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So Trish is around there somewhere... They're getting closer... I will kill them all. I swear it.
~ Risotto Nero


Risotto Nero is one of the antagonists in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Vento Aureo. He is the leader of the Hitman Team, La Squadra Esecuzioni. His objective is to find the real identity of The Boss and assassinate him.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A. Unknown with Metallica

Dimensionality: 3-D

Powers and Abilities: Extrasensory Perception (Stand users are able to perceive and detect invisible, incorporeal beings such as other stands and ghosts), Aura, Summoning (Can summon his stand), Metallica has Stand Physiology, Metal Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation (Can affect iron and draw the latter from any source such as blood or earth, transforming it into weapons), Blood Manipulation (Can transform the blood of his opponents in various iron weapons through magnetism, causing internal damage to them. Caused Doppio to vomit razor blades. Created a mass of sewing needles in Doppio's face. Created a pair of scissors in Doppio's throat. Created razors in Doppio's forehead), Earth Manipulation (Can create knives from earth itself via his magnetism), Air Manipulation (Can remove the iron of his opponents, suffocating them), Body Control (Can control and reattach his body parts with Metallica), Body Puppetry (Metallica can manually control other Stands by embedding itself in them)

Attack Potency: Athlete level (Comparable to other Stand users, such as Diavolo). Unknown with Metallica (Its main ability ignores durability)

Speed: Peak Human with Massively FTL+ reactions. Massively FTL+ with Metallica (Its attacks were fast enough and able to tag and hit King Crimson, who couldn't block all of Metallica's attacks)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Durability: Athlete level

Stamina: High (Can fight even after losing several amounts of blood and having his feet cut off)

Range: Several meters with Metallica

Standard Equipment: Metallica

Intelligence: Above Average (Extremely cautious and analytical. He is an expert assassin that is very methodical on his approaches and always analyze their opponent carefully, allowing no openings for mistakes on his assassinations)

Weaknesses: Any damage taken by Metallica will be reflected onto Risotto, and because of Metallica, he naturally attracts metals, offsetting his camouflage.


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