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Pony Tsunotori (角つの取とりポニー Tsunotori Ponī), also known as Rocketti (ロケッティ Roketti), is one of the secondary protagonists of the anime and manga series My Hero Academia. She is also  a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown physically, High 8-C with Horn Cannon Quirk

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Body Control (Tunotori's Quirk called "Horn Cannon" gives her a pair of horns on her head, which she can launch like projectiles) Telekinesis (She can telekinetically control the trajectory of her horns once she launches them), Limited Flight (She can balance on her horns and use them to fly), Regeneration (Low-Mid. Once she launches a pair of horns, she can regrow them in seconds), Limited Reactive Evolution & Accelerated Development (Quirk users have been shown to evolve or increase the strength of their quirk when in a life or death situation)

Attack Potency: Unknown physically, Large Building level+ via Horn Cannon Quirk (Her horns where shown to be strong enough to injure Mashirao's tail)

Speed: Unknown physically, Supersonic+ via Horn Cannon Quirk (Her horns can fly this fast. She managed to dodge attacks from Mezo Shoji, who was fast enough to trade blows with her horns)

Lifting Strength: Unknown physically, Class 5 via Horn Cannon Quirk (She managed to lift Mezo Shoji off the ground and even to keep him pinned for a while)

Durability: Wall level (She should be able to withstand explosions. Which are this strong)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range, up to Tens of meters via Horn Cannon Quirk

Standard Equipment: None Notable

Intelligence: Above Average (She can speak both English and Japanese, and has proven to have great control over her Quirk)

Weaknesses: She can control telekinetically only up to four different horns of her

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Horn Cannon: Pony's Quirk gives her a pair of horns on her head

Super Moves

  • Horn Dash Hammer: Tsunotori holds Tetsutetsu, whose body is turned into steel, through her controllable horns and launches him towards an enemy.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. Horn Dash Hammer Move. Anime. My Hero Academia.gif

  • Thunder Horn: Tsunotori launches a barrage of horn projectiles towards a target while leaving four controllable horns floating in standby for support and sneak attacks.

Pony Tsunotori. Thunder Horn Move. Anime. My Hero Academia.gif


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