Animal Manipulation (Can control lower life forms such as crows and rats and use their hearing organs to spy on others), Biological Manipulation (Can control her own brain tissue to form a halo, can kill people by targeting the inside of their body), Durability Negation, Mind Manipulation (Can control those she perceives to be "lower" than herself), Teleportation (Can teleport the people, Devils or fiends she has control over via the chains that link them, can also teleport herself via rats), Dimensional Travel (Can appear in Hell, a separate dimension, by making Spider Devil summon her), Memory Manipulation (Made the Angel Devil forget what he did to his village), Telekinesis (Can force a body to implode from great distances with a sacrifice, can make a target explode), Power Bestowal (Can form contracts with people to give them her powers), Pain Tolerance (Type 3. Any time she has been hurt she has had no reaction to it, examples would be her getting all of her limbs cut off or shot in the head), Enhanced Senses (Could tell if Denji was a Devil or Human by his scent, can discern that's happening hundreds of kilometers above Earth's surface), Portal Creation (Can form a halo out of her own brain tissue, and create a portal from which objects or beings can be summoned), Body Puppetry (Can control the corpses of dead Devils, via the Snake Devil make someone fight for it by eating them and then spitting them out), Weapon Mastery (Type 0. Uses her Telekinesis as a gun sometimes, and launched Denji into orbit with it), Weapon Creation (Via Angel Devil, can spawn weapons made from lifespan of people she has control over via her chains), Non-Physical Interaction (Via the Angel Devil's weapons, which can hurt and attack the Ghost Devil who is intangible), Life Absorption (Via the Angel Devil, can drain beings of off their life force with a touch), Healing (Via the Snake Devil, can heal beings that have been eaten), Precognition (Via the Future Devil who can see the future down to details of whoever puts their head into its chest, can possibly look a few seconds into the future), Surface Scaling (Via the Spider Devil, can walk up walls), Intangibility (Via the Spider Devil who can submerge her body underground), Summoning (Via the Spider Devil who can summon people from the zipper on her body), Necromancy (Via the Zombie Devil, she can resurrect the dead Devil Hunters she has control over), Explosion Manipulation (Via the Bomb Devil, she can make anything she touches explode, can throw sparks or body parts to make people explode), Fire Manipulation (Via a an unknown Devil, she can produce flames from his flamethrower arms), Possession (Devils as a last resort will possess a corpse to survive death, but it weakens them and they become fiend), Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Type 4. When Chainsaw Man consumes a Devil, its concept and the object it represents are erased from existence and forgot by everyone, but Makima is the only person who can remember it).

Attack Potency: Building level+ (She can hurt other devils at this level and she's comparable to Denji), likely higher (She is far superior to many Devils who can perform similar or greater feats)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Fought against the Gun Devil), possibly Relativistic+ attack and reaction speed

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Should be comparable to Denji)

Durability: Building level+ (She can take attacks from Denji and other devils at this level), likely higher (She is far superior to many Devils who can perform similar or greater feats)

Stamina: High (can be torn apart and take severe damage to her vital organs and continue to fight)

Range: Likely hundreds of kilometres with telekinesis (Sent Denji into space), higher with Controlled Devils

Standard Equipment: Controlled Devils and People.

Intelligence: Above Average (Planned everything that happened to Denji throughout the entire series, including the deaths of both Power and Aki)

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Telekinesis: Makima uses an invisible force that can make people implode or explode.

Control Devil: Makima has shown to control any person to a large extent, even being able to force them into making contracts with her or another Devil. It seems as though once placed under her control, the victim subsequently loses their memory. This power works on humans, Devils and fiends but it is unknown that it can be used on hybrids or not. After she takes control of a human, she can use the abilities of their contracted Devils even after their death.

  • Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo's Devil Contract:
    • Punishment Devil: Makima possesses control over the Punishment Devil, however its abilities are widely unknown.
  • Akane Sawatari's Devil Contract:
    • Snake Devil: Makima possesses control over the Snake Devil, giving her access to the following abilities:
      • Absorption and Release: The Snake Devil can devour other devils with its gigantic mouth and then expel them at a later point to fight on its behalf. Any being that is released is fully healed and can fight in place of the Snake Devil.
  • Aki Hayakawa's Devil Contract:
    • Future Devil: Makima possesses control over the Future Devil, giving her access to the following abilities:
      • Future Sight: By having someone insert their head into the hole in its chest, the Future Devil can see that person's future.
  • Angel Devil: Makima possesses control over the Angel Devil, giving her access to the following abilities"
    • Life-Force Absorption: The Angel Devil can absorb the life spans of humans through physical contact. This will eventually kill the affected human painlessly if they touch long enough. After Aki briefly grabbed his hand, the Angel Devil estimated that Aki had lost two months of his life span.
    • Weapon Creation: The Angel Devil can transform the siphoned life spans into weapons that have supernatural properties such as Aki's katana which can cut through the normally intangible Ghost Devil.
    • Usage: Five Years: By using up five years worth of collected life span, the Angel Devil can manifest a sword from his halo which can seemingly instantly kill anyone that he cuts with it without leaving a mark.
    • Usage: Ten Years: By using up ten years worth of collected life span, the Angel Devil can manifest a sword from his halo. Its effect and strength remain unknown because it has used against Makima and she quickly knocked him down before he attacks.
  • Spider Devil: Makima possesses control over the Spider Devil, which grants her access to the following abilities:
    • Spider-like Abilities: Prinz can walk upon walls, and has spider limbs which she can pierce enemies with.
    • Intangibility: Prinz has been shown to submerge herself under the ground and emerge again to attack her foes at any given time.
    • Summoning: Prinz has shown that she can unfurl the zipper on her body to summon Makima to her immediate location even in Hell.

Zombie Devil: Makima has control over the Zombie Devil and grants her the following ability:

    • Zombie Creation: The Zombie Devil has the power to turn humans into zombies, who are forced to act as his loyal servants. Humans who are bitten by zombies are transformed into zombies themselves. Zombies are able to move and attack even if they are heavily injured

Bomb Devil: Makima has control over the Bomb Devil and she grants her the following abilities:

    • Explosive Skin: Reze can detonate her own skin form her arms to make explosive blasts and enhance her physical attacks. By tearing them off, Reze can detonate them to explode. She can also shoot them by flicking them off her hands.
    • Torpedo Transformation: Reze can transform her limbs from her explosive skin into torpedoes, which makes her punches and kicks more devastating.
    • Explosive Propulsion: Reze can cause explosions around her at will, enhancing her mobility with explosive force. She can also travel through the sky through continuous consecutive explosions.

Bow and Arrow Devil: Makima has control over the Bomb Devil and she grants her the following abilities:

    • Bow and Arrow Arms: Quanxi can shoot arrows from her bow shaped forearm, even being able to use it close range as a buck shot to wipe out a group of enemies quickly.


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