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"If you don't have fate in the human heart... How can you call yourself a guardian of the Walls of Peace?"


From AOU Japan

A member of the 0017th Aerial Augmented Infantry Squad "Warcat" of the AOU Combined Military Central HQ

The current world record holder for highest P3 level measurements. His overwhelming score far surpassed second place.

Current Gauntlet engineering is unable to make use of most of his P3 potential, so he's currently in a state where his talent has outstripped technology.

Because of his unique level of ability, the AOU Next Generation Genetic Research Center and the AOU Joint Parliament have budgeted $100,000,000 towards his genetic analysis.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, Varies with Gauntlet from 9-B to 8-C

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Weapon Mastery, Forcefield Creation, Flight, Hacking, Dimensional Storage, Biological Manipulation, Multiple Personalities

Attack Potency: Athlete level physically (He's a trained soldier), Varies from Wall level to Building level with Gauntlet (The Gauntlet gives access to a myriad of weaponizes, from machine guns to guided missiles and anti-tank weapons. Gauntlet Knights can break each others Rejection Shields)

Speed: Athletic Human(He's a trained soldier), Likely Supersonic+ with Gauntlet (shouldn't be inferior to the fastest fighting jets), Higher in reaction speed (Any Knight is capable of controlling their own flight speed and multiple missiles at the same time)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Durability: Athlete level, At least Building level with Rejection Shield (can block missiles and bombs)

Stamina: Can withstand severe overloads, dangerous for ordinary soldiers; an international level specialist in prolonge battles

Range: At least several kilometers (Uses guided missiles)

Standard Equipment: Gauntlet

Intelligence: Genius (One of, if not the best Gauntlet Knight in the world. He's easily capable of processing multiple pieces of information at once)

Weaknesses: Short, which may lead to losing physical fights; Gauntlet could malfunction; Hacking

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • P3: Parallel Processing Power, or P3, is an important part of Gauntlet Knight training. Parallel Processing is where Knights are able to multitask, often focusing on things in real life as they do other things in virtual reality such as playing games or talking in chat rooms. Higher P3 levels means Knights are more adept at multitasking, conserving energy, and combat
  • High Output P3 User (SS): The fact that his average P3 levels surpass the maximum output of the average member of the Aerial Augmented Infantry proves that he's a Gauntlet Knight prodigy. As Gauntlet technology improves, he'll probably be able to draw out more and more of his true worth
  • Cluster Missile Guidance (SS): His specialties are simultaneous attacks against multiple targets and saturation attacks against a single target, performed by simultaneously yet precisely controlling overwhelmingly large numbers of high-maneuverability guided missiles. This suggests that he's capable of carrying out all his duties perfectly
  • Friendly Observation (S): He observes the movements of friendly units even more closely than his enemies. In battle, he constantly thinks about coordinating with his allies, and in training, he's capable of thoroughly nitpicking his allies once their training is over
  • Gauntlet: A device wore on the left arm that grants various abilities, like flight, Dimensional Container (for containing weapons), Rejection Shields, etc.
  • Virtual Reality: As an extension of the Selcom's usability, Knights can enter virtual reality and perform combat simulations. Knights are also able to obtain and calculate precise information such as speed and trajectory within seconds
  • Reaper's Eye: An extension of the Kizuna function which allows Knights to gain accurate lock-ons to enemies. Has integration with the AI Keropoyo, which talks to Knights and gives them information
  • Ricochet Flying: Knights can fly through the air at sharp angles while maintaining speed, making them nearly untraceable by weapons such as guided missiles. 8MS implants are required to minimize damage taken to the body
  • Rejection Shield: Technology for the instant creation of energy shields, from a short distance, reflecting any incoming attacks, be it shells, explosions, or other damaging factors. However, the user must respond to the attack in order for the defense system to work, and the barriers are stable only a short time after creation
  • Dimension Container System: Usually knows as 4DP (4th Dimensional Pocket), the technology is used for opening a four-dimensional pocket, inside which a large arsenal of various weapons and ammunition can be stored to the point that it can be compared with the combat load of a battleship or even an aircraft carrier, in case of the corresponding specialization. The process itself consists of the desired object from the container simply appearing next to the user. Because of this, there is a danger of self-explosion if the user gets under attack during the process


  • Rockets: aviation missiles of various types, mainly having individual guidance functions
  • Guided Bombs: the simplest aviation weapons of various types, supplemented by the function of adjusting the trajectory during a fall
  • Heavy torpedoes: particularly massive ship’s shells powerful enough to sink enemy ships
  • Howitzers: artillery guns for conducting mounted fire from large distances
  • Multi-barrel guns: machine guns of various types, reminiscent of a well-known Gatling Gun, from relatively small to huge multi-ton colossus designed to protect ships from missiles
  • Reconnaissance Drones: unmanned aerial vehicles that allow you to get more data about the battlefield
  • Signal charges: shells, which are auxiliary means of visual or sound communication
  • Work Kits: design kits


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