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Kaede Honjou, better known by her alias Maple, is a girl who joined NewWorld Online (NWO) when the game was merely a month old. Out of fear of getting damaged and laziness towards evasiveness, Maple used all 100 skill points given to her at the start to maximize her vitality [VIT] stat, making her nearly invulnerable to damage in exchange for her lacking in every other stat. Kaede Honjou made use of unorthodox moves such as eating enemies and having her in-game pet turtle, Syrup, fly. Her unusual antics and her immensely-high durability made her a famous figure among players of NWO and in some cases a nuisance to game admins.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C | 10-C, 9-A with Atrocity | 10-C, 9-A with Atrocity; 8-A with Machine God | 10-C, 7-B with Atrocity and Machine God

Name: Maple

Origin: Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Shield Warrior

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities, plus Body Control and Technology Manipulation (Machine God allows her to turn her limbs into cannons and even transform into a mech herself), Energy Manipulation (Can shoot hundreds of lasers with Machine God), Danmaku, Flight (With Machine God), Death Manipulation (Poison attacks have a 20% chance of instant death, even if the target is immune to the poison), Ice Manipulation (Can freeze every target within 5 meters for 3 seconds), Fire Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Can add the opponents attack onto her's), Enhanced Summoning (Can call a Red and Blue Oni to help her in battle)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level (Maple has an ATK stats of 0, which maker barely unable to physically beat small monsters, such as rabbits and turtles) | Below Average Human level, Small Building level with Atrocity (Physically stronger than Sally. Easily took out the Ent in order to get her and the other members of the Maple Tree guild into Level/Layer 3, who should be stronger than both the Fish Boss and Forest Guardian) | Below Average Human level, Small Building level with Atrocity (Capable of oneshotting Dread, Drag, and Frederica. Would've killed Mii in one hit in her efforts to save her and the Flame Emperors from opposing guilds had she hit Mii); Multi-City Block level with Machine God (Destroyed a small mountain just to demonstrate the Machine God's power. When giving it her all, she matched and eventually overpowered the Junk King) | Below Average Human level, City level+ with Atrocity and Machine God (Capable of fighting against Oni, who could harm her)

Speed: Normal Human (Her agility stat is 0, rendering her sluggish, unable to swim, and unable to gain any multipliers in agility; Mai and Yui, who also have an agility stat of 0, were unable to effectively chase after running cows during the Third Event) | Normal Human, Superhuman with Atrocity (Atrocity increases her agility by 50 and was able to tag other average players with it) | Normal Human, Superhuman with Atrocity. Subsonic with Machine God (Could keep up and eventually caught Mi who was using Flare Accel to escape, a skill comparable to Sally's Super Acceleration) | Normal Human, Superhuman with Atrocity, Subsonic with Machine God

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Was able to carry her shield with ease and can easily hold up her left arm when she had it transformed into a cannon), Class 1 with Psychokinesis and Atrocity (Can lift her turtle, Syrup, who is 5 meters big, among other giant monsters)

Striking Strength: Below Average Class | Below Average Class, Small Building Class with Atrocity | Below Average Class, Small Building Class with Atrocity; Multi-City Block Class with Machine God | Below Average Class, City Class+ with Atrocity and Machine God

Durability: Small Building level (Was able to take a strike from the deer boss. Endured hits from Silverwing, who was the first enemy to break her shield and her armor) | Multi-City Block level (Was able to take hits from the Junk King; it is important to note that acquiring Machine God before the battle had no impact on her vitality/durability whatsoever) | Multi-City Block level | City level+ (Survived an explosion this strong)

Stamina: Ridiculously High (As a result of her vitality, she is able to let herself get beaten up by hordes of enemies while sleeping. Can fight for hours without resting)

Range: Standard Melee Range physically. Varies from Extended Melee Range to Tens of Meters with various techniques. Hundreds of Meters with Machine God. Kilometers with Break Core

Standard Equipment: Black Rose Armor (Allows her to use the Seeping Chaos skillset after defeating the demon), Replica of the Dark Knight (Great shield; allows her to use Devour), Crescent Moon (Shortsword; Allows her to use the Hydra skillset), Bridge of Bond (Ring that allows her to summon her turtle: Syrup), HP potions

Optional Equipment: Archangel set (A set crafted by Iz that allows Maple to withstand the effects of Loving Sacrifice)

Intelligence: Average, although she was able to figure out various improvised ways to use or combine her skills.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have much agility and is susceptible to piercing attacks | Same as before | Same as before, but with the exception of the piercing attack weakness. | Same as before

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Absolute Defense: Increases her vitality (defense) by 2x.
  • Auto Recovery: Recovers 10% of maximum health every 10 minutes.
  • Giant Killing (OomonoKurai): During times when she has more than four stats, other than HP/MP, lower than the battle opponent, stats other than HP/MP will be doubled.
  • Meditation: If used, 1% of maximum HP will recover in 10 seconds. Duration of effect is 10 minutes. No MP consumption. While in Meditation she cannot take any attack movements.
  • Provoke: Draws the target's attention into one point.
  • Shield Attack: Attacks with her shield. Induces a knockback effect (Small)
  • Hydra Eater (DokuruuKurai): Passively nullifies poison and paralysis attacks.
  • Hydra (Dokuryuu): Uses the powers of the Poison Dragon. Summons a giant dragon of three heads that attacks with a breath that spreads massive waves of poison in the battlefield. The poison also has a melting effect.

  • Knowledge of Large Shield IV: Reduces damage taken.
  • Body Manipulation: Reduces damage taken
  • Attack Diversion: Reduces damage taken.
  • Abominable (Gokuaku Hidō): Every time she receives attacks from opponents intentionally, her defenses/vitality increases passively.
  • Paralyze Shout: A skill that paralyzes every foe in the surroundings.
  • Bizarre Eater (Akujiki): A skill that changes everything that was devoured as power. Can devour humans, monsters, weapons, magic, and can change those to the user’s MP, which also increases her defense. When the magic powers overflows, will be stored inside the body as magic crystal. In addition, with eating the magic attack and the direct attack dealt with weapons, it can completely nullify it. It's a passive skill that has limited use of 10 times per day.
  • Bomb Eater (BakudanKurai): Reduces explosive-type damage by 50.
  • Lethal Poison Breath: Releases a deep violet mist from the sheath of her blade that induces poison on the surrounding targets.
  • HP Strengthening (Small): Increases HP by 30.
  • MP Strengthening (Small): Increases MP by 10.
  • Cover Move I: Ignoring the AGI stat, will be able to move to the party member within the radius of 5 meters. After use, damage received will be doubled for 30 seconds. Can be used a maximum 10 times. The maximum times usable will recover every hour.
  • Cover: Cover the party member besides the user from attacks. When used, VIT would be increased by 10.
  • Unyielding Shield: Can survive the next attack with 1 HP remaining.
  • Poison Lance: Throws a lance that stabs the opponent with poison effects.
  • Fortress: Multiplies her vitality by 1.5x
  • Hair Growth: Creates a shield of sheep wool who is as durable as herself
  • Predator: Summons two demons that help her in battle. They format reminds of a snake.
  • Oozing Chaos: Increases the size of the demons from Predator, making them attack like a Hydra.
  • Atrocity / Savagery: Increases strength and agility by 50x. If the atrocity form is defeated, the user still maintains its original HP from before the transformation.
  • Machine God: Allows Maple to turn into a mecha, with several weapons such as sword, lasers and cannons. Can partially transform her limbs into one of those weapons if she desires.
  • Frozen Earth: Freezes players and monsters that are within 5-meters of you for 3 seconds.
  • Pandemonium I: Calls a Red and Blue Oni to help her in a fight for 1 minute.

  • Mother Nature: Gives the power to raise the earth and allow vines and shrubbery to sprout. Can be used as both offence and defence.
    • Spirit Cannon: Can only be utilised when enlarged. Ranged attack. Fires straight ahead.

    Keys: First and Second Events Arc | Pre-Machine God | Post-Machine God | 5th Floor | Tower Arc

    Note: The profile lists the stats and abilities of Maple in NWO; in what the BOFURI verse considers to be the real world, Maple is no different from any other human.


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