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I'll be alright, pops. I'm chock-full of motivation. Besides I want us to be able to live in peace. If this world won't allow that then I've got no choice but to crush it with my fist.
~ Mash Burnedead


Mash Burnedead is the protagonist of the Mashle series and a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy.

He's the strength of Innocent Zero incarnated in a mortal body, for to one day be encountered by the same and fuse with him to become one perfect being. Regro Burnedead found him and raised him like a father outside the big city, hiding Mash from society and teaching him auto-defense. They lived a peaceful life until one day Mash goes to the city and a policeman discovers him. After that event, Brad Coleman notices that Mash doesn't have a mark and goes to Mash's house to find him. Once there, Brad hurts Regro and after an intense fight with Mash, they accord that Mash will go to the magic school to maintain their peaceful life. Mash agrees and in that process, Mash sets his goal to become the Divine Visionary.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B, likely 7-C, at least Low 6-B with Unlimited Physical Mode | 7-A, at least Low 6-B with Unlimited Physical Mode | Low 6-B, higher with Unlimited Physical Mode

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Body Control (Can twist his own head 180° with no problem), Air Manipulation (Can inhale objects meters away with the power of his lungs. Made a mini-tornado with his wand), Stealth Mastery, Non-Physical Interaction, Attack Reflection (Redirected a magical attack with his bare hands), Immortality (Type 2 and 3), Regeneration (Mid, regenerated a hole in his head), Limited Flight (Can float mid air by kicking the air at super speeds), Text Manipulation (Could make texts stop moving by telling it to), Afterimage Creation, Borderline Expert at Martial Arts, Surface Scaling (Could run above water), Pain Tolerance (Type 2), Rage Power, Shockwave Creation, Statistics Amplification, Accelerated Development (Training & Battle), Reactive Power Level (Gets faster mid-battle), Instinctive Reactions (His Spinal Reflex is so spiked even while unconscious and unable to think he still attacked Abel), Resistance to Magic, Sealing (Broke out of bonds deemed unbreakable to humans), Gravity Manipulation (Outstood Lance's Graviole), Empathic Manipulation (Unaffected by Unnamed Girl's magic, which makes people fall in love with her)

Attack Potency: City Block level+ (Casually repelled an attack that was stated to be able to destroy a forest. Superior to Lancer who was able to make a giant crater), likely Town level (Threw a giant scorpion into the air), at least Small Country level with Unlimited Physical Mode (Shouldn't be any weaker than his later appearance) | Mountain level+ (Threw a giant monster with this much force), at least Small Country level with Unlimited Physical Mode (Same as before) | Small Country level (Knocked and destroyed Lévis cannon with his sheer force, the latter which was stated to be strong enough to decimate a country), higher with Unlimited Physical Mode (Severely wounded Domina and overwhelmed him with his thousands of attacks)

Speed: High Hypersonic (Blitzed a professor and swam this fast. Superior to Silva who can dodge explosions at these speeds. Kept up and blitzed Abyss which is this fast), FTL+ with Unlimited Physical Mode (Should not be any slower than it's later appearance) | High Hypersonic (Can keep up with Wahlberg, who can dodge attacks from Adam which are these fast. Can keep up with Margarette which was as fast as sound) FTL+ with Unlimited Physical Mode (Same as before) | High Hypersonic (Reacted to Lévis cannon who could shoot attacks at Mach 7), FTL+ with Unlimited Physical Mode (Performed a one-man bridge to remove all the water from Poseidon tens of thousands of times before Domina could notice)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Threw a scorpion with this much force) | Class P (Can throw a monster with this force) | Class P

Durability: City Block level+, likely Town level, at least Small Country level with Unlimited Physical Mode | Mountain level+, at least Small Country level with Unlimited Physical Mode | Small Country level, higher with Unlimited Physical Mode

Stamina: Extremely High (Even after being pushed to the extreme points of exhaustion, he still could fight off whoever faced him)

Range: Standard melee range physically, Kilometers with projectiles and shockwaves

Standard Equipment: Metal wand

Intelligence: Average, Gifted combatant (Mash shows to be rather single-minded and outright dumb in normal activities and school-related stuff, but on battles Mash shows extreme quick thinking and understanding, being able to think strategies in less than seconds to always come on top, he also fought and outsmarted characters with years of combat experience)

Weaknesses: His ears are sensitive

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Hamstring Magic: Big Bang Dash: Mash sets position and dashes at supersonic speeds leaving a huge sonic boom behind

Triceps Magic: Ballista Knuckle: Mash prepares his fist and uses it to punch with extreme force enough to turn boulders into dust

Full Muscle Magic: Hurricane Rush: Mash does a deadly sequence of attacks using the areas of his body, hitting so strong enemies are sent flying kicking of walls until he finishes with a powerful suplex

Erector Spinae Magic: Hell Fall: Mash grabs his enemy, turn him upside down, and smashes him to the ground with enough force to create craters

Spine Magic: Hell Fall: Mash grabs the opponent, jumps hundreds of meters in the air, and does a deadly suplex to hit the ground

Quadriceps Magic: Guillotine Kick: Mash kicks the opponent with enough force to send their head flying away

Special Art Body Substitution Jutsu: Mash take his clothes so fast it tricks the opponent to hit them while thinking they hit Mash when he can sneak to safety

Brachioradialis Magic Barbarian Shot: Mash uses his metal wand to transform into a cue stick and uses as one to hit his opponent sending far away like a billiard ball

Unlimited Physical Mode: After throwing his bracelets off Mash is capable of using the full extent of his power, becoming much faster and stronger than ever

Keys: Beginning of the Series | Early Divine Visionary Exam | Late Divine Visionary Exam


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