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I am the Messiah! Hahaha!
~ Omega


Omega was an advanced reploid created by Dr. Weil after the ending of the Maverick Wars, with the Mother Elf without any trouble erasing the Sigma Virus, thus freeing the Maverick Virus attacks to reploids. However, Weil wasn't satisfied, he then considered the Reploids as enemies due to the free will compared to normal robots, due to this, then stole Zero's body that was sealed and put him into his new found creation, the God of Destruction he himself called. After that, the Elf Wars started, with X and Zero with his new body went foot-on-foot with the empowered Omega that had recently created Cyberspace, which allowed the Cyber Elves to manipulate it, thus allowing the use of them and thus giving the war this name. After Omega and Weil's defeat, both were sealed, with Omega being sent to space for all eternity. 100 years later, his Spacecraft crashed into the Earth, and Weil discovered it alongside with Omega in it, thus starting Weil's plan to take over the world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-A | 4-A | 4-A | At least 4-A

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

All previous abilities minus Large Size and due to being Zero's original and autenthic body he should have the following abilities: Time Stop (With Dark Dizzy's ability, Zero can stop time and lock enemies for an amount of time), Intangibility, Afterimage Creation and Duplication (Zero is capable of creating intangible dopplegangers of himself to attack the foe), Light Manipulation (With Rekkouha, he summons thousands of burning lights from the sky to destroy his opponent. Can also do the same with Tenshouha), Matter Manipulation (Zero is capable of transforming and manipulating his Z-Saber so that it can turn into different elements, can attack the opponent on a sub-atomic scale via Absolute Zero and can turn Enemies into weak Mettaurs), Regeneration (High-Mid; Should be somewhat comparable to X, who can regenerate from being blown to pieces), Absolute Zero, Darkness Manipulation (Capable of using darkness element attacks), Elemental Manipulation (Fire, Water, Air and Earth), Reactive Power Level, Weapon Creation (Shown here), Power Mimicry (Has the same learning system as X. Capable of copying attacks with Zero Knuckle), Limited Invulnerability and Aura on his "Awakened Zero" state (on this state, he gains a menacingly red aura and sometimes can become invulnerable to normal attacks), Vibration Manipulation (With Hadangeki), Flight (Demonstrated here. Can fly with his AZ armor), Creation (Zero is capable of creating projectiles out of his Z Saber), Acrobatics (Zero has been shown to be extremely acrobatic, such as climbing walls, rolling in the air while attacking and more), Summoning (Capable of summoning small robotic dragonflies to assist him. can summon attacks out of the sky), Metal Manipulation (With Rakukojin), Explosion Manipulation (With Bakuejin), Accelerated Development, Forcefield Creation and Attack Reflection via Guard Shell (With Guard Shell, Zero can create a forcefield which reflects attacks), Electricity Manipulation, Surface Scaling (Capable of climbing up on top walls and can attack enemies from there), can also negate forcefields via Zero Breakthrough, Vehicular Mastery (Is shown to be extremely good of controlling vehicles this has been shown to be undoubtely the case several times through the series. Can ride spaceships easily), Dimensional Travel (Could travel to the Cyberworld to fight Cyber Peacock and then return back to the real world), Ice Manipulation (which is colder than Absolute Zero), Heat Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Danmaku (Zero has been repeatedly shown to be capable of creating several attacks at all once) and Resistance to Extreme Heat, Black Holes, BFR, Paralysis Inducement, Mind Manipulation, Corruption (Type 2), Soul Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Poison Manipulation

Attack Potency: Multi-Solar System level (Once he was born, it was enough to passively create the entire space of Cyberspace and the spatial distortions in the real world, with the Cyberspace containing areas containing the Sun, the Moon and the night sky all of which are exactly the same as the real world, which is shown to contain backgrounds featuring hundreds of stars incluiding constellations and nebulaes, this is incluiding Area X-2, which is located in space which yet again features an interstellar sized background, all of which would need this much energy. Fought on par with Mega Man X and Zero, and it was needed a full on Final Strike to defeat Omega due to his power, later he was shown to be easily defeating, or borderline stomping Fefnir and Leviathan to the point that their souls almost went to Cyberspace with only Zero capable of matching his power in the fight) | Multi-Solar System level (Empowered by the Dark Elf, this has made Omega immensly more powerful than his previous form. Almost killed Harpuia) | Multi-Solar System level (Should be at least comparable to before) | At least Multi-Solar System level (So powerful that all his previous forms don't compare, with Weil himself admitting Omega's power and calling him a "God of destruction". Fought on par with Zero and can likely be even stronger than him and was going to continue his fight with the then weakened Zero if X and the Guardians didn't interfere)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can fight on par with the likes of X and Zero. far superior to the Guardians) | Massively FTL+ (Far superior to before. Empowered by the Dark Elf's power) | Massively FTL+ | Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Class Z (Far stronger than Elpizo and Copy X) | Class Z | Class Z | Class Z

Durability: Multi-Solar System level (Can tank combined attacks from both X and Zero during the Elf Wars. Fefnir and Leviathan's attacks were direclty said to be useless against him) | Multi-Solar System level | Multi-Solar System level | At least Multi-Solar System level

Stamina: Limitless | Limitless | Limitless | Limitless

Range: xtended melee range with his sword. Planetary with projectiles | Tens of meters. Planetary with projectiles | Extended melee range. Planetary with projectiles and the Dark Elf. Virtually omnidirectional with Rakukouha, Messenkou, and Tenshouha

Standard Equipment: Large Energy Sword and The Dark Elf | Giant Z-Saber and X-Buster | O-Saber, and O-Buster

Intelligence: An absolutely bloodthirsty Reploid with a god complex, Omega is a terrifying combatant in both melee and ranged combat, easily overwhelming two members of the Guardians with little effort and was able to fight X and Zero simultaneously, albeit while X did not have the Mother Elf equipped. In his true form, he has all of Zero's skills at his peak, overwhelming foes with powerful energy attacks along with devastating flurries of beam saber attacks

Weaknesses: Arrogant to the point of having a god complex. However, he is bound to Weil's commands and will only act as he's ordered to

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Hoop Shot: Omega's arms will detach from his body and strafe the room, firing large energy shots resembling lines of rings. The right arm hovers over the battlefield and fires downward, and the left arm moves up and down on the right side of the screen, firing lasers that can be dodged by jumping over them or dashing under them (depending on their height).
  • Omega Laser: Omega will spawn three lasers in front of his torso. The lasers will hit three certain spots (near him, between him, and at the back of the room) and reflect off them.
  • Piercing Sword: Omega will draw his saber and hover it over the battlefield, trying to line it up with the target. Periodically, he will slam his saber into the ground - the third and final strike will send debris everywhere.

  • Spark Chaser: Omega will summon a laser that follows the player's horizontal path and only turns 90 degrees.
  • Triple Laser: Omega will fire lasers from his eyes (X head fires farthest, Omega head middle, Zero head shortest).
  • Exceed Buster: Omega will fire three huge energy shots in a row.
    • Exceed Buster Neo: Omega will fire a laser beam.
  • Binding Ball: Omega will summon a red sphere, following and trapping his target. If it is caught, Omega will drag it back to him, dissipating when it touches Omega.

  • * Triple Slash: The regular attack, a 3-hit O-saber combo.

  • Charge Saber: Omega slams the ground with the O-Saber, causing rubble to fall from above.
  • Arc Blade: Omega spins in the air with the O-Saber, sending crescent waves in seven directions.
  • Double Charge Wave: Omega fires two charged shots with his buster, followed by a crescent wave with the O-Saber.
  • Ryuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade) Omega does a rising slash with the O-Saber.
  • Rakukouha (Falling Phoenix Crusher) and Messenkou (Destroying Glint): Omega charges energy in his fists and slams the ground, causing an eruption of energy projectiles all around him in a fan pattern.
  • Tenshouha: (Heaven Shine Supremacy): Omega slams the ground, causing extremely damaging pillars of light to erupt in his immediate area and preventing anyone from getting into melee range. Omega is absolutely invincible while using this technique and can use this time to heal the damage he's taken.
  • Ranbu (Wild Dance): Lunges at his target before unleashing a 7-Hit combo that is powerful enough to defeat Zero instantly if the entire chain connects. If the target tries to jump over him to dodge he'll simply make a very fast turn to catch them.

  • Keys: Base | Empowered by the Dark Elf | Fusion Form | Omega Zero

    Note: While not shown to use all X era abilities, it can be assumed that Omega can use them as he is Zero's original body and directly shown to use abilities from the X Era such as the Ryuenjin and Tenshouha


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