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Hey, you. Yeah, YOU. It's been a while since we've spoken, because it's awkward when the others are around. You can still read this when I'm just thinking it, right? Am I praying? Hmm, maybe. Anyway, I know you've got a big part to play in this, even if I don't know exactly what that is. It was all fun and games in the beginning when it was just me and you and NoLegs. But things are getting serious now, and you better look after my friends. Especially Natalie - I think she would blame herself if anything bad happened to us. So if you have as much influence over our fates as I think you do, please make sure we don't die.

Also, please don't skip optional areas - I want to get all the loot that I can!

~ Matt talking to The Player


Matt is the main protagonist in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. He is a happy-go-lucky swordfighter who is prone to taking rash actions, and has a long-running disdain towards things that require intellect, such as block puzzles. However, he is still a skilled swordsman in his own right, and has saved (and destroyed) the world on several occasions with his allies. He is also known to be an expert gamer as well in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, and had a father who was a famous pirate. NoLegs is his cat that was initially an enemy, but was tamed and became a valuable asset to the team ever since.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 4-C | High 4-C | 4-B | Low 2-C

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 8. Can be brought back by The Player, who exists beyond the Epic Battle Fantasy multiverse and sees it as fiction), Cosmic Awareness (Matt is aware of his nature as a videogame character), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, can survive inside a black hole, in space, and underwater), Weapon Mastery (Is a skilled fighter in both sword combat and hand-to-hand combat), Earth Manipulation (via Cataclysm), Fire Manipulation (via Eruption), Magma Manipulation (via Eruption), Poison Manipulation (via Drain and Nettle), Plant Manipulation (via Nettle), Ice Manipulation (via Iceberg), Life Force Absorption (via Drain), Limited Reactive Power Level (Revenge grows in strength as Matt takes damage), Holy Manipulation (via Seiken), Status Effect Inducement, Light Manipulation (via Seiken), Statistics Amplification (via Temper), Statistics Reduction (via Screamer), Fear Manipulation (via Screamer), Empathic Manipulation (via Berserk), Power Nullification (Via Dispel. Also works as Regeneration Negation and Resurrection negation), Sound Manipulation (via Power Metal), Air Manipulation (via Wind Slash), Healing, Summoning, Animal Manipulation (can summon Meow Meow and NoLegs), Death Manipulation (via Annihilate), Non-Physical Interaction, Soul Manipulation (Can destroy ghosts, who represent someone's soul, with regular attacks), can negate conventional durability with Magic, Space-Time Manipulation, Absorption (Can build up his elemental resistance beyond 100%, effectively absorbing the elemental attack and healing himself in the process), Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Resisted his soul being "tugged" away by Akron), Space-Time Manipulation, Black Hole Creation (Was left unaffected when Akron's black hole twisted time and space), Radiation Manipulation (Withstands nukes on a regular basis), Magic and Antimatter Manipulation (Tanked antimatter-based attacks from Lance and several other enemies). His equipment grants him Electricity Manipulation, Water Manipulation and Resistance to Holy Manipulation, Power Nullification, Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Water Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Empathic Manipulation, Resurrection (Of others) and Information Analysis (Via summoning the Scanbot)

As before, Equipment grants him Regeneration, (Mid-Low), Curse Manipulation, Time Manipulation (Can slow down or stop time), resistance to Curse Manipulation and Transmutation (Can come back from being turned into a worthless Slime from the Slimed effect)

As before, Flight, Spaceflight, Portal Creation (Can create wormholes) and Danmaku

As before, Probability Manipulation, Information Analysis and Resistance to Existence Erasure (Survived while the Cosmic Gigalith was progressively erasing the universe, also managed to fight back against the Devourer's Erase effect long enough to defeat him). Equipment grants him Time Manipulation (Can speed up his own time using Haste), and resistance to Disease Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, and Gravity Manipulation.

Attack Potency: Large Star level+ (Defeated Akron) | Large Star level+ (Far stronger than before. Could harm and destroy The Creator and The Destroyer, Godcat's personal weapons) | Solar System level (Far stronger than before, fought Akron's reincarnation) | Universe level+ (Alongside his partners, he defeated the Devourer who has reset the EBF universe 4 times, and is implied to be the creator of it. Defeated the Cosmic Gigalith, with its presence alone being able to destroy all of time and space)

Speed: FTL (Could freely leave Akron's black hole) | At least FTL (Faster than before) | Massively FTL+ (Flew past many stars during the last series of levels. Kept up with the monsters spawned by Akron who were travelling from the galactic core to Earth. Can clear astronomical distances while dodging a barrage of blasts) | Massively FTL+ (Should be as fast as before)

Lifting Strength: Class 100 (Should be comparable to Lance who can pick up and smash his Valkyrie Tank onto enemies)

Durability: At least Large Star level+ (Survived hits from Akron) | Large Star level+ (Can survive attacks from Godcat's avatars, who are infinitely superior to Akron) | Solar System level (Tanked hits from Akron's reincarnation) | Universe level+ (Survived attacks from the Devourer)

Stamina: Very high. Can fight several waves of enemies at a time, even when he has the Tired status effect or when he is inside a black hole

Range: Standard melee range with regular weapons, up to hundreds of meters with skills

Standard Equipment:

  • Heaven's Gate: A sword that boosts the power of Matt's holy skills, and allows him to heal negative status effects when using Unleash, as well as lowering an opponent's accuracy when hitting them. Increases Matt's resistance to holy attacks and power nullification techniques akin to Dispel
  • Sol Spear: A spear that boosts the power of Matt's fire skills and can lower an opponent's accuracy when hitting them. THe effect is more potent when using Unleash. Increases Matt's resistance to fire and ice based attacks
  • Blizzard: A sword that boosts the power of Matt's ice skills. When using Unleash, it stuns the opponent, as well as inflicting a speed debuff. Increases Matt's resistance against ice and water based attacks
  • Gaia Axe: A double-bladed axe that boosts the power of Matt's earth skills. When using Unleash, it lowers the opponent's physical resistance. Boosts Matt's resistance to poison and earth based attacks, at the cost of lowering his resistance to wind based attacks
  • Golden Dragon: A sword that boosts the power of Matt's electricity based skills, and has a chance of stunning the opponent which reaches 100% when using Unleash, as well as lowering an opponent's accuracy when hitting them. Increases Matt's resistance to electricity and stun
  • Swift Brand: A sword that boosts the power of Matt's wind skills. when using Unleash, it increases the user's speed. Increases Matt's resistance to wind and earth based attacks, as well as the Doom status effect.
  • Black Fang: A sword focused on poisoning the opponents, both via regular attacks and skills. Increases Matt's resistance to Dark, Poison, and Earth based attacks
  • Avenger: A sword that boosts the power of Revenge when using Unleash. It also amplifies Matt's physical attac and grants resistance to stun.
  • Swordbreaker: A sword that lowers the opponent's physical attack and dispels the opponent when using Unleash. Boosts Matt's resistance to dark elemental attacks
  • Blood Blade:A sword that boosts the power of Drain and steals life energy from the enemies when hitting them. When using Unleash, it dispels the opponent, while lowering their physical defense and increasing the physical defense of Matt
  • Rune Blade: A sword that drains magical energy from the opponents, and can inflict syphon, preventing the enemy from using anything other than basic attacks, the chance of doing so is 100% when using Unleash. The sword also grants resistance to the Doom and Death status effects, as well as dark elemental attacks
  • Soul Eater: A demonic sword that immensely boosts Matt's attack at the cost of his defensive capabilities. If Unleash is used while Matt is wielding Soul Eater it can deal massive damage, however it is prone to miss. The sword also weakens Matt's resistance to holy attacks
  • Life Shaver: A sword that focuses on inflicting the Doom status on enemies, automatically killing them after a short period of time. When using Unleash, it has a 50% chance of instantly killing the opponent. However, Life Shaver weakens Matt's resistance to holy attacks
  • Razorback: A guitar that boosts Matt's magical abilities and boosts Power Metal skill, although it reduces his resistance to electricity. When using Unleash, Matt's magical attack is amplified.
  • Magma Hammer: A weapon that boosts Matt's fire skills and has a chance to burn foes. It also increases resistance to fire, bombs, and being frozen
  • Ice Needle: A weapon that boosts Matt's ice skills and has a chance to freeze foes. It also increases resistance to ice, wind and water based attacks
  • Gash Club: A weapon that boosts Matt's earth skills and has a chance to poison foes. It also increases resistance to earth based attacks and poison
  • Dragon Claw: A weapon that boosts Matt's poison skills and poisons foes, it also increases resistance to poison and fire based attacks
  • G*bson EB0: A guitar that boosts Matt's wind skills. It also increases resistance to electricity and wind based attacks
  • Silver Blade: A weapon that boosts Matt's wind skills. It also increases resistance to earth and wind based attacks
  • Anarchy: A highly offense-based weapon that boosts darkness based skills. Grants resistance to darkness manipulation and instant death
  • Devil's Sunrise: A weapon that boosts darkness based skills. Grants resistance to fire, ice, and electricity based attacks
  • Bone Blade: A weapon that has a chance to weaken enemies when hitting them and lower their defense, and also grants resistance to being weakened, cursed, or having Matt's stamina drained
  • Chainsaw Blade: A weapon that has a chance to instantly kill the foe, and grants resistance to instant death as well
  • Equilibrium: A weapon that inflicts Unleash when attacking an opponent and occasionally grants Autorevive. Grants resistance to dark and holy attacks, as well as resistance to Dispel
  • Fusion Sword: A weapon that boosts Matt's bomb skills and has a chance to burn opponents. Increases resistance to fire and bomb skills
  • Drill Lance: A weapon that boosts Matt's earth skills and has a chance to stagger opponents. Increases resistance to earth skills, but weakens the resistance to electricity
  • Berserker: A sword that boosts Matt's non-elemental skills, it also increases resistance to earth and air manipulation, as well as preventing him from having his stamina drained by outside sources. However, the sword can occasionally make him tired. Can inflict Dispel with regular attacks
  • Inferno: A sword made of pure volcanic energy that boosts Matt's fire skills, his resistance to ice and bomb-elemental attacks, as well as burning foes on contact
  • Lightning Shard: A sword crafted from a yellow crystal that boosts Matt's electricity skills and has a chance to stun opponents. Grants resistance to electricity, ice, and prevents the wielder from being stunned
  • Sapphire Saint: A sword that boosts Matt's water skills while granting him resistance to fire and holy attacks, and prevents him from being burned
  • Black Fang: A sword that boosts Matt's poison skills and drains life energy from opponents when hitting them, as well as having a chance to poison them. It also grants him resistance to darkness manipulation, prevents him from being poisoned, catching a disease, being cursed, or being affected by bad luck
  • The Chopper: A two-handed hacksaw that boosts the power of non-elemental skills, it also grants resistance to water manipulation and poisons
  • Giant Slayer: A spear that can ignore the durability of opponents. It makes Matt unaffected from gravity manipulation, and prevents him from being staggered or confused
  • Hyper Drill: A drill that boosts Matt's earth skills and reduces an opponent's defense when hitting them. It also grants resistance to earth manipulation, at the price of making Matt weaker against electricity
  • Emerald Smasher: This hammer boosts the power of Matt's poison skills, and has a high chance of staggering the opponent when hitting them. It grants resistance to earth manipulation, explosions, and prevents the user from being staggered or confused
  • Devil's Fork: A trident with a Magma Slime impaled on top of it. It increases the effect of buffing skills, as well as boosts fire skills and inflicting the enemies with Dry on contact. Grants resistance to fire, ice, and darkness manipulation
  • Ultra Pro 9000X: A hockey stick that grants resistance to ice and water manipulation, as well as preventing the wielder from being frozen. It can also make the enemies Chilled, increasing the damage they take from water and ice but halving the damage taken from poison attacks. Increases the power of healing/stat amplifying items
  • Dragon's Feather: A sword that grants resistance to ice, wind and holy manipulation, as well as sometimes unleashing Gale when Matt attacks. Occasionally gives Matt Haste
  • Golden Axe: An axe that passively grants Matt good luck and boosts the power of electric skills, while also granting resistance to electricity, dispel and instant death
  • Dark Stalker:A blade previously wielded by Skeleton Hands. The Dark Stalker boosts the power of Matt's dark skills and grants him resistance to poison, darkness manipulation and syphon
  • Love Blade:A blade made for healing that boosts the power of healing spells, increases the effect of buffs, and grants Matt resistances to holy manipulation, darkness manipulation and instant death
  • Club of Withering: A club made from the remains of a giant beast. When attacking an opponent, it can cast the Bones spell, which can inflict Doom and kill them shortly after. It can also cast the Bone Star spell, which has a high chance to inflict syphon and block an opponent's powers. It also prevents the wielder from having their stamina drained from outside sources, being weakened, cursed, affected by bad luck, being staggered or confused.

Intelligence: Above average (Matt is a very skillful warrior who has mastered many different types of weapons such as hammers, clubs and swords. He's also a capable wizard and can cast a large variety of spells. However, he's not well-versed in anything other than combat as simple block puzzles are frustrating for him, he the sun was a giant fireball that would destroy the planet as well as hating to fight with tactics, preferring to brute force his way into victory. As an avatar of The Player, Matt doesn't actually fight by himself, but rather follows the orders of The Player, even if it goes against his own will)

Weaknesses: Can vary with what equipment he has on. Prone to making rash decisions

Key: Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and before | Epic Battle Fantasy 4 | Bullet Heaven 2 | Epic Battle Fantasy 5


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