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I, too, have experienced the burden of responsibility... the burden of wielding power. I must confess, I cannot say there were never moments like this. This burden... we are destined for it.
~ Pomegranate Cookie to Starfruit Cookie


Pomegranate Cookie is an Epic-class Cookie and playable antagonist both Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and Cookie Run Kingdom. She is one of the Cookies of Darkness lead by her master, Dark Enchantress Cookie. Somewhere during the period of time she has been working for her, the Cookies of Darkness were tasked to spread Pomegranate Gems across the continent in order to initiate the Eternal Night. In "A Vision of Crimson", Starfruit Cookie has a run-in with Pomegranate Cookie's "future" counterpart performing this task while she is observing the future with the Nebula Chalice.

In Cookies of Darkness, Dark Choco Cookie did not hold up his end of the mission and did not plant his Pomegranate Gem, making the spell that Pomegranate Cookie casted to cover the world in a frenzy not work. Upset by this, Pomegranate Cookie plots to find a method to truly convert Dark Choco Cookie to her cause, and prevent him from acting on his own any longer.

"Dressed in her scarlet ceremonial attire with glimmering pomegranate drop decorations, Pomegranate Cookie was raised in the land of powerful sorcerers as a young priestess to the Sacred Pomegranate Tree. But when she was foretold to follow a great darkness, she started to doubt her upbringing. When an unstoppable dark force overran her homeland, Pomegranate Cookie already knew she had met her destiny, and gladly joined her mysterious new Master..."

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 2-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Flight, Acrobatics, Darkness Manipulation (Via her magic), Energy Manipulation and Plasma Manipulation (via Plasma Crystal Ball), Explosion Manipulation (via Melon Dynamite), passive Morality Manipulation (via Darkwind Quiver, it feeds on the morale of everything nearby), Dream Manipulation (via Haunted Snuggly Bear, which can eat nightmares), Data Manipulation and Transmutation (Coin Magic turns enemies and obstacles into coins. New PepBook can passively transform obstacles and Jellies into computer data), Homing Attack (via Carrot Missile and her magic), Telepathy (Showed Pastry Cookie and Dark Choco Cookie a vision of the past), Forcefield Creation (Via Bubble Gum Spring Jumpers and Shield Bubble Gun), Void Manipulation, Sealing, Power Absorption, Mind Manipulation and Law Manipulation (Black Magic and Dark Moon Magic users are capable of doing this. The principles of Nature are a complex of laws that keep the world in perfect equilibrium and allow it to exist), Summoning (Can summon fodder enemies and a machine that is fueled by her magic), Social Influencing (Manipulated Starfruit Cookie to make her tell Pomegranate Cookie all of the Nebula Chalice's secrets, even when instructed not to. Enraged Dark Choco Cookie without much effort. As a Black Magic user, she should be capable of messing with one's mind), Precognition (Can show others their fates through tarot cards), Resurrection (via Red Egg of Resurrection), Teleportation, Statistics Amplification and Healing (Via Pomegranate Magic, she can heal all of her allies and increase their damage output), Curse Manipulation (Puts a curse on the Relay Cookie that makes them take more damage), Portal Creation (Does so in Battle for Fate, see the Gallery), Sealing and Power Nullification (Can envelop the target in a dark taint that will restrict their abilities and make them unable to function properly. Passives are also restricted), Resistance to Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiation (Can exist in space without any problems), Bone Manipulation (Gingerbrave stated that Cookies don't have bones), Fire Manipulation (Her Magic Candy is made out of a Solid Crimson Sugar Crystal, which is 100% resistant to fire), Corruption, Mind Manipulation and Morality Manipulation (Via being able to wield the Candy Cane Staff of Darkness)

Thought-based Magnetism Manipulation and Magic (via Magic 101), Water Manipulation (via Wave Away), Weapon Mastery, Transmutation (via Spiky Power!, Strawberry Power!, etc.), Weapon Creation and Shockwave Creation (via Candy Glaive Strike) Statistics Amplification (via Go Go Candy Board!), Summoning (via Cheerful Cheer), Existence Erasure and Absorption (via The Devil's Touch and Glass'o Grape Juice), Empathic Manipulation (via Alluring Charm), Explosion Manipulation (via Ch-ch-cherry Bomb), Electricity Manipulation and Darkness Manipulation (via Dark Thunderstorm), Morality Manipulation and Invulnerability (via Invincible Courage)

Attack Potency: At least Multiverse level (Fought but lost to Gingerbrave and his allies, Gingerbrave is one of few cookies able to defeat Dark Enchantress Cookie. As a member of the Cookies of Darkness, she is somewhat comparable to a corrupted Sugar Swan avatar)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can enter Bonus Time, the Tray right above the Cookie World, in a short timeframe. Cookies can fly past the constellations there in a few seconds)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Multiverse level

Stamina: Very high (Stated to have ran across the continent with no implied break to spread Pomegranate Jellies)

Range: Kilometers with her magic, Planetary with Pomegranate Gems

Standard Equipment: Pomegranate Cookie usually has her Pet, Ruby Pomegranate, tagging along, who periodically shoots off dozens of Pomegranate Seed Jellies required for the Eternal Night. She also has several Treasures and Invocation Cards on hand

Intelligence: Gifted (Is an expert in using magic and can easily socially manipulate Starfruit Cookie. Created a machine that could shoot lasers similar to that of the Cake Witches using ancient stones)

Weaknesses: Has a tendency to toy with her opponents if she has the upper hand, even in conversation. Dark Moon Magic requires the highest price to be paid in return for its power



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