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Day of wrath and doom Impending, David's words with Sibyl's blending, Heaven and Earth in ashes ending. Oh what fear man's bosom rendeth, when from heaven the Judge descendeth, on whose sentence all dependeth. Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth, through earth's sepulchers it ringeth, All before the Throne in bringeth. From the dust of earth returning: man for judgement must prepare him. Spare O God, in mercy spare him. Lord all-pitying, Jesus blest, Grant them thine eternal rest. Amen. Atziluth: Du-sollst――Dies Irae!
~ Reinhard manifesting his Law

Ah, my body trembles with joy; my soul cries out in delight!Could this be what the world calls rapture;what man knows as dread? For the first time in eons, my heart beats alive! This is the true apex of being
~ Reinhard upon achieving godhood


Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (ラインハルト・トリスタン・オイゲン・ハイドリヒ, Rainharuto Torisutan Oigen Haidorihi), also called by his Demon Name, Mephistopheles (メフィストフェレス, Mefisutoferesu), is the leader of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden and the main antagonist in Dies Irae. He occupies the seat I in the Obsidian Round Table.

Reinhard was born as the Apoptosis of the Mercurial Snake. As such, from birth, he possessed a soul of extremely high quality, giving him superhuman abilities. Due to possessing the Sense of Foreknowledge, he was naturally talented at everything he did and, from a young age, he had to consiously hold himself back to avoid breaking things. He would eventually become a high ranking soldier in Nazi Germany.

He was filled with a Craving for something, though nothing he did could bring him satisfaction. Leading to him living an empty existance.

But upon his awakening he became more outgoing and charismatic. Becoming filled with a powerful desire to destroy all things, for he loves all and everything.

He is a man of his word, and deeply respects his opponents. If he promises something to somebody, he will follow through with said promise. As long as they follow through with their side of the bargin.

"I want to love everything with all my power"

A beautiful wish, that manifests in a wretched form. That of destroying all things.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-A, likely 3-A. High 1-A with LLT | At least 5-A, likely 3-A. Will eventually become High 1-A | High 1-A

Dimensionality: 3-D | 3-D. Will eventually become Inapplicable | Inapplicable

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Weapon Mastery, Weapon Creation, Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4 and 8. With Glasheimr he can reform himself without limit, which allows him to come back even from Machina's Briah, which conceptually erases people from history itself. Reinhard's existence is reliant on Mercurius, due to the former being the latter's apoptosis), Regeneration (Low-Godly. Ewigkeit users can reform their bodies from their disimbodied souls and can regenerate from any damage as long as their soul is intact), Intangibility & Non-Corporeal (Can exist in a spiritual state), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 and 3), Extrasensory Perception (Ewigkeit users are capable of seeing and comprehending what is normally invisible to the human eye), Enhanced Senses (His senses are beyond those of normal humans), Non-Physical Interaction & Soul Manipulation (Ewigkeit users can absorb and devour souls, as well as destroy them with mere conventional attacks. Capable of affecting the likes of Methuselah, who is the personified embodiment of darkness), Empowerment (Ewigkeit users becomes stronger as they eat souls), Law Manipulation (Briah users imposes their law into reality which can also overwrite the laws of Mercurius's world to an extent), Reality Warping (Ewigkeit users forces their deepest desires into reality through their Briah), Durability Negation (His attacks affects the body and soul), Regeneration Negation (Low-Godly), Overwhelming Aura (His mere presence induces a spiritual pressure upon others), Fear Manipulation (Reinhard's mere gaze can make others feel dread/fear, to the point of making their mind not think straight and only think about their eventual death. His mere presence scaried out Marie), Willpower Manipulation (His gaze can fade away the will of fight of his targets), Space-Time Manipulation (Can send ripples across the very fabric of space), Resurrection, Necromancy, Summoning (Can summon the forces of Gladsheimr), Social Influencing (Has supernatural charisma, which allowed him to convince the people of Berlin to kill themselves to join his legion of souls. Stated to be charisma given form, and a single interaction with him is enough to change a person beyond recognition), Empathic Manipulation (His mere laugh is capable of making others forget how to feel dread in the most devastating of battles), Power Bestowal (Boosted Wilhelm with enough power to fight Methuselah), Corrosion Inducement & Absorption (Gladsheimr can melt bodies and souls and absorb those into itself), BFR (Can teleport others to the insides of Gladsheimr), Resistance to Magic, Time Stop, Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (Possess anti-magical, anti-physical, anti-time, and anti-accident resistances), Fear Manipulation, Madness Manipulation & Mind Manipulation (Could withstand being in the presence of Methuselah who can cause others to go into madness just from looking, hearing or reading about his heritage, to the point that they and their future generations are cursed with the madness of his existence, causing them to either go insane, kill themselves or outright die due to the sudden shock of having all the mental fears implanted into them, which could affect even fetuses who were in their mothers womb. Unnafected by Mercurius's mental abilities, including his true form), Resistance Negation (Wasn't affected by Ren's Ein Faust Finale), Curse Manipulation (Can withstand Marie's curse), Soul Manipulation (On a scale of millions to billions), Biological Manipulation & Poison Manipulation (Apostles are naturally resistant to drugs and poison), Power Nullification (Ahnenerbe users can't be nullified), Disease Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Existence Erasure, Telepathy (Valerian Trifa can't read his mind)

All abilities from Rea's Route on an unimaginably higher level, in addition to all the abilities and weaknesses of a Hadō God such as Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Are literal Gods that possess physical strength unimaginably greater than that of a human) Spiritual Aura (Overwhelming; The density of their soul is powerful enough to make a weaker Hadō God die, and destroy all of creation from their mere presence, which why the Throne is needed to contain it) Soul Manipulation (Any God can affect the soul, be it destroying or outright absorbing it, even from another god) Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; With Taiji, Gods become the origin from which all phenomenon and concepts come from, and there are infinite concepts) Regeneration (At least Low-Godly, likely High-Godly; Gods possess regenerative capabilities that are significantly superior with that of the L.D.O. at the very least, considering Mercurius is the one who gave them said regeneration in the first place; And although it is never stated, it is likely that Gods possess regenerative capabilities that match the restoration powers of Gladsheimr, which can bring people back even from Machina's erasure, it is also likely that Machina was able to land one of his punches on Mercurius or Reinhard, and they didn't die, in the Three Colors Fight before being taken down himself - since much of that fight is done off-screen) Non-Corporeal and Abstract Existence (Type 1; A God embodies their own Law) Cosmic Awareness (A user of Taikyoku knows everything that has or will happen inside their own Law, as it is no different than being part of their being) Large Size (Type 11; A God embodies their own Law, which for Gudō Gods exists outside of the world's laws and concepts and outside the boundaries of providence, while for Hadō, they paint over the cosmos in their law possessing a similar, yet different nature to a Gudō, but they all still share the same level of existence) Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 3; A God with Taikyoku is the source of and beyond all concepts and phenomenon which includes dimensions, physics, space-time, etc; As a God with colored Taikyoku, they are incomprehensibly transcendent to those who do not reach the same level as them, akin to an artist drawing a pictureupon a canvas. Even such things like the Singularity (which only as Gods are they capable of painting it, and the rest of creation, in their color), which is an infinite expanse of colorless Taikyoku, or hole in the canvas of creation, that exists as a tunnel to the Throne and comprises every layer of creation from the lowest floor being the multiverse, to the highest being right before the Throne itself. The Singularity is under the possession of the Supreme Law/Throne God and is both that infinite and endless, and one reaches the "bottom" of it, it merely opens another greater hole that is deeper than the last ad infinitum, and beyond it all exists the Throne, and Gods exist beyond even that as shown by the meaninglessness of its destruction and by it being affected by numerous' Gods' laws) Immortality (Type 1 - All gods are eternal, Type 3 - All gods can regenerate as shown when Ren created a moment frozen in time, Mercurius went from missing half his body to having his whole body restored and has the potential to emanate in Marie's law, Type 5 - Gudō Gods like Marie have shown to exist outside of the world's laws and concepts, described as unchanging and everlasting, existing and yet not existing, outside the boundaries of providence. Hadō Gods possess a similar, yet different nature in which one's law turns outward instead of inward affecting all of creation instead of just their person, although they are stated to exist on the same level of existence) Transduality (At least Type 2; Gudō Gods like Marie are shown to exist outside of the world's laws and concepts and do not obey them. They are described as both dead and alive, but yet also described as life beyond death, they exist within and embody a world that is described as unchanging and everlasting, existing and yet not existing, outside the boundaries of providence, they are walking contradictions, they represent a dichotomy, yet they don't as well. Hadō Gods possess a similar, yet different nature in which one's law turns outward instead of inward affecting all of creation instead of just their person, although they are stated to exist on the same level of existence) Acausality (Type 5; Gudō Gods like Marie have shown to exist outside of the world's laws and concepts, exists and embodies a world that is perpetually frozen in space and time, described as unchanging and everlasting, existing and yet not existing, outside the boundaries of providence. Hadō Gods possess a similar, yet different nature in which one's law turns outward instead of inward affecting all of creation instead of just their person, although they are stated to exist on the same level of existence), Information Manipulation (Hadō Gods paint over the infinite colorless information of the Singularity with their Law), Omniscience, Nigh-Omniscient in Amantes Amentes (As a Hadō God, they expand to consume all of Creation, and as a user of Taikyoku, they knows everything that has or will happen inside their own Law, as it is no different than being part of their being; When apart of Marie's Law (Amantes Amentes), multiple Hadō God's exist simultaneously, and thus, only embody and know that which is in their domain), Law Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, and Reality Warping (A Hadō God that emanates will impose their own Law on the world and also passively warp existing laws; the flood of their Law will cause reality to warp and be shaped according to their desires, affecting all of the cosmos, including things like space and time), Omnipresence (A Hadō God is the origin and embodies their law, which emanates over all of creation, and paints the blank slate of the cosmos in their color), Summoning (Hadō Gods can summon the Physical Manifestation of their Law) Power Bestowal (A Hadō God can grant any soul under their Law pseudo Godhood status and protection through Legion Reincarnation) Avatar Creation (Hadō Gods can create avatars called a Sensory, as shown with Mercurius, whose true self lives at the center of the Throne, while his shade is referred to as only a "reflection of the moon on a lake's surface")

Likely Telepathy (All Hadō Gods likely have the same ability as Mercurius, who spoke to Shirou in his mind), Power Nullification (Hegemonies can neutralize each other)

Attack Potency: At least Large Planet level (Superior to his three commanders and a boosted Wilhelm, who could destroy Methuselah's Jaws of Darkness, which has a density of a hundred nights, with each night being equivalent to half of the planet), likely Universe level (Stated by Wilhelm to be the only one capable of breaking Methuselah by sheer quality and status. High Ascendent level with LLT (The Longinuslanze Testament is described as having the strength to purge the old law (Mercurius') and give birth to the new law (Reinhard's). It was capable of piercing and affecting Marie) | At least Large Planet level (Stronger than before), likely Universe level (Stronger than before). Will eventually become High Ascendent level (With all eight swastikas open, Reinhard's Law begins to emanate over the entire world, with his existence becoming that of a Hadou God) | High Ascendent level (As a Hadou God, Reinhard is a being of Taikyoku which is the beginning of all things, or beginning of all beginnings, Beyond all concepts, the source of yin and yang and transcending even Duality. a being who transcends the entirety of creation as though it is merely a canvas to be painted on. existing completely above and external to all expansions of the Singularity - of which size corresponds to the inner depth of the Throne God, reaching up to infinite levels each transcending the last - which in turn utterly transcends the Multiverse, no matter the qualitative dimensions/layers it may have. To even the weakest God with 1 Taikyoku, an object that governs All Of Creation such as the Throne is nothing more than a tool. Reinhard at his strongest has a Taikyoku value of 90, making him one of the strongest Hadō Gods possible)

Speed: FTL+ (Faster than all members of the LDO). Varies with Nilfheimr Fenriswolf (Can use Schreiber's Briah which allows him to always be faster than the opponent regardless of the circumstances, being one step ahead). Irrelevant with Longinuslanze Testament (Capable of reaching the true form of Marie, which relies beyond the reaches of Mercurius's Law and the boundaries of providence) | FTL+ (Casually traded blows with Ren under a hundredth of microseconds), Varies with Nilfheimr Fenriswolf. Will eventually become Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Class 10 | Class 10 | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: At least Large Planet Class, likely Universal | At least Large Planet Class, likely Universal. Will eventually reach High Ascendental | High Ascendental

Durability: At least Large Planet level, likely Universe level | At least Large Planet level, likely Universe level. Will eventually reach High Ascendent level | High Ascendent level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Hundreds of Kilometers normally, High Ascendental with Longinuslanze Testament (Could reach Marie in the Twilight Beach. It was designed to kill Mercurius and wash away the World of Foreknowledge) and Gladsheimr (Exists outside the influence of Mercurius's law and the concepts of distance and coordinates)

Standard Equipment: Longinuslanze Testament and Gladsheimr

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Reinhard's prowess in battle is far above anyone else from the LDO. Capanle of leading entire armies with resourcefullness and his charisma, and retains the knowledge of millions of people, with the sheer number of dense and heated battles he had experienced being far above any conventional description. He is extremely proficient at controlling his armies) | Extraordinary Genius | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: None notable.

Reinhard spear.jpg

Longinuslanze TestamentCovenant - The Holy Spear of Destiny: Reinhard’s Ahnenerbe, Materialization-Type. It is also known as the Spear of Destiny, the spear that infamously pierced the son of God. It is a weapon only he himself can wield due to being the most charismatic being in the world, representing the form of his Valhalla, as well as the pinnacle of all Ahnenerbe. The spear is described as being “Fast like Albedo, never missing like Rubedo, and all-killing like Nigredo”. In other words, it is a spear that moves faster than its target, always chasing its targets and killing them on a physical, spiritual, and conceptual level. Reinhard can also instantly curse the target with a Stigmata with the Longinuslanze should he choose to at anytime, making them a part of his Legion and marking them as his Einherjar and slave upon death, where their soul will automatically be dragged to Gladsheimr. Reinhard can also use the spear to project beams of golden light, turning anyone and anything in its path to ashes and can even wash away the Laws of Mercurius World.

Additionally, the spear can also ignore the concept of distance, as Rindou Koga (his Ahnenerbe's successor in Kajiri Kamui Kagura) was able to do this through her use of it against the Tenma's and Valeria was able to use this to get close to Schreiber and attack him in surprise while the latter had his True Briah active, where even an incomplete activation of it caused distance to increase between him and Ren despite the former not moving at all. This aspect allows Reinhard to have the spear fired at his enemies in an instant without having to cross any distance at all. The spear can also pierce through other "worlds" such as Wilhelm's Briah, which creates a world that isolates itself from the rest and was shown to even pierce Marie herself, whose true self exists in the Twilight Beach.

Aside from Reinhard himself, those who look upon the Lance itself will have their minds burned and their souls erased. Even those of the LDO, who are capable of fighting Methuselah even while under the latter's presence of darkness, would have had trouble maintaining their consciousness while in its presence. Those who attempt to lay hands on it will also have their existence erode the longer they hold onto it - even Ren Fuji, the Ahnenerbe of Mercurius, who has the unique capacity to wield any other Ahnenerbe in the series such as Beatrice's and Rusalka's, was having his body and soul destroyed when he attempted to use it against Reinhard during the events of Kei's route.


Gladsheimr - Gullinkambi Fünfte WeltallApoptheosis - The Fifth Universe of Gold: Reinhard’s Briah, derived from his desire "I want to love All and Everything". A Craving born out of wanting to embrace everyone and everything in existence. However, that desire is synonyms with that of destruction. In other words, the desire to love all and everything is equal to that of wanting to destroy all and everything. To lay waste to all that stands before him is to cherish and adore them. The desire to consume all and everything, to have them fight, kill and destroy, and be reborn to do it all over again and again. A desire that can only belong to none other than the Golden Beast himself.

It manifests itself as a massive, hellish castle the size of a city with an interior entirely made out of the millions of souls Reinhard has devoured. Its full activation is also capable of soul-ripping those who aren't able to resist its sorcery into his castle to become part of it, being able to absorb all eight hundred thousand souls of Suwahara City's populace, and those whose souls aren't ripped out are forcibly taken in, unable to leave unless granted so by Reinhard himself. Anyone that is killed within the castle or is slain or cursed with a Stigmata via Longinuslanze Testament becomes a part of Reinhard’s Legion of Einherjar, giving him all of their memories, experiences, and powers.

  • Skeleton Giant: When desired to, Reinhard can have Gladsheimr transform into a gigantic, mobile skeletal creature large enough to grasp entire mountains. It can produce more energy than any earthquake recorded in history up to that time through its movement alone and can generate golden beams of light possessing heat hotter than a nuke and capable of reducing whole countries to ash. It is also just as durable, being able to survive its attack after being reflected back by Methuselah)
  • Skull Army: Due to his castle being made entirely out of skeletons, Reinhard can shape them into many shapes and forms. As many of his soul stock is made up of the many soldiers of the German Army who died during WW2, Reinhard usually sets them up into formations of skeletons and their weaponry from the war, even summoning war machines like tanks, fighter aircraft, and battleships. Due to being a part of Reinhard, all of these skeletons and weapons have the ability to damage and destroy the soul just like the Ahnenerbe of the Legion as well as bringing anyone they kill into becoming part of Reinhard's legion of souls. In addition, their ammunition will never run out as it replenishes after they are restored from destruction by Reinhard's power should they somehow fall in battle (even if their soul is destroyed) due to Gladsheimr being able to continuously revive and recreate its souls and even their weapons. Because of this, it is virtually impossible to try and thin their numbers as long as Reinhard and his castle exists.
  • Longinus Dreizehn Orden: Through his Briah, Reinhard can even reincarnate the members of the LDO after their initial deaths where he can send them out in the castle to fight alongside or for him. He is also capable of utilizing their Briah through his Ahnenerbe, even activating several of them at once, allowing him to overwhelm his enemies through the sheer number of powers alone.

Reinhard Atziluth.png

Du Sollst - Dies IraePour forth from the Chaos - Day of Wrath: The manifestation of Reinhard’s Law, one that follows through with his desire of "I Love All and Everything". A desire to spread his love, and thus destruction to all things in creation, Dies Irae brings forth the scope of Reinhard's desire from Gladsheimr outwards into the rest of creation. The result is a World of conflict, where those of past, present, and future will all fight and resurrect for eternity as part of Reinhard's Legion of Einherjar. As One in All, All in One, Reinhard and his Legion of Einherjar, numbering in the millions, all fight together, representing an army that fights with and led by their commander into battle.

Key: Interview with Kaziklu Bey | Dies Irae | Hadou God


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