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Guts (Berserk) can continue fighting despite reserving crippling injuries.


Pain Tolerance is the maximum level of pain that a person is able to tolerate. Pain tolerance is distinct from pain threshold (the point at which pain begins to be felt). The perception of pain that goes in to pain tolerance has two major components. First is the biological component—the headache or skin prickling that activates pain receptors. Second is the brain’s perception of pain—how much focus is spent paying attention to or ignoring the pain. The brain’s perception of pain is a response to signals from pain receptors that sense the pain in the first place.


Type 1: Lower Pain Tolerance: This level can withstand small cuts such as a small knife wound or light burns and no long lasting damage to any vital organs or body parts.

Type 2: Moderate Pain Tolerance: This level can withstand damage that would span a good portion of their body such as massive cuts and incisions to none vital organs or body parts also broken bones.

Type 3: High Pain Tolerance: This level can withstand massive amounts of damage such as losing limb, damage to vital organs and losing complete body parts.

Possible Uses

  • Ignoring Pain
  • Continuing to fight while in pain