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The old you's not going anywhere with that emo look on your face! If you overcome that gloomy self of yours... let me know. Or else I'll start spreading rumors about high school debut man.
~ Mina Ashido to Eijiro Kirishima


Mina Ashido (芦あし戸ど三み奈な Ashido Mina), also known as Pinky (ピンキー Pinkī), is one of the main protagonists of the anime and manga series My Hero Academia. She is also a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically, 8-C with Acid Quirk | 9-A physically, High 8-C with Acid Quirk

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Type 3. She is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant), Acrobatics, Acid Manipulation (Mina Ashido's Quirk called Acid allows her to produce a corrosive liquid from her body), Corrosion Inducement (Via her Quirk Acid), Resistance to Acid, Limited Reactive Evolution & Accelerated Development (Quirk users have been shown to evolve or increase the strength of their quirk when in a life or death situation), Natural Weaponry (Via her Quirk Acid)

Attack Potency: Wall level+ (Managed to knock Yuga Aoyama out with a single uppercut), Building level with Acid Quirk (Was able to melt spheres made out of a material stronger than concrete. Which Kyoka Jiro's amplified waves were unable to break) | Small Building level (Much stronger than before. She trained for almost a whole year), Large Building level+ with Acid Quirk (Pulverized a landslide, alongside Yuga Aoyama)

Speed: Athletic Human (She ran 50 meters in less than 5.51 seconds) with Transonic+ reactions and combat speed (Comparable, if not superior to Minoru Mineta, who was able to dodge whip attacks from Midnight. Was able to react to Todoroki's ice from a distance alongside Deku) | Supersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Can keep up with Slice, who could briefly dodge attacks from Dark Shadow, enhanced by dark environment)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class+ | Small Building Class, up to Large Building Class+ with Acidman Move

Durability: Wall level+ (Comparable, if not superior to Minoru Mineta, who was able to withstand a brutal hit from a Victory Bot) | Small Building level (Far more durable than before), Large Building level+ with Acidman Move (Her opponents' attacks dissolve before reaching her)

Stamina: High (Was able to fight continuously for eight hours against Pixie-Bob's Earth Beasts)

Range: Standard melee range, up to Tens of meters with Acid Quirk

Standard Equipment: Her hero costume: Mina's costume is acid-proof, so she can completely cover herself in Acid without damaging it (When she use the Acidman Move).

Acid-proof Shoes: Mina wears special shoes that have holes in their soles, that let Mina secrete acid from her feet. The shoes are not damaged by the corrosive liquid, so Mina can easily use them to slide across the ground on her acid.

Intelligence: Above Average (Despite the fact that her academic skills are quite low, being ranked 19/20 in the midterms, Mina Ashido has proved to be an extremely competent fighter. She also showed great skill in taking advantage of her opponent's weakness, as shown in her fight with Yuga Aoyama)

Weaknesses: If she will overuse her Acid Quirk, or if she will lose the control of the acid she is producing, she will damage her skin.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Acid: Mina's Quirk allows her to produce a corrosive liquid from her body (She is able to control the solubility and viscosity of this corrosive liquid).

Super Moves

  • Acid Veil: By maximizing her acid's solubility and viscosity, Mina creates a gelatinous acid wall that blocks incoming projectiles.

Acid Veil Move. Mina Ashido. My Hero Academia anime.png

  • Acid Shot: Mina fires a hail of acidic bullets over a widespread area from above to shower down on to her opponents.

Acid Shot Move. Mina Ashido. My Hero Academia anime.gif

  • Grape-Pinky Combo Mineta-Bounce: After Mina uses Acid Lay-back to spin on the spot and Minoru lays down multiple Pop Off Spheres on the ground and walls, Mina throws Minoru with great force so that he bounces from sphere to sphere.

Minoru Mineta. Mineta Bounce. Anime.png

  • Acidman: After increasing the viscosity of her Acid Quirk, Mina generates a large amount of acid that takes a vaguely anthropomorphic form that covers her entire body.

Acidman. Mina Ashido. My Hero Academia manga.png


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