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~ Furude Rika

Get out of my sight, you bunch of nobodies. Don't even dream you can stand in the way of my fate with just that much.
~ Furude Rika

Even if there is no exit... I will follow through and stay true to my beliefs. Because the strength of believing will be a spear to pierce through destiny.
~ Furude Rika

Do you want to live? Or do you want to die?

~ Frederica Bernkastel to Tanashi Miyoko


Rika is one of the main characters in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She is a younger classmate in Keiichi's school, and is in the same grade level as Satoko. Naturally, she is great friends with her, as they live together in the same house. She is the Miko of the Shrine of Oyashiro-sama, and some of the villagers revere her as a prophet. She has been the head of the Furude family since her parents died, but rarely attends town meetings due to her young age, and plays the role of a miko in the annual Watanagashi Festival. While she does not speak a lot, she likes to say nonsense words such as "mi~" and "nipa~" and often ends her sentences with "-nano desu," which inflame Rena's passion for cute things. She also likes to describe events using sound effects, such as "The cat was going 'nya nya' and 'scritch scritch'" or saying "Clap! Clap! Clap!" when clapping her hands. Despite her young appearance, she seems to be quite fond of wine, as well as kimchi. The wine she drinks is hinted to be Bernkastel vintage.

In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai she becomes the main character, revealing more about her true nature. She is the only human to retain memories of the "Groundhog Day" Loop, and is mentally anywhere from a hundred to four thousand years old, but hides this and continues to act like a child so as not to alarm her friends. She is the only one who can see Hanyu, whom everyone else thinks is an Imaginary Friend.

Several story arcs are focused on her.

Rika Furude is the former human form of Lady Bernkastel.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C, possibly 9-C, Unknown with magic | Unknown, possibly Low 2-C | 1-A

Dimensionality: 3-D | 3-D | Inapplicable

Powers and Abilities:

Genius Intelligence, Limited Acid Manipulation (Via pepper spray), Biologically induced Illusion Creation, Sleep Manipulation, Madness Manipulation via C-120, Magic, Probability Manipulation, Fate Manipulation (Rika can use magic in the form of Miracles, using the power of belief to bring a impossible event to reality, changing fate. This even allowed her to walk in stopped time), Immense Willpower (Has the willpower to cause miracles), Immortality (Types 6, 8 and 9. Upon death, Hanyuu sends Rika's soul back in time to another Kakera/World, taking over another Rika. The death of her piece does not affect her Higher World form), Pseudo Time Travel/Dimensional Travel (Via killing herself)

All previous abilities to immeasurably greater extents, Dimensional Travel and Time Travel (Able to leap in space-time through Kakera), Flight, Existence Erasure (via Onigari-no-ryuuou), Cloth Manipulation

All previous abilities to immeasurably greater extents, Abstract Existence (Type 1), Transduality (Type 2. Completely transcendent of all concepts of the Human Domain, including all of its dualities), Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2. Exists as an entity of nothingness at the core of her being, with her physical form being constructed and defined solely by her thoughts), Dimensional Travel, Beyond-Dimensional Existence (Type 2), Incorporeality, Magic, Reality Warping, Resurrection, Dimensional Manipulation (Type 2; Can manipulate Kakera, which contain infinite possibilities and higher dimensions), Shapeshifting, Reactive Evolution and Adaptation (All of the higher layers exist on the background of the Sea of Nothingness, and the beings of the higher layers may exists directly within this sea, and they adapt to the pressure due to mental and spiritual evolution), Avatar Creation, Self-Sustenance (All Types), Non-Physical Interaction, Acausality (Type 5. Exists outside the concepts of fate, possibilities, space-time and causality), Large Size (Type 11), Immortality (Types 1, 3, 4, and 5), Regeneration (High-Godly. Even if the entirety of her existence is completely erased and lost to the Sea of Nothingness beyond all layers and stories, she can regain her form just by thinking), Fusionism, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Plot Manipulation, Probability Manipulation (Kakeras are like books and works of fiction to beings of the Higher Worlds, and by using them to create worlds, the world's events and fate is set in stone. Can manipulate the fate, plots, possibilities and space-time of Kakera), Void Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Can manipulate the voids of nothingness of Kakera, as well as it's conceptual, mental and spiritual realms. Lives in the Higher World, were the concepts of fate and possibilities are vizualized in the form of Kakera, which she can manipulate), Quantum Manipulation (Can manipulate the quantum mechanics of the Human Domain), Law Manipulation (Beings of Higher Worlds can impose rules within their Gameboards, such as Beatrice creating the Anti Magic Toxin rule), Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Void Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Meta-World beings are defined by their thoughts as a conceptualized form and are able to resist conceptual attacks on their identity to a degree)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human (An 11 year old girl), possibly Street level (Despite being so young, Rika managed to briefly fight against and overpower Sonozaki Shion, and using her mop, slowed down Rena for more than a minute), Unknown with magic (Capable of changing fate) | Unknown, possibly Low Multiverse level (She and Satoko wanted to destroy and recreate the universe as they see fit) | Ascendent level (Exists in the Meta-World, a higher realm of existence from which the entire Human Domain is seen as fiction, or like a book where their content is fictional, or pieces of a game board. This including higher dimensions, complex quantum structures like MWI, hierarchies of stories, dreams, and daydreams, and the Underside of the Chessboard, a void of nothingness completely beyond space and time which resides "nowhere" in relation to the entire world of the pieces. The witch domain is completely unreachable, only by evolving or reaching to the level of a witch. Hanyuu's Catbox likely encompasses far more than Beatrice's, which can only contain 2 days, while Hanyuu's influence spans over thousands of years, if not across all of time. Beatrice's catbox is also noted to be extremely small by normal Witch standards)

Speed: Superhuman (Can keep up with Keiichi while running) with Subsonic combat and reaction speed (Able to avoid some of Rena's attacks, surprised Shion) | Unknown, possibly Immeasurable (Fought Satoko thought time and space) | Irrelevant (Freed from all the material world's restrictions, transcending even realms devoid of space-time entirely)

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human, possibly Average Human (Held down Rena's arm for an extended period of time) | Unknown | Irrelevant (Able to lift multiple Kakeras with ease)

Durability: Below Average Human, possibly Street level (Took blows from Shion and Rena) | Unknown, possibly Low Multiverse level | Ascendental (She dwarfs Kakeras to the point they are tiny objects or pieces to her. Is extremely difficult to destroy completely)

Stamina: Peak human | Unknown, possibly Endless | Endless, but only mental stamina makes sense to higher-dimension beings

Range: Extended melee | Extended melee to Universal+ | Ascendental

Standard Equipment: Mop, Ceremonial Hoe, Pepper Spray, a Syringe full of C-120, a kitchen knife | Onigari-no-ryuuou

Intelligence: Genius (After over 110 years of repeating the events of her life, Rika has gained a immensed amount of knowledge about a variety of topics, from cooking and housekeeping to even fighting, surprising Shion, who is a trained fighter capable of overpowering members of the Yamainu, a military and counter-intelligence group. Using Hanyuu's help, Rika managed to escape the time loop and live beyond 1983)

Weaknesses: Alcoholism (especially red wine), Emotional and Psychological Trauma, Split personality, the period of time she can travel back to becomes smaller the more she does. Average human weaknesses.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Onigari-no-ryuuou: And ancient relic of the Furude family, the Onigari-no-ryuuou was bestowed from Heaven to Ouka Furude, the first half-human-half-demon, to slay her mother Hanyuu who was masquerading as a demon god. The sword was shaped like a willow branch with its tip splitting three ways, each point representing Heaven, Earth, and unity between people.

After Hanyuu's death, the Onigari-no-ryuuou was sealed inside of a statue of Oyashiro-sama inside the Furude Shrine's ritual warehouse. The statue's head is supposed to shatter and reveal the sword when faith in Oyashiro-sama dissipates and the world of man attempts to pass blame onto others once more.

The ancient sword appears once again in the human world, after Satoko makes a deal with Eua and traps Rika again in the tragedies of 1983. The Onigari-no-ryuuou becomes a last resort of Rika to excape her tragic curse.

The Onigari-no-ryuuou has the powers to kill those who live in loops, permanently ending their lives. The sword also grands great magical power to its user, to the point that both Rika and Satoko were convince they could destroy and recreate the entire universe as they see fit after the sword transformed them. The Onigari-no-ryuuou is also used by Hanyuu in the Meta World to damage Eua's horn and reduce her to a child, showing the immens powers of the weapon.

Key: Human Rika | Witch Rika | Witch Domain Rika and Frederica



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