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A young mystic, able to alter the trial with supernatural abilities.


Mikaela Reid was sixteen when her father passed away. She would always miss his sailing lessons at dawn, his colourful yet inedible tacos, and his warm, contagious laughter. She felt like she was paddling in a vast, storm-black ocean, each rolling wave submerging her. Drifting in painful darkness, she almost lost herself, but resiliently, with love and care, she made her way back to shore.

Well-surrounded and supported by her friends, Mikaela put the past behind her and looked at life in a new light. She was excited to try new things and discovered storytelling as an outlet. Her friends liked her stories of daunting danger and hard-earned survival. She read horror stories more and more, savouring the powerful, heart-pounding escapism it provided. Autumn become her favourite season and she threw a grand production for Halloween every year, hosting all her friends for a thrilling night of horror stories, scary games, and homemade treats.

Over the years, she also showed interest in witchcraft and practiced light blessings, plant-based spells, and palm-reading divination. She gardened sage, mugwort, and lavender to craft homemade products such as body butters, soaps and skin lotions. She aspired one day to live off the products she made for friends and family.

In the meantime, she worked as a barista at the Moonstone, an independent and eccentric coffee shop in the artsy part of town, Every Friday night, she hosted an open mic at the coffee shop, performing stories live in front of customers. Julian, her best friends and roommate, recorded some of her shows and posted them online. Also, unbeknown to her, he submitted one of her performances to the Endless Halloween Festival where renown storytellers performed on stage for Halloween.

It was a beautiful surprise when Mikaela received an email from the festival inviting her to perform at their grand final on Halloween. The winning prize was big enough for her to launch her line of products. Excited, she burnt a stick of herbs in each room to dissipate negative energies, then began to craft her tale of horror.

Mikaela stayed up all night filling her notebooks with abandoned beginnings. She had a story in mind, but unearthing it took patience and skill. The following night, the nightmares began. For a week, she would wake in the middle of the night gasping for air. Her dream was the same every night. She was dragged down a cold set of stairs and thrown into a dark basement. Then her lungs would be set ablaze by a sharp iron hook stabbing her in the chest. A dark figure would pull on the hook and hoist her from the ground, slowly, until the pain waked her. The more she finessed her Halloween tale, the darker her nightmares grew.

As days passed, exhaustion, anxiety, and stress took a toll on her. Often distracted, her coffees at the Moonstone were rushed, acrid, or going to the wrong customer. She no longer blessed the coffee beans in the morning nor looked for omens in the leftover coffee grains. Her energy was low, and her magic felt drained.

When she woke up screaming one night, she had had enough. She asked Julian to watch her while she slept and record anything unusual. Julian agreed and started recording while Mikaela lay on her bed.

Minutes later, her fingers began to twitch, then her toes. Her breath became laboured. Then Julian stared in shock as Mikaela slowly rose in the air, levitating over her bed. Panicked, he shook her shoulders to wake her, but stopped when she began to scream. He grabbed his phone to call an ambulance, but a powerful crash diverted his attention. He looked down the hallway and saw a large, spidery fang slam through the bathroom door.

Amidst the commotion, Mikaela woke. She saw the black spidery fang shredding the bathroom door and jumped out of bed. She slammed her bedroom door shut and shouted at Julian to help her barricade the door. Before he could react, however, the power went out. The room was submerged in sudden darkness.

A second later, the lights came back on and an eerie quietness followed. Mikaela and Julian ventured out the bedroom carefully. The bathroom door looked intact and there was no sign of anything abnormal. But Julian has recorded every sound.

A sleepless night followed. When she returned to the apartment after her shift, Julian was not there. Mikaela wanted to remove the recording of their ordeal, which he had posted online. Suspecting Julian might be at school, she left. The door clicked shut behind her, masking a stifled cry from the bathroom.

As she neared her car, she looked over her shoulder. Mikaela felt... watched. She whispered a protective spell and clutched her keys. Suddenly, a shadow pounced on the wall and she broke into a run. She reached her car and rushed inside, locking the doors. Breathing hard, she looked through the windows. No one was there. Perhaps it was her nerves playing tricks on her. She turned on the ignition and drove off.

The next day, Julian was still nowhere to be found. Mikaela had contacted everyone they knew. She looked for him all day and waited for him all night. Distraught and anxious, she missed her shift at the Moonstone. Halloween was tonight and so was the festival. Julian had entered the storytelling competition for her. He had supported her every time she doubted herself. Maybe he would be there. But between her nightmares and Julian's disappearance, she had been too worried to prepare a story for the contest. She looked at her notebook, filled with false starts. She could stay home, scared and helpless. Or she could finish what Julian had started. There was a reason why she loved to tell horror stories. They made her feel brave enough to face any challenge.

That evening when the host called Mikaela's name at the Endless Halloween Festival, she boldly stepped on stage, dressed in a costume: a black dress matched with a wide, witchy hat. She hoped to spot Julian in the crowd. But she could not find him and looking directly at the audience was a mistake. A sea of expectant faces was before her, eyes watching her every move. Her heart pounded in her chest as her hands began to shake.

She grabbed the warm microphone and cleared her throat. A thick silence greeted her, only interrupted by a distant cough. She reminded herself that tonight was All Hallows' Eve, when the veil thinned betwixt this realm and the one beyond. She had a story in her heart, a story that mattered. If she told it right, perhaps Julian would hear it.

Mikaela took a deep breath. The wet wind of Autumn whirled golden leaves around her. She inhaled the acrid smell of damp, foliage. She swallowed the bitter aftertaste of coffee still on her tongue. Distant eyes cawed from an old oak tree. She closed her eyes. The crimson darkness under her eyelids turned darker. Her heartbeat slowed. She exhaled deeply, her breath a puff of mist in the cold night air. Now she felt awakened, refreshed for the first time in weeks, and ready to tell the tale of a lifetime.

She spoke into the microphone in a deep, haunting voice. She narrated a tale of billowing winds on a cold Autumn night. Of a loyal friend disappearing before daylight. Of forgotten victims hiding in the wings of darkness. Of throbbing graves, sealed with terrible secrets. And of eternal night in the shadow of death.

Mikaela pointed at the night sky and said that no darkness was truly beyond light. Even on this moonless night, the sky shined with long-dead stars.

A thick black fog engulfed Mikaela, to the audience's amazement.

And no one saw Mikaela Reid again.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1, 2, 4 and 8; The Entity traps the survivors for all eternity not allowing them to permanently die as its uses their fear and despair as nourishment, upon dying The Entity will resurrect them for the next trial[1]), Enhanced Senses (Via Premonition, Small Game and Spine Chill, she'll be capable of sensing when she's looking in The Killer and totem's directions, she'll sense when The Killer is looking in her direction and she could also sense someone behind her following her[2][3][4][5]), Preparation, Supernatural Willpower (She can continually complete the Trials of The Entity against The Killers and via Resilience which allows her to complete task faster while injured[6]), Empowerment (She can gain status effects from other survivors increasing her capabilities), Pain Tolerance (Type 1), be healed one health state[7]), Stealth Mastery (She can evade The Killers by hiding in lockers or being stealthy enough to pass by them and via Lightweight which'll make her scratch marks harder to see[8]), Supernatural Luck (Via Plunderer's Instincts, it grants her a considerably better chance at finding an item of a higher Rarity from chests[9]), Healing (Via Inner Healing and Boon: Circle of Healing, when she cleanses a totem and enters a locker she'll be healed one health state and she can bless a totem allowing any survivor within its radius to heal[7][10]), Aura, Survival Instincts (She was a Herbalist and would grow plants for her spells[5]), Magic (She's capable of performing light blessings and plant based spells[5]), Clairvoyance and Extrasensory Perception (She can cleanse a totem which will unlock her full aura-reading potential allowing her to see the aura of all interactable objects within a radius[11]), Acrobatics, Resistance to Enhanced Senses and Extrasensory Perception (Via Boon: Shadow Step, after blessing a totem it will suppress her and any other survivor's scratch marks and hide their auras from The Killers[12]).

Light Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement (Via Firecracker, which she can use to blind and stun The Killer[13]), Power Nullification (Via Flashlight's light burn effect which'll cancel the Wraith from cloaking or uncloaking[14]), Healing (Via First Aid Kits[15]).

Probability Manipulation (Via Chalk Pouches and Salt Items, can increase the luck of everyone for the next trial[16][17]), Empathic Manipulation (Via Coins, which calms The Entity[18]), Weather Manipulation (Via Reagents, can reduce or increase the thickness of the fog[19]), Accelerated Development (Via Teas and Postcards, increase the experience of the character[20][21]).

Attack Potency: Wall level (She's comparable to Cheryl and Nancy)

Speed: At least Average Human

Lifting Strength: Unknown, possibly Class K (She can break free from The Trappers grip who could rip a man's spine out)

Durability: Wall level (She can take hits from The Killers and is comparable to Cheryl and Nancy)

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Standard melee range, Tens of meters with Flashlights

Standard Equipment: Firecracker, Flashlight, Key, Map, Med-Kit, and Toolbox

Intelligence: Above Average (She's a extremely skilled "Witch" with a lot of knowledge on it and is able to fully repair generators without any prior knowledge on how to do so)

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Clairvoyance: Whenever she cleanses a Totem, Clairvoyance activates. When empty-handed, press and hold the Active Ability button to unlock your full Aura-reading potential, allowing you to see the Auras of the Exit Gate Switches, Generators, Hooks, Chests, and the Hatch within 64 meters for 8/9/10 seconds.

Boon: Circle of Healing: Upon blessing the totem Survivors inside the Boon Totem's range benefit from the following effects: 90/95/100% bonus to all Healing speeds and allowing to self-heal without needing a Med-Kit at 50% of the normal Healing speed. Also benefits from the Healing Speed bonus, boosting the Self-Healing speed to 95/97.5/100%.

Boon: Shadow Step: Upon blessing the totem survivors inside the Boon Totem's range benefit from the following effects: Scratch Marks are suppressed and Auras are hidden from The Killer also both effects linger for 2/3/4 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem's range.


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