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Peashooters are the primary plant type of the Day levels, and one of the first plants you get in Plants vs. Zombies. While they are based off of peapods, Peashooters also have some of their design (further seen with the Gatling Pea) on weaponry such as guns and/or cannons. Later in the game, you unlock species of the Peashooter such as the Repeater or Snow Pea, and further on, the Gatling Pea, as an upgrade, allowing it to shoot four peas at once.

They return in Plants vs. Zombies 2, again, being the first plant you unlock, and are a part of the Appease-mint family tree, with some exceptions. They have several kinds of species in the game, which all vary on their abilities, generally firing one to two peas forward at a zombie, and with the general weakness they have in almost every game, but of course, have exceptions to this rule.

Peashooters, in Plants vs. Zombies Adventure, are a basic plant as well, though they have six versions, four of which are VIP. Their non-VIP based plant, the Ice Peashooter, is as similar as his other version in the first game, though he, just like the Peashooter, now fires in a general area rather than just forward. The other one is the Repeater, a double-shot variant of the default peashooter, and acts the same way it does in the first game, though it's range has been changed, like all plants.

Peashooters make a good comeback in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Despite still being a basic plant, the growing technique and such allow the Peashooter to be more useful. Later in the game, you also unlock the other species of the Peashooter, generally having the same idea of them, without changing too much. Their Hero alias, Green Shadow, is the first Hero you unlock, and she is fairly good at the start, though she does get replaced easily later on.

In the Garden Warfare games, as well as Battle for Neighborhood, they are a standard class and a well-rounded shooter, though they can be upgraded and changed to become more oriented around a specific gameplay, such as sniping, splash damage, or massive damage.

In Plants vs. Zombies 3, as usual, they are the first plant, and this time they lose most of their credibility, as they become a fairly basic one with None notable about it, and are usually useless in the game now.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C, Low 7-C with Plant Food | 6-B, likely far higher

Name: Peashooter, Snow Pea, Repeater, Green Shadow, Penelopea, etc.

Origin: Plants vs. Zombies

Gender: Varies | Female

Age: Varies

Classification: Varies, generally referred to as a Peashooter

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Comparable to and even outskill Imps, who know Martial Arts), Vehicular Mastery (Has become a licensed pilot, and knows how to drive vehicles. They also have several achievements such as learning about quantum spatial mechanics), Immortality (Type 7. As they take the form of a zombie in Zombotany, should share their immortality. These zombies are a subspecies of Peashooters, as well as a zombie), Inorganic Physiology (The Rock Peashooter is directly made of rocks, and shows no real sign of having a plant-like body, and furthermore shoots rocks, rather than peas, which peas are direct parts of a peashooters body, so they are not organic, at least, as Peashooters. The Shadow Peashooter is directly a shadow), Danmaku, Pea Manipulation (Every Peashooter, with some exceptions, fire peas), Fire Manipulation (Via several sub-species), Ice Manipulation (Snow Pea), Earth Manipulation (Via Primal Pea's plant food, as well as Rock Pea), Darkness Manipulation, Water Manipulation (Fires droplets of water), Absorption, Intangibility (Via the Shadow Peashooter, which can turn into a shadow as well as manipulate them. They are also able to become intangible to sink through the floor and bring zombies into them), Enhanced Sight (Can "zoom in", allowing them to see further. This is not a game mechanic as this an ability specific to Agent Pea), Invulnerability (To teammates, Amber Gemma can make her teammates immune to physical damage and abilities), Aura, Radiation Manipulation (The Toxic Pea fires radiating peas, as well as having a radiating aura), Resurrection (The Peashooter can resurrect instantly after death), Poison Manipulation (Most of this is due to Status Effect Inducement, through the Shadow Peashooter, but the Goo Peashooter also creates this with it's attacks), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm [1] [2], which also show intangible properties), Power Nullification (Via Bullseye, which negates the Superblock, which grants Invulnerability once active, and doesn't activate it's bar, either), Plasma Manipulation (Via Plasma Pea), Energy Projection, Durability Negation (Via the Electric Peashooter, which can pass through zombies and other sorts of objects, even if they aren't conductive, giving it more energy-like properties rather than electricity), Power Bestowal, Summoning (Cosmic Pea can conjure a Pea and give it Double Strike), Electricity Manipulation (Via the Electro Pea), Creation (The Sling Pea can create new peas in its sack, as it can't naturally fire peas unlike other Peashooters), Acausality (Type 1; Unaffected by meeting themselves in the past, including Primal Peashooters, as well as other past versions that were in Egypt, Triassic period, the dark ages, etcetera. They are also unaffected by the future changes of themselves and interacting with them), Immortality Negation (Type 7. Can kill ghosts, vampires, zombies, and other undead beings), Body Control (Some peashooters can morph their body to form gun-like shapes, or even the color of themselves), BFR (The Primal Peashooter bounces anything it hits into the hand of the opponent. Several other cards/summons return a plant/zombie back to one's hand, stopping them from fighting until they are placed back onto the board), Possible Adaptation (Peashooters have presumably adapted to each environment they are in, and their peas still keep their normal range in PVZ2, even when scared, though they would lose range due to fear in the first game. Green Shadow presumably adapted to the electricity of Electric Boogaloo as she can still be harmed by it naturally before hand), Animal Manipulation (Beeshooter creates and shoots bees), Sweets Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation (The Sweet Pea attracts zombies to it as well as firing candy), Inorganic Physiology (Partial; the Gatling Gun has a mini-gun in it's mouth that was created to shoot peas), Invulnerability, Statistics Amplification, Status Effect Inducement, Size Manipulation (Via Plant Food and Enlarging Mutation), Armor Negation (Via Rigor), Pain Tolerance (Type 2, likely 3. Numerous plants can tank large parts of them being cut off and bitten, with no effect from it, with only some plants tearing up over it) Resistance to Ice Manipulation (Ice plants are naturally immune to ice-based effects in the Garden Warfare games, such as slowing them down or freezing them. Plants that are fire-based, minus the Snapdragon, are all immune to freezing winds, as well as getting frozen by snowballs or other ways. Plants should also be comparable to zombies who are unaffected by these colds), Heat Manipulation (Plants are unhindered by heat and standing next to other fire-based plants, which passively melt ice. They are also not affected by a "heat wave", and the only way it affects them is by speeding them up)

All previous abilities, Summoning (Can summon cards, as well as other heroes to aid them in combat, albeit only for their superpowers), Energy Projection (She can fire lasers from her eyes), Statistics Amplification, Resistance to Gravity Manipulation (Resists the effect of the Black Hole environment, some can resist Gravitree, etcetera), Death Manipulation and Durability Negation (Numerous cards make it so zombies and plants cannot be harmed and on some occasions even the Hero. This includes the Deadly effect, which instantly kills plants regardless of their health, Strikethrough, which causes a plant or zombie to pierce through what it hits. Heroes are also unaffected by these in the first place as they do not trigger the effects of said attacks), Electricity Manipulation (Lightning attacks don't necessarily harm Heroes, and can't be hurt by the splash damage of Lightning Reed, and Green Shadow can easily withstand electricity), Ice Manipulation (Unaffected by freezing effects)

Statistics Amplification (With several cards), Gravity Manipulation, Energy Projection (With Gravitree, it pulls opposing zombies into it's lane, using gravity, hence the name. It also wraps energy around it's apples to toss them at opponents), Power Nullification (Plants with Bullseye do not trigger the Superblock Meter or other similar effects minus Soul Patch or "when hurt ____" cards), Instinctive Reaction (Plants with the Hunt ability move to the lane that a plant is in, regardless of if it is their turn or not), Freezing Negation (Summons with Overshoot can still attack even while frozen, Bonus Attacks remove the Frozen effect), Statistics Reduction (Via Armored, weakens attacks done to a plant). One Hit Kill (Instantly kills any zombies in front of the Three-Headed Chomper during the Fight! phase. Briar Rose kills any zombie that hurts a flower), Power Modification (Via Pecanolith, the durability of someone is used for doing damage, instead of their attack potency), Limited Law Manipulation (A few plants can cause abilities to cost more to use, as well as completely remove brains), Power Mimicry and Transmutation (With Imitater), Healing (Via the 2nd Best Taco Of All Time, Astro Vera and Aloesaurus), Durability Negation (Via Strikethrough), Empowerment (The Jack O' Lantern gets amplified each time it damages the Zombie Hero. Blooming Heart gets amplified each time it does damage to anything), Sound Manipulation (Via Bluesberry), Ice Manipulation (Via several cards, such as Chilly Pepper, which freezes a zombie when played), Power Bestowal (With environments, which grant effects or amplify stats of plants played in that arena), Electricity Manipulation (With Electric Blueberry, strikes a zombie in a random lane), Magma Manipulation (Via Fireweed, creates Hot Lava in the environment she is in), Invulnerability and Forcefield Creation (Via Forcefield, and Peel Shield, both of which stop the effects of Death Manipulation, Durability Negation, Limited Power Nullification, and a few other effects), Fusionism (Via Plants with the Plant Evolution, are amplified when they fuse with a specific kind of plant), Biological Manipulation (Via Genetic Amplification), Transmutation (Via Goatify (Turns the zombie into a goat), The Great Zucchini (Downgrades all zombies into a 1-cost, generally a browncoat zombie), Toadstool (Transmutates zombies into sun after swallowing them), Transfiguration (Transmutates whatever plant gets damaged, including itself), and Transmogrify (Turns the zombie into a 1-cost)), Limited Light Manipulation (Via Mirror Nut, who attacks with light-based attacks, striking those who harm nuts. Plantern also attacks with light, allowing it to use the effects of Bullseye), Pea Manipulation (With Pea Cards), Limited Resurrection (Reincarnation dies and forms into a new card, which still has it's ability, but it can only use this ability whilst in the hero's hand), Flight (Via Rotobaga), Heat Manipulation (Via Scorched Earth, lowering the stats of everyone inflicted by it), Transformation (The Seedling can transform into practically any plant, though it is random), Energy Manipulation (Via Sizzle), Shockwave Generation (The way Smoosh-Shroom attacks is by creating shockwaves), Duplication (With plants such as Snake Grass), Damage Transferal (With Soul Patch, it transfers the damage from the Hero to itself), Limited Information Analysis (Spyris can see what zombies are hiding in gravestones by tapping on them, informing the Hero), Attack Nullification (Negates the use of bonus attacks, including Frenzy), Limited Resistance to Statistics Reduction, Death Manipulation, Summoning, Electricity Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Size Manipulation, BFR, Wind Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Blunt Force, Broadway Force, Statistics Amplification, Teleportation, Animal Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Invulnerability, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, One Hit Kill, Water Manipulation (Untrickable makes it so you can't be affected by opposing tricks, which would include these abilities)

Attack Potency: Building level (Superior to Browncoat Zombies that can tank , Small Town level with Plant Food (Can easily kill zombies, also strengthens the Peashooter. Comparable to other uses of it such as the Lava Guava) | Country level (Could fight Rose, who can fight evenly against Super Brainz. Super Brainz performed this feat Green Shadow and multiple other heroes tanked the explosion of the Zombot 999, which was able to be seen from space, and was affecting zombies who were across the entire town, with exceptions such as the Imp heroes, although they can directly harm Plant Heroes. Impfinity, Z-Mech, and Huge-Gigantacus can tank large explosions from things such as the Doom Shroom which is the size of the house, The Smash created a large crater on accident, Solar Flare can incinerate multiple zombies. The Doom Shroom in the comics could level a few hollow stone buildings and heroes can scale to the Doom Shroom. Zombie and Plant Heroes scale to Solar Flare and Brain Freeze, who froze an entire waterpark, Neptuna caused winds fast enough that they were going to cause a hurricane, Brain Freeze created a blizzard across the town whilst angry), likely far higher (Super Brains stated he was capable of "pushing planets". Zombie and Plant Heroes have access to tricks and an entire environment being a meteor that shattered another one into pieces)

Speed: Relativistic, possibly FTL (The "lightspeed seed" presumably shows plants moving at light speed, but this goes by the description and not the visual itself. Peashooters should be comparable to Z-Mech and co. who can outspeed lasers as well as outrun the Plant Heroes. Should be comparable to Super Brainz, who could react to Green Shadow's lasers, despite being off-guard. The Peashooter can dodge lasers)

Lifting Strength: Class 1 (Superior to Imps, who can lift gargantuars and bags that hold several zombies in them) | Class 100

Durability: Building level (Even the weakest zombies are able to tank a propane explosion that was the size of a house and is and is extremely similar to the Doom Shroom explosion. Should be weaker than the Winter Melon and other freezing plants, which freeze zombies solid) | Country level (Comparable to Rose who harmed Super Brainz), likely far higher. higher with Superblock Meter (The Superblock Meter doesn't get hurt and neither does the Hero once it is full, and grants them a Superpower)

Stamina: High (Zombies have fought plants for centuries across time without tiring. Impfinity cloned himself hundreds of times without growing tired, and fights can also last a while, despite not tiring out either hero, even if they're at low health)

Range: Tens of Meters with abilities, most peas, and superpowers, likely far higher, Interstellar via Conjure (Professor Brainstorm can create a portal to Saturn, Lightspeed Seed can travel across presumably interstellar spaces)

Standard Equipment: None notable | Superpowers, all of their cards

Intelligence: Genius (Plants are superior to Zombies, even when the Zombies haven't been portrayed as dumb. Peashooters specifically are also noted as being very intelligent. The Pea Pod, for example, "studied Quantum Spatial Mechanics in Clown College", and Plants have shown to be able to pilot time travel machines, though they aren't able to physically drive them due to lacking limbs. Even with these limitations, they've been taught ways on how to drive these vehicles, as well as wield weapons, and have been defending their lawn since the pre-historic ages up to the "Far Future", being the 24th century. Plants such as Spudow have outsmarted zombies such as Rustbolt, who created his armor from scrap metal he found, which includes a shrink ray, as well as several other abilities built into it, without the need of any magic. The only contradiction is his cutscene that plays when he is earned, but a few other statements and such say otherwise.)

Weaknesses: Peashooters can be blocked by shields and boundaries, though this can be ignored through some types of peas. They also also require sun to be created, as all plants do, though this too can be negated by some types of plants. | Plants heroes are limited by the sun to what they can summon and what cards they have drawn, but can be ignored via drawing cards or attacking. Their plants can't necessarily swim without Amphibious or being indirectly created on the water (I.E being transmutated by Rose, created by Cornucopia, etc)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Signature Superpower(s)
    1. Precision Blast - Attack for 5 damage in the middle lane.
  • Other Superpowers
    1. Big Chill - Freeze a Zombie. Draw a card.
    2. Whirlwind - Bounce a random Zombie.
    3. Embiggen - A Plant gets +2/+2.

Key: Regular Peashooters | Green Shadow

Note: Heroes are able to get the cards of another class via Conjure. It should also be noted that in Plants vs Zombies, if you're stronger than someone, you are immune to their magic, such as Rose's transmutation.

Note 2: The Plasma Pea statement is an obvious outlier, and is fan-made content implemented into the game due to winning a contest, and is not intended to add onto any cosmology, or feats, to the universe of Plants vs. Zombies.


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